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  1. Choccymandela

    Police assulting fans in BF1

    Boy says they lifted a few lads for nothing, then came back and lifted another few. some UB lads decided to go up and ask what they were lifting them for and it turned ugly. The ub decided to walk out. around half managed to leave then they locked the doors on them with half still inside. It turned ugly at this point then the ones outside tried to get back in. This is when the police got heavy handed and got the batons out. He says he seen at least 1 girl getting hit and quite a few lads getting it too.
  2. Choccymandela

    Police assulting fans in BF1

    defo not bull. The section was walking out in protest and half got locked in. The ones on the inside have been batton charged. Their are people with head injury's. Horse's are out aswell. All started because they were lifting people at random for nout from BF1 Not good.
  3. Choccymandela

    Police assulting fans in BF1

    My boy just called me there, said the police have lost the Plot with the UB lads and some people, young girls have been battoned. Lots have been thrown out. More when i get it. Edit: Sorry about spelling on phone just now.
  4. awrite buddy

    can you provide some info on these dreamboxes?

    i though that kind of thing was dead since NAG3 encryption