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  1. Model The New Top

    You're fucking boring ya hoor
  2. ***The Official Wrestling Discussion Thread***

    BTW - To answer earlier replies, Jericho was an upper mid carder back in the good days. An upper mid carder in the good days is elite level in modern days. FFS, tag team lever competitors like Jeff Hardy, Christian and Edge have been elite level recently. If Jericho had come back, yelled 'Welcome to Raw is JERICHO' and had creative found some brain and balls, WWE might be watchable at the moment. The way wrestling is at the moment, a Sunday night heat jobber (Mark Henry) recently was heavyweight champion. When Raw kicks off and the undertaker, Stone Cold, Jericho, The Rock etc come out, you sit up and fucking listen. When CM Punk comes out you go to sleep. I might have said this previously but I think CM Punk would be best as a silent assassin Chris Benoit type guy in the dark, or just something else entirely, because surely I'm not alone in falling asleep during everything he does? FFS, bring the Miz back and give him a push, I thought he was a travesty but at least he had charisma. What the hell happened to this company? It's become brain dead
  3. ***The Official Wrestling Discussion Thread***

    Daniel Bryan and CM Punk are the probably 2 of my favourable wrestlers at the moment yet are unbelievably boring. Their fights make me want to fall asleep. I don't buy into Bryan's technical prowess much either, his moves don't look that powerful to hurt people. Remember when wrestling used to be good? When Raw had the hairs on the back of your neck stand up? (Now when Raws on I find myself having it on the background while im on my laptop, soon I'll give up on wwe again) [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YKz0_JngFmg
  4. Model The New Top

    An attention seeker trying to make money out of bears on here. She's not even hot, if that's even her
  5. Model The New Top

    I hope this moody bitch doesn't make a penny out of this.
  6. ***The Official Wrestling Discussion Thread***

    That was possibly the worst episode of RAW I've ever seen. Broadus Clay and Big Show finishing the show :anguish:
  7. Model The New Top

    The OP is probably some fat old bheast getting off from all the desperate replies and pm's.
  8. ***The Official Wrestling Discussion Thread***

    And CM Punk is the worst face of the WWE of all time. He is ok to a point, basically an intercontinental or tag team level wrestler back in the good days. There is just no point to him, he contributes zilch. I think they should maybe make him a Chris Benoit, in the shadows, type guy.
  9. Model The New Top

    Thommos laptops toast
  10. Model The New Top

  11. ***The Official Wrestling Discussion Thread***

    They have brought back 3 legends in recent times and botched each return. Jericho and Lesnar's returns have been particularly bad. I find myself still routing for Jericho even though he's meant to be a heel. They need to make him a face again, have him yell 'Welcome to Raw is Jericho' and let him save this atrocity. All wrestling ever needs is one character to turn things, and Jericho is being totally ruined at the moment. As for Lesnar? No point even discussing it. WWE seemed to get half decent again but is possibly the worst it's ever been now? Even when wrestling was really bad, you could always rely on a final half hour of excitement on RAW. Recently though when I saw the ending have Prince Albert beat Cena, I knew WWE was at rock bottom.
  12. Model The New Top

    The OP has some serious issues
  13. ***Champions League Final Thread ***

    Chelsea had Bertrand and Kalou in the wide areas. Bayern had Robben and Ribery. Who exactly is buying their success?