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  1. Rangers v Elgin city. Tickets on sale now.

    4.30 on a sunday, bad news for the subway loyal
  2. a few months ago when we got hauled up by some independent panel flung together by SFA, when we got fined £160K or however much it was and got hit with a transfer embargo, what exactly was that for? Reason I ask is I seem to recall it was for going into administration, non payment of taxes and the vague charge of bringing game into disrepute. If that is all we were punished for at that original hearing, then my question is why did they state that only match fixing would be seen as a worse crime? Surely when they made that remark they must have been referring to the EBT's/side contracts thing, which is not what the hearing was for in the first place
  3. Rangers Chat

    just listened to last nights show archive, excellent best one yet. lot of good points raised. who was the guy from here who showed up?
  4. Even the American's knew...

    will watch it later. you can just imagine some sad wee tim sittin watchin that show and goin fkn mental when the sign popped up
  5. Even the American's knew...

    saw that on my fone earlier and was convinced it must be a photoshop fake but it sure does look real enough now
  6. Massive cash blow for SPL as they lose £17m in new TV deal

    I dont see an SPL2 next season, think its gonna be a 3 division set-up all run by one orgnisation, either SFL or SFA. The SPL will disappear, at least as a seperate organisation. What division we end up in I have no idea.
  7. Fish & Chips

    this thread has no sole
  8. Oldco "will remain more than alive"

    theres not a team like the Glasgow Rangers except for the other one WTF is goin on, has Gio lost it
  9. One sight has kept me galvanised

    the third of the pics posted in the OP, that sky looks amazing above the main stand!
  10. One sight has kept me galvanised

    i see it from the roof of my work 5 days a week, while trying to avoid looking in the opposite direction Zappa got it bang on with his description of the main stand at night, it always looks incredible then
  11. Funny Pics

    Brilliant!! Anyone know where this place is? Ive been on that park, just cant remember the name of the place
  12. Are we attending Clyde away?

    Dundee must have voted. 30 clubs in SFL, vote was 29 to 1, then 25 to 5 for div3. We couldnt vote because we were not in SFL at that point so Dundee has to be one of them, surely?
  13. Are we attending Clyde away?

    probably Airdrie? nearest one
  14. Are we attending Clyde away?

    if its confirmed Clyde definitely are the team who did this then I wouldnt go, would burst my arse knowing that the Gers are two miles from my house, mibbe go and stand outside
  15. Super Ally Takes Out Wee Lenny

    could watch that all night, brilliant