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  1. Bertent

    post match interview

    Its great he throws the team under the bus every week. Excellent leadership. A bad tradesman blames his tools odd when its them thats put together the tool kit.
  2. Bertent

    Organised crime!!

    Daves a criminal just not an organised one
  3. Bertent

    Lying brand

    Whats a wee bit of profiteering? Is it really that bad that someone feeds their biscuit habit by hawking dodgy gear to the hard of thinking. Its the american dream in action. This is the Scottish buisness acumen the Leaderene is trying to harness to fund the bucky and unicorns.
  4. Bertent

    Gerrard and Channel 4

    He has that Ewe tree look about him
  5. Bertent

    Brenda rodgers

    .....smokes blokes. But it is 2018.
  6. Its ok a mere blip. Dave has it all under control.
  7. Bertent

    Optimism gone

    Have the same clowns in charge spunking valuable cash in ego fuelled court cases.
  8. Bertent

    Reporting Scotland Clown Media

    People that type like cock wombles annoy me.
  9. Bertent

    Earliest Rangers goal you can remember

    Dj against hearts in the cup final
  10. Bertent

    The "h*ns"

    In the 70s they were H*** cause of their love of their homeland and its support of the nazis. Ie harbouring subs etc.. and not the kind that sat on a bench. Nazis were all taigs so you sort of get an underlying theme.
  11. Bertent

    Fuck the sfa

    Theyre too busy fucking Scottish football.
  12. Ooooo legal bills to be paid by Rangers.. nice move Dave.
  13. Bertent

    Rangers - Rapid Wien highlights

    Usuall jibes in commentary. If that had been the unwashed there would be full blown inquest not a play tthe whistle glib comment.
  14. Bertent

    Magnificent Morelos

    Its difficult to fathom who hates him most, the up their own arse element in our support, as typified by third rate bloggers, the bitter bigots in the 5th rate media or the perma victims and geographically confused of the east end?
  15. Bertent

    24hrs of meltdown

    Could that be that your comparing teams of multi million pound internationals to a bunch of loanees youngsters and budget buys new to the mincer that Scottish hoofball has become?