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  1. Are we so skint we cant get some signs put up to help?
  2. The concept that he isnt performing at the standards he set himself last year is slightly over stated given the entire team is misfiring. His contributions of late have been vital in avoiding total collapse.
  3. Thats why some will be happy to accept mediocrity. Well done gaffer with your tactical savvy we hammered the mighty Livingston at Ibrox 1- 0 , outstanding. Aberdeen & Hearts will be shitting themselves.
  4. Sceptical? Sure you dont mean prick?
  5. Hes a true visionary and tactical genius, as well as a leader of men, plus he could bring his own ball.
  6. Have a bake sale, and by a back bone for the board.
  7. You asked for names fanny baws theres three now fuck off you fucking bell end, we have a manager that was a kid coach.
  8. Im sure there are many potential appointments. You are just too fucking stupid to realise.
  9. His comments always seem to suggest the opposite.
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