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  1. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

  2. Tom Miller interview - The Rangers Observer

    It's a bit tongue in cheek with him and should not be taken that seriously.....a bit like Sid Waddell was at the darts. Be Grateful we have the facility to watch the games and I would have a guess that many who complain about his commentary stream it online anyway and don't pay for it! Remember you can always turn the sound off........AND its still better than Sutton!
  3. Central Station / Hampden

  4. Junkies unsold tickets to cost us £62.5k

    I am glad they never sold them.....it means I don't have to disinfect my seat before I sit down tomorrow!
  5. Ticket office queue now

    Not as bad as I thought only 30 mins all windows open
  6. Ticket office queue now

    Queue pretty long but moving.... About an hour I reckon
  7. Tickets for games?

    Slower than an hour and a half waiting in queue at ticket office?
  8. Tickets for games?

    I am sure there is a system in place that once a ticket has been downloaded it cannot be copied I might be wrong though
  9. Tickets for games?

    I went to the Legends Game at Fleetwood during the Summer. It was easy to get the tickets and print them out at Home and very little cost. So why can We not have a similar system which would mean not having a £7 delivery fee...or a 1 hour to 2 hour wait for tickets?....Surely it is easy in this day and age?
  10. How many goals did John Greig score for us?

    I don't spend all my time on a football forum......oh and he never scored FOR the World Cup, he scored FOR SCOTLAND it was a Group 8 Qualifier....not a play off! .......and Marco (William) Negri played in goals for Italy!....No often your right.....but your wrong again ;)
  11. Ticket office queue now

    Was there about 1.30 long queue......told by security guy it is around one and a half hours wait from end....feck that ....go back in morning, it's a joke!
  12. How many goals did John Greig score for us?

    No he never!.....he scored but Scotland did not get to the 66 World Cup
  13. Scottish Club win v PSG

    A guy went into theOff sales or whatever it is called for a cargo for the bus.....and the bus moved to a different parking space. He Panicked and ran across the grass but there was a River all around the grass that he couldn't see but we could.......he thought the bus was going without him,and he was yelling like a loony for us to stop.... hilarious if I remember right lol
  14. Scottish Club win v PSG

    I know I am getting on and the Memory fading. Bud Did We Not beat PSG the last time we played them? I seem to recall being in Paris when we won on penalties.......also something about the flight being changed due to an Air Traffic Controllers Strike and flew into Belgium.