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  1. I think this position is key to our success, however I think Gerrard believes Ejaria is the answer which is a worry.
  2. Jack was superb last night, both Candieas and Kent worked their socks off and big Coulibaly was up and down the park all night, not his best performance but again worked his socks off. The weak link the midfield was Ejaria, I have no idea what to make of this lad, he just doesn't look comfortable on the ball at all and just wants to get rid of it as quickly as he can. He's clumsy, don't very strong and gives away possession far too cheaply, hopefully he doesn't start against Aberdeen at the weekend.
  3. Flanagan was average at best last and cost us the goal imo and almost cost us one earlier on (the McGregor double save) Watch back the replay and you'll see McGregor parry the ball from the first shot, Flanagan was our nearest defender to the ball and he's barely jogging out to it. He doesn't even get close enough to manage a block he's that slow to react and they get the shot away forcing McGregor to make the second save. For the goal its almost an identical scenario, McGregor parries the initial shot and again Flanagan is our closest player to ball and again he reacts sluggishly and he's barely jogging out to get to it. Their player has all the time in the world to collect the ball, get it from underneath his feet, set himself and put in the cross which led to the goal.
  4. If Gerrard doesn't sign an attacking/creative midfielder and a striker, both with a bit of quality before the end of the window then we are in trouble. Arfield, McCrorie, Jack, Docherty and from what im reading of him Coulibaly are ALL similar type, defensive minded midfielders. I lost count the number of times the midfield three either knocked the ball side to side or back to one of the defenders. We need someone with a bit of quality who can control the game and link the midfield to the forward players, with that killer pass. Far too often Murphy and Windass were spread wide and Morelos was left isolated because neither Arfield or McCrorie made any effort to support him. The two centre backs aside (both look quality) the signings thus far seem to be more quantity rather than quality, and unless that changes we wont be capable of challenging.
  5. McGregor Tavernier Katic Goldson Flanaghan McCrorie Arfield Candeais Windass Murphy Morelos
  6. isn't that what Ferguson did and got vilified for it?
  7. They cost me £240 .... bookies must have known
  8. Can’t believe some of the negativity being spouted in here, calls for dropping Morelos and Windass because they didn’t have a very good game against Falkirk. Some even arguing for a change to the system with a more defensive focussed line up with some even suggesting 4-4-2. In the 10 games since the winter break we have scored 31 goals (average of 3.1 per game). In the last 5 games domestically we are unbeaten and have scored 18 goals to Celtics 9, conceding only 5 in the process! The system is working, the morale in the dressing room is the highest its been in years, we are the form team in the league, we are at Ibrox and we are Rangers!! This celtic team has been shown up this season for what it really is, a bang average side! We shouldn't fear them !! We play our way, we play the way Murty has had up playing the last few months, we take the game to them right from the kick off … We do that and we will win !!
  9. It's an old cliche' but you don't change a winning team. The front 4 all look capable of creating something / scoring, both Goss and more so Docherty have looked solid in the middle and with the injuries the back 5 picks itself. 4-0 (Morelos x2, Windass, Cummings) Gap down to 6pts overnight .... all eyes on Pittodrie.
  10. The board are taking a massive gamble here. A player regardless of form, international status, age, whatever is only worth what another club is willing to pay for them. At this moment that figure stands at £11m and for a player who hasn't proven anything at a higher level, that amount is massive. The world cup probably won't happen for him this year and even if it did I doubt he would get any serious playing time if any.
  11. This has to be the starting line-up ... No messing about get two up front and lets see what Dochertys all about. Murty needs to be shrewder when selecting his bench, get Hererra and Hodson tae f..ck and give himself better options, I'm not MOH biggest fan but he'd be more a option than Hererra ffs. Also get the changes made early if things aren't working, if someone's playing sh..it get him aff and get fresh legs on the park, hardly fu...ckking rocket science !!
  12. His coaching CV is not the best granted but its still early days and there are loads of top coaches who didn't have the best of starts. Of course he is opinionated and if you watch Pedro talk about his backroom team that's one characteristic he looks for in an assistant, he said himself he wants his coaches to challenge him and present new ideas if they have them. Proven to be disruptive on two occasions over a playing career which spanned two decades, has also proven to be a leader and one of the most successful captains this club has ever had. As for foreign managers, he's worked under two at Rangers and Advocaat had nothing but great things to say about him, hell he built a team around him ffs, but hey that doesn't count, the whole LeGuen scenario must mean he cant work under someone foreign <sigh> Whether or not the guy is a "throbber" he, like Pedro and his team deserve the chance to prove himself and show that he has matured since retiring.
  13. Can't believe the negativity surrounding Ferguson, some fans on here seem to have short memories and see for some reason to want to focus on the minor incidents in his career. Well for those who are slating him, let me remind them that Ferguson captained us to 5 League titles, 5 Scottish Cups and 5 League Cups.
  14. Show some passion? This lot? Hahaha not a chance!! Almost every single signing Warburton has made have been players who as he put “had lost their way a bit” and had struggled to make their mark on the game. These players had shown potential and here they were given an opportunity to finally prove themselves and fulfil that potential. I myself as most fans did bought into this philosophy and it was refreshing to see what I thought were young, hungry, eager to impress group of players. Sadly there is a reason why most of these players have spent the majority of their careers floating around on loan, moving from one club to the next …. attitude! Watching MOH and Forrester sitting on the bench laughing and clowning around while their team is getting beat of the team sitting bottom of the table … really? Some of these players aren’t fit to wear the jersey and will most likely spend the rest of their careers bouncing down the leagues from one club to another. Sadly this is Warburton’s legacy, a team full of over paid, talentless wasters!! I can’t see anything other than a defeat tonight, another dark chapter in the clubs history.
  15. MOH is one of the least effective footballers I have ever seen in a Rangers shirt, the guy just runs in straight lines (very quickly. I will admit) but his end product is almost non existent. He seems reluctant to deliver an early cross as everything with him seems to be about getting to the bye line and drilling a low ball across the goal mouth, that's if he doesn't over run it or run straight into a full back. We have a guy (Garner) who thrives on crosses into the box, we need someone like Tavernier on the wing who not only can run at players but can deliver good quality early crosses into the box.
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