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  1. Scottish Club win v PSG

    A guy went into theOff sales or whatever it is called for a cargo for the bus.....and the bus moved to a different parking space. He Panicked and ran across the grass but there was a River all around the grass that he couldn't see but we could.......he thought the bus was going without him,and he was yelling like a loony for us to stop.... hilarious if I remember right lol
  2. Scottish Club win v PSG

    I know I am getting on and the Memory fading. Bud Did We Not beat PSG the last time we played them? I seem to recall being in Paris when we won on penalties.......also something about the flight being changed due to an Air Traffic Controllers Strike and flew into Belgium.
  3. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

  4. Rangers Fans Supporting The Gypsy

  5. Mayweather vs McGregor - August 26th

    Ironic that the IRA sympathiser got fucked by a man who came into the ring wearing a balaclava!
  6. Easy to get to aye..........But Fuck going to Brussels in this Current climate....ISIS stronghold of Europe!, But they will be fine with their flags!!!
  7. The way I see it ...Anderlecht will be DELIGHTED they got the scum in their group and not another side! They will be expecting to go through in third as well!
  8. Safe Standing Banner

    If I remember correctly Willie Waddel said that the all seater stadium would be an everlasting tribute to those that perished on Stairway 13. Therefore I think that it should remain an all seated stadium.
  9. Getting out Albion Car Park

    Train To Partick ...a few Pints....Subway! Then reverse the process after game!.....A Dawdle
  10. Subway Loyal

    When buying your return ticket, hand over a Twenty Pound note.... The Fare is £3.10 ..... Ask how much change do I get? They have to say £16.90 reply No Surrender! Collect your ticket and go!
  11. DJ / Announcer Last Night

  12. DJ / Announcer Last Night

    We Should Try This One!
  13. And were the ONLY team to do so!
  14. Season ticket sales as at 05/06/2017

    I am in that section, had a look for a mate, none available acc to website