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  1. Bertent

    BBC the impartial broadcasters

    Al ja beeb a corrupt cabal who've just done a puff piece on Turkey and its despotic Islamist hardline leader. I think ill leave anything they say in the pan where it belongs.
  2. Bertent

    McCoist as a pundit...

    On par with his coaching
  3. Bertent

    Jon Flanagan

    Hard for the republican press to be self righteous when their poster boy pensioner was a bit slap happy with Mrs Connery. But what's in a name
  4. Bertent

    What's up with the site?

    Or they may just have a dripping tap.
  5. Bertent


    Is it not the same rules for you in Greggs then?
  6. Bertent

    Dave king statement

    Im more interested in the concept that English reads English.
  7. Bertent

    Terry butcher

    The best thing about Butchers statement is it allows the usual suspects in the press to put a negative message out. His tale of woe gets them moist. And some on here apparently.
  8. Bertent

    Dave king statement

    But then you seem to be the most negative person on this site. Things that make you go hmmmmm......
  9. Bertent

    Terry butcher

    Butcher knows all about management failure. Perhaps hes just moist at the thought of a big name failing . Uncle tom butcher is correct about a career killer but its hardly a revolutionary or original thought. Sole purpose of this piece is shit stirring. But some lap shit up.
  10. Interesting choice of words. Its almost as if an agenda was being played out on various levels. But then perhaps the cloasest thing some come to managing is their bowel movements.
  11. Bertent

    What is Mark Allen’s role?

    Cheese and onion. Blue cheese obviously.
  12. Bertent

    Feel good factor coming back?

    Im more negative than you. Im pure staunchest miserablist ever.
  13. Bertent

    Reporting Scotland Leading Story

    Because you are a grade a plum whose head is firmly up their own attention seeking arse. Probably.
  14. Bertent

    PR war

    Capitulation is hardly a fight far less a war.