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  1. One person voted to lie down and not fight!! Who the fuck let Dave King join these forums
  2. I know what your saying and for the current board that ship has sailed but it actually hurts that we just lay down every time and happily take a kicking without ever responding in a way that would make us all proud!!
  3. SO do we just lay down and accept it or do we challenge them, push them and actually show some balls for a change? Both as fans and as a Club we need to start being arrogant fuckers, sticking up for ourselves, speak out, challenge everything and if we get fined a few times then so be it but its time we were fucking loud and proud!
  4. I'd love them to do this. More than happy to see the Club set up a series of glamour friendlies on those weekends or on the Friday nights and play to a packed home crowd with every penny spent by the fans staying in the pockets of the Club. Fuck em all at that point
  5. Am bored with all this shit nowadays. We have an SFA, City Council and Government in place that hate everything about us, our history, our Club and especially our fanbase and seek to punish us at every opportunity. They pumped millions of public money into redeveloping the piggery and surroundings areas, every offence possible by their scum fans has been ignored or its a gentle slapped wrist whilst millions of pounds and immense effort goes into trying to wipe us, our Club and our traditions out and remove all trace of us from history! What the fuck can we do about it when we have a fractured fanbase, weak ownership, no investment or first team strategy and are constantly under a legal cloud of shite! Have never agreed with the concept of joining the lower leagues down south but I've come round and wish we could just fuck off and join the Blue Square Northern League and let them implode up here without our cash or the coverage!
  6. Tend to agree and do have some sympathy as he was never experienced enough to take full control of the first team but he was all the Board could afford so pretty much fucked if he takes the role and fucked if he doesnt as he would be seen as turning his back on the Club during a time of need! Should only ever have been an interim appointment for a month ish at most but DK and the Board are to blame for that!
  7. I knew it was bad and never wanted to look but thats eye watering shocking!
  8. I actually reckon we will do well and get the three points from this one, raise all our expectations and then you know what comes next!!!
  9. Murty is pretty much over a barrel and can't win! If he says no to the job then he drops back down and probably into oblivion and would soon be done over by King and his followers for not wanting to be one of the "blazers". If he says yes and if/when it all goes tits up then he ends up carrying the can and King has someone new to blame for a while and can claim Murty was the right man at the time and did a good presentation but has let the Club down. Either way he will never get a decent managers role again at a professional level and he becomes damaged goods! His best and only option is to say yes and just pray to fuck that he can pull off a strong second place, get some more decent results against top six and maybe even a cup run and suddenly he has delivered against what are pretty low expectations anyway! Either he ends up with a second season in charge because he is the cheapest and only option on the table or he can least dip out and maybe pick up another managers role at somewhere like Inverness or St Mirren or if he is really lucky then a league one job down south but at least he has kept his career alive!!
  10. problem is he hasnt really been given it! If he is good enough then he should get the role properly, not this "til the end of the season" bullshit. He is being used because the Club cant actually afford to appoint a permanent manager that they have sourced from the open market and he is being used further today because King also needs a diversion as he is exposed in public again! Almost sad that we cant afford a Manager and have an owner who is publicly stating in court that he has no money and therefore we are in a shit cycle that we cant escape from until king fucks off!
  11. Actually feel sorry for Murty as he has done everything asked of him to the very best of his limited ability but he is no more than a pawn in Kings game and was needed today as a diversion from the larger takeover ruling!
  12. Cant fault what he did this weekend but its what he is paid to do and should easily shine in a strong team against some of the shite we play week in week out in this league. Pedro was a big problem and he is gone now but Miller is also a problem as we build a team looking to the future instead of a team to survive until the end of each season!! He and a few others have been very poor how they have reacted during Pedro's short reign and whilst he was never the right man for the job I honestly believe some of the squad never gave him 100% when it was needed and far too often in the last few years we have seen players dominate the dressing room and use their reputation for their own ends and not the clubs. We need a good strong manager in place and I still think he will drop Miller and a few others just because he needs to look to the future and the cycle will begin again with noise from the dressing room making headlines, hanger-on's giving their opinion and players not giving 100%.This will affect results, fans will moan and another man will be sacked. Live, Die, Repeat! Watch this space!!
  13. I recall that match really well and its funny as I had a dig at their fans celebrating yesterdays win but that second goal going in was celebrated both inside and outside the stadium in some amazing scenes!
  14. This is where I feel most let down. The charge card against those clowns must be a good page long and I'm assuming both the SPFL and the SFA will throw the book at them but if only Mosh had turned around, crossed his arms and stood his ground and see if that little prick erwin tried to go any further! They would be getting all the shit now and Mosh would still have all the respect for being the real man and we walk away defeated but still better than those retards! As it is it seems a lot of the mhedia are blaming Mosh or at least using him instead of the lead report being about the other disgraceful scenes over the two legs! Anyways it over so onwards and upwards
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