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  1. Stuck more than 5 goals Past The Paedos!
  2. Ditto £650 .......There should have been a cooling off period!
  3. Looks to be genuine
  4. Just Back from Ticket Office to collect Semi Final Ticket asked about tomorrows game told less than 5 tickets left...........people behind were waiting to buy! Another fine effort from the Bears,and I heard Thistle have Sold theirs out as well,should be a good atmosphere! Get Intae Rem!
  5. how much is bar 72?
  6. If it was a Firework I hope UEFA crack right down on these offences especially in the ground,instead of piddly wee fines to particular repeat offenders! You Know who you are!
  7. Strip their Titles!
  8. Perhaps we can get an emergency loan of players.............................Oh Wait it's us!
  9. You should get a token for every Pie/Bovril you buy as well.......I would be guaranteed a ticket. Fat Bastard Loyal!
  10. Email sent to Club To ALL at your club I am dropping you an email to express my gratitude on behalf of myself and colleagues who attended the Match on Saturday between Rangers Legends and England legends. Can I just say that the Staff at your ground were a credit to your Club and made us feel so welcome. I have travelled all over Europe following Rangers and we have been on occasions treated badly at times, but as I said, everyone from Stewards, Barstaff, Turnstile operators etc were Fantastic as were the Constabulary. It was a pleasure visiting your ground and we hope the opportunity to return again arises sometime soon Best Wishes to your Club for the rest of this and future seasons. Regards Proud Rangers Supporter!
  11. Got Mine!..............Now will I go or not?
  12. 2 Train Tickets going for Blackpool leaving 10.40 Friday from Glasgow returning Sunday 6.30 pm if anyone is looking for transport.... also 2 Match Tickets Just make a donation to Fernando's cause
  13. Get the lot of them over to Gullane!!!!
  14. Great Video and Brilliant Halestorm Track!
  15. That would be great Mate.......Its a good deal Just Work has got in the way for a couple.....I'll still be there though lol!