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  1. Bertent

    We better win the cup

    Why are you going to wappnit up your vagina
  2. Bertent

    We better win the cup

    In terms of idiotic comments this is a bute. I know uncle Tom McCoist trots cthis shite out for his paymasters but have a word with yourself. Should we be so reliant on one player anyway, is he not allowed to get injured, lose form? The novice manager failed to oroperly address the defence, we lack creativity and steel in the centre of the park despite having 192 mid field player's, we have two donkeys returning who should never have been signed and sign a striker whos a box poacher and play him like a target man. Weve spent a bit, but we needed to spend a lot, money has again been badly wasted, but hey ho, we have El Dave at the helm so everything is good. Team excepted. First placed losers, how very ambitious.
  3. Bertent

    Kidding ourselves on

    Well see. But ive not seen any evidence of learning from mistakes. I can see we are treading water, and lots of lovely sound bites.
  4. Bertent


    Is taking a spot a youth player could have
  5. Bertent

    We better win the cup

    Is it being raffled?
  6. Bertent


    Its all about standards and ambition. If first placed loser is your goal youvare still a loser.
  7. Bertent

    We are boring to watch.

    Leaderless, well blame the leader
  8. Bertent

    ***OFFICIAL Rangers V St Johnstone THREAD***

    And the medias job is done......
  9. Bertent

    ***OFFICIAL Rangers V St Johnstone THREAD***

    Oh dear....i blame the schools.
  10. Bertent

    BBC making their agenda clear...

    Given you were a pongo i can understand the failure to comprehend things. But i was referring to the institution as a whole being untrustworthy rather than local difficulties of the bigots of pacific quay pushing their anti Rangers agenda. Hence the ref to a date rather than a sporting metaphor.
  11. Bertent

    BBC making their agenda clear...

    Really? The BBC from top to bottom is ran by a cabal with an agenda. They hate the fact that its B BC . If they tell me the date i check a calender.
  12. Fair play to the guy for making a crust by being a talking vagina.
  13. Bertent

    Morelos card appealed.

    Best we can do now is fucking pump every team we play. Cheating pricks and the paedo harbourers in the press.
  14. Bertent

    McGregor banned 2 games

    Dear Teams, that nice mr Liewell has told us they must win the league, ss an inclusive supportive organisation we will do all we can to help him given hes in charge.
  15. Bertent

    Morelos incident

    And you have the internet that gives platform for tin foil hat wearers and agenda pushers.