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  1. The wagons are being circled, though given the silence from the leadership ( thats a joke) theres no real need.
  2. I dont think we have a true leader on the park nor a core of players with that born belief they are winners.
  3. Big game time now for the manager. He and his coaching team need to get the tactics and team selection right. I just cant see it. For a great player he lacks the arrogance of winning managers like Souness and Smith, or perhaps he has same doubts of his players mentality that many of us do and is cautious as a result.
  4. You cant keep failing to learn from mistakes and expect to escape someone finding you out.
  5. Bottle found missing again. Just like the ability to make decisive changes.
  6. Bertent

    Song Choice?

    Virtue signalling fannies
  7. Sycophants be getting moist
  8. Rangers will be closed down in the new socialist utopian republic.
  9. Tax from millionaires when Jezzer storms to victory as the peoples president.
  10. You are quite corect, people that get into emotional and excited states allowing those to drive behaviour outside the norm are not what should be accepted in the modern era. Its decidedly un Presbyterian behaviour to boot. Some applause and a shout of play up is more than sufficient.
  11. Yes. He needs a good long break, and perhaps unload the weight of the armband too.
  12. Time to show if they have as a team got a winners mentality, also manager needs to set his stall out to play our game, no shitebaggery too much respect. I just dont know who will turn up. We can win but the attitude needs to be right. We need a Marvin.
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