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  1. trains

    Fight the sfa

    One person voted to lie down and not fight!! Who the fuck let Dave King join these forums
  2. trains

    Club statement on Sfa nonsense.

    I know what your saying and for the current board that ship has sailed but it actually hurts that we just lay down every time and happily take a kicking without ever responding in a way that would make us all proud!!
  3. trains

    Club statement on Sfa nonsense.

    SO do we just lay down and accept it or do we challenge them, push them and actually show some balls for a change? Both as fans and as a Club we need to start being arrogant fuckers, sticking up for ourselves, speak out, challenge everything and if we get fined a few times then so be it but its time we were fucking loud and proud!
  4. trains

    Club statement on Sfa nonsense.

    I'd love them to do this. More than happy to see the Club set up a series of glamour friendlies on those weekends or on the Friday nights and play to a packed home crowd with every penny spent by the fans staying in the pockets of the Club. Fuck em all at that point
  5. trains

    Club statement on Sfa nonsense.

    Am bored with all this shit nowadays. We have an SFA, City Council and Government in place that hate everything about us, our history, our Club and especially our fanbase and seek to punish us at every opportunity. They pumped millions of public money into redeveloping the piggery and surroundings areas, every offence possible by their scum fans has been ignored or its a gentle slapped wrist whilst millions of pounds and immense effort goes into trying to wipe us, our Club and our traditions out and remove all trace of us from history! What the fuck can we do about it when we have a fractured fanbase, weak ownership, no investment or first team strategy and are constantly under a legal cloud of shite! Have never agreed with the concept of joining the lower leagues down south but I've come round and wish we could just fuck off and join the Blue Square Northern League and let them implode up here without our cash or the coverage!
  6. trains

    Murty Sacked - Confirmed

    Tend to agree and do have some sympathy as he was never experienced enough to take full control of the first team but he was all the Board could afford so pretty much fucked if he takes the role and fucked if he doesnt as he would be seen as turning his back on the Club during a time of need! Should only ever have been an interim appointment for a month ish at most but DK and the Board are to blame for that!
  7. I knew it was bad and never wanted to look but thats eye watering shocking!
  8. trains

    Our club & board are a shambles

    Bit like asking if you would rather be stabbed or shot..................
  9. trains

    Is this what Pena thinks of Rangers

    So he is the phantom dirty short sniffer.......................
  10. They will eventually all be converted into shares but surely all those millions are currently held against something of substance!!!
  11. trains

    Tackle on Jack

    I didnt think it was a red on the night but having seen that angle I'm assuming there will be a retrospective red given! Was watching on a phone and originally thought Jack had slid some way into the Motherwell player but that def looks deliberate and the boot left in with no chance of playing the ball!
  12. Would love to know what collateral has been used to secure those loans!! All we have is the stadium and the training facility!!!
  13. trains

    The next two games ...........

    said on the match thread we would beat motherwell and I stand by that! It wont be a pretty game to watch but they are a lot weaker now than the cup game and i think they will score but we will sneak a couple! See some red cards and about six bookings as well!! For the scum I sadly think we will get embarrassed and thats something I've never predicted against them!!! Just dont think we have the skill, pace, quality, anything really thats enough to take them on!!
  14. "STEWART Robertson, the Rangers managing director, may well have been technically correct yesterday when he insisted Rangers was hurtling towards the abyss once again" I've shortened it up for those that cant be bothered reading the full article!!
  15. trains

    Has Murty already failed?

    Thats a fair point and hadn't even noticed the name of the thread but was browsing through them as usual! Murty has so much negativity around him and is already tainted (because of the board) but we should at least all try to be supportive whilst he is the man in the chair.