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  1. The whole piece was written to suit an agenda that lets that organ have a dig at Rangers and its players. The papal knights stench still lingers in its editorial out put.
  2. Oh god . Thats bass humour
  3. Keepers are the drummers of football.
  4. I dont agree with wholesale changes, thats asking for karma to kick us in the baws. The manager knows who his comments were aimed at, Get them in with a core of the 1st choice, rest Morelos and Shagger.
  5. Just look at the posts before the first leg, then look at the final score. Yet its still doom and gloom, for some.
  6. Oh nose another major disaster
  7. Underwhelmed, though i expect the usual suspects to be moist in excitement at the latter comments. Day 1,week 1, control the narrative.
  8. Oh look there it is, crying out for attention.
  9. chickens being counted. happy when they lose. But it means fuck all in August
  10. On the plus side its all very indicative of their pain levels two games in. It could get rather enjoyable.
  11. This vibe, is it one certain posters use for self gratification after theyve posted another Troll like contrary post?
  12. So in RM speak what you really mean is we missed loads and werent clinical.
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