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  1. Aberdeen v Hearts played on a Winter midweek last year - might see a bigger attendance tomorrow
  2. Reports are coming in that shoplifting in the Parkhead area has got so bad, that one of the local chapels has opened a confessional box for "9 items or less"!
  3. Not for me.Sky Sports and EPL provides superb entertainment.
  4. Hope it catches on!
  5. Good to see some good news for a change
  6. At least 5 - probably nearer 10 years - but we will be back!
  7. Brown on SSN. Sorry ,but that was frankly embarrassing. Not sure I can take much more!
  8. Promotion?
  9. More bleak news today(surprise surpise!),but I honestly believe we are now entering the final stages of the darkest chapter of our history and a new chapter will begin in a few weeks time following a Rangers team playing at ibrox in whatever league and we can all start looking forward with all the shite of the last few months behind us . We WILL be champions again and that for me is the climax of the next chapter in Rangers' history and boy will that be a great episode to tell our children and grandchildren in years to come!Granted it will take a while , but it will happen, it will be sweet,it will be memorable and it will be a helluva journey getting there. I'm honestly looking forward to it - I hope you guys are !?
  10. Just heard on BBC tv news(9.00 am) - stories going round that McCoist is off !
  11. Actually it was Princess Alexandra (Cousin of the Queen and George V's youngest granddaughter) who was there that day 5/5/1973 - I cannot think of anything more recent.