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  1. The figures to watch for on 25th August

    Aberdeen v Hearts played on a Winter midweek last year - might see a bigger attendance tomorrow
  2. One of the best jokes I ever heard.

    Reports are coming in that shoplifting in the Parkhead area has got so bad, that one of the local chapels has opened a confessional box for "9 items or less"!
  3. Sky and Espn

    Not for me.Sky Sports and EPL provides superb entertainment.
  4. Travelling Tradition

    Hope it catches on!
  5. No redundancies at Rangers.

    Good to see some good news for a change
  6. At least 5 - probably nearer 10 years - but we will be back!
  7. John Brown On talksport soon

    Brown on SSN. Sorry ,but that was frankly embarrassing. Not sure I can take much more!
  8. List the benefits of Division 3

  9. More bleak news today(surprise surpise!),but I honestly believe we are now entering the final stages of the darkest chapter of our history and a new chapter will begin in a few weeks time following a Rangers team playing at ibrox in whatever league and we can all start looking forward with all the shite of the last few months behind us . We WILL be champions again and that for me is the climax of the next chapter in Rangers' history and boy will that be a great episode to tell our children and grandchildren in years to come!Granted it will take a while , but it will happen, it will be sweet,it will be memorable and it will be a helluva journey getting there. I'm honestly looking forward to it - I hope you guys are !?
  10. Walter Smith to try and buy Rangers

    Just heard on BBC tv news(9.00 am) - stories going round that McCoist is off !
  11. Royal Family & Rangers

    Actually it was Princess Alexandra (Cousin of the Queen and George V's youngest granddaughter) who was there that day 5/5/1973 - I cannot think of anything more recent.