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  1. I think this position is key to our success, however I think Gerrard believes Ejaria is the answer which is a worry.
  2. Jack was superb last night, both Candieas and Kent worked their socks off and big Coulibaly was up and down the park all night, not his best performance but again worked his socks off. The weak link the midfield was Ejaria, I have no idea what to make of this lad, he just doesn't look comfortable on the ball at all and just wants to get rid of it as quickly as he can. He's clumsy, don't very strong and gives away possession far too cheaply, hopefully he doesn't start against Aberdeen at the weekend.
  3. Flanagan was average at best last and cost us the goal imo and almost cost us one earlier on (the McGregor double save) Watch back the replay and you'll see McGregor parry the ball from the first shot, Flanagan was our nearest defender to the ball and he's barely jogging out to it. He doesn't even get close enough to manage a block he's that slow to react and they get the shot away forcing McGregor to make the second save. For the goal its almost an identical scenario, McGregor parries the initial shot and again Flanagan is our closest player to ball and again he reacts sluggishly and he's barely jogging out to get to it. Their player has all the time in the world to collect the ball, get it from underneath his feet, set himself and put in the cross which led to the goal.
  4. I've been getting slaughtered for even questioning his potential but like yourself I just don't see where the hype is coming from. His effort cannot be questioned, the lad gives 110% and more but the points you mentioned about being able to pick a pass, dictate temp and grab the game by the scruff of the neck are all points i've made myself. A few have highlighted his age but that's a moot point for me, at the same age Barry Ferguson was doing everything we mentioned, picking passes, dictating tempo, controlling the midfield, McCrorie on occasions just looks lost. I'm not saying he's not worthy of a place in the squad but for me that's all he is a decent squad player, the hype surrounding him just baffles me.
  5. If Gerrard doesn't sign an attacking/creative midfielder and a striker, both with a bit of quality before the end of the window then we are in trouble. Arfield, McCrorie, Jack, Docherty and from what im reading of him Coulibaly are ALL similar type, defensive minded midfielders. I lost count the number of times the midfield three either knocked the ball side to side or back to one of the defenders. We need someone with a bit of quality who can control the game and link the midfield to the forward players, with that killer pass. Far too often Murphy and Windass were spread wide and Morelos was left isolated because neither Arfield or McCrorie made any effort to support him. The two centre backs aside (both look quality) the signings thus far seem to be more quantity rather than quality, and unless that changes we wont be capable of challenging.
  6. McGregor Tavernier Katic Goldson Flanaghan McCrorie Arfield Candeais Windass Murphy Morelos
  7. port_bear


    McLean was by far the best player on the park last night, was involved in everything they did. Why? because he was allowed to !
  8. port_bear


    Ok so most in here are raving about McCrorie last night .. Someone can maybe answer this question for me .. If McCrorie (our holding defensive midfielder) had such an outstanding game, how come McLean (their attacking midfielder) had some much time and space to run the show and eventually get the sponsors man of the match?
  9. port_bear


    I must have been watching a different game last night to everyone else, I thought he was sub standard at best. I lost count the number of times he got caught on the ball or gave possession away and don't get me started on his first touch. One of the first things you're taught as a kid is how to trap the ball at your feet or control a pass, at least 3 times I watched him try this only for the ball to run under his foot. Rarely goes looking for the ball, and when he has it he never drives forward with the ball always looking to get rid of it, either sideways or back.
  10. isn't that what Ferguson did and got vilified for it?
  11. Inter have been a mess since Mourinho left in 2010, sacking manager after manager, they've had 12 different managers in the past 7 years ffs !! As for the Palace debacle, to sack someone after 10 weeks in the job is more a reflection on the board than it is the ability of the manager.
  12. I cant get my head around this ... People are dismissing FdB because he is foreign (no other reason) despite the fact the guys is a proven WINNER at managerial level. On the other hand they are asking for a Smith type, a "no-nonsense" winner and the name that keeps being mentioned is Clarke, a guy who has won NOTHING as a manager. I'm not saying Clarke isn't a legitimate candidate, of course he is but we cant just rule successful managers out just because of where he was born.
  13. No one can argue with what Clarke has achieved with Killie. However the point I was trying to make was that you seem to think that will somehow guarantee him the same success if he got the job here. Just because he has had instant success at one club doesn't mean the same will happen at another. Its the same with FdB, just because he had failed spells with Inter and Palace doesn't mean his next will also end in failure. I seem to remember a certain MrClough who lasted only 44 days at Leeds before going onto win several European Cups with Forrest. EVERY new manager is a gamble.
  14. So we are paying Alves and Pena peanuts are we? The likes of Dorrans, Murphy and Martin who have come from the mega rich Championship are they on pennies also? We may not have the budget they have but we aren't 100miles away either. The difference (whether you want to accept it or not) is they have a manager who has instilled belief in all his players and united them as team.
  15. So you want a "winning football" mentality over a "good football" mentality and to achieve this you want a manger who has never won anything over a guy who has won 4 league titles in Holland?
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