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  1. He just loves winding up wankers
  2. King proves you can fool some people all of the time.
  3. Stylish first placed losers gets some folk moist. Its all about the prizes not making up numbers if you understand Rangers
  4. Some of pure ur ya ageist fanny
  5. Must be really shite if youve never won a league title.
  6. The one on your head im guessing
  7. Well nothings ever stopped you.
  8. Oh dear. Not the first placed loser defence. How did we do in thecups? That's the managers forte hes not experienc3d anything else.
  9. Maybe its himself hes talking about
  10. Superficial if any. Still soft at the back, still lack cutting edge, still no real leaders or bottle for a fight. First placed loser is not what i want to celebrate.
  11. Sutton has always been the 2nd man. Thats why he fits so well with Fiddlers FC. Not quite good enough to be the best.
  12. At least 11 players and a mentor for the trainee. 8
  13. 4.5 . Mainly down to zeurope. First placed loser slot may see me up it to a full mediocre 5.
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