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  1. The Meeting Today

    48 hours
  2. Sky Sources: McCoist Tenders Resignation

    That's what happens when you head the ball too much.
  3. Infestations

  4. News this morning regarding £1.5m loan

    This. Edmiston House is a dump. The Air Conditioning is absolutely appalling and the building is sweltering in summer yet we have paid a substantial sum to buy it off Minty but so far seem to have no plans as to what to do with it. It was a white elephant when it was the big Rangers Social Club and it is no different now.
  5. Fans Listen to this Fud

    No. That's Neknomination. What Houston does is Brassneknomination.
  6. Call for AGM to be delayed.

    Cara Sulieman ‏@carasulieman 2m Judge also ordered Rangers to pay petitioners' expenses. Collapse Reply Retweet Favorite
  7. Call for AGM to be delayed.

    Cara Sulieman ‏@carasulieman 2m Judge said it would be "prejudicial" if shareholders had "insufficient time" to consider the notice before the AGM. Expand
  8. Call for AGM to be delayed.

    Cara Sulieman ‏@carasulieman 1m Judge ruled the notice was valid as it was authentic - whether signatories are authorised or not should not prevent it. Expand
  9. Whats Green Up To ?

    http://www.skysports.com/video/inline/0,26691,18305_7905324,00.html I believe this is what you are looking for.
  10. Rangers vote causes Ceptic fc board meeting

    McBoyd at the other place is the bunny.
  11. Only one to have won European Footballer of the year.
  12. Bomber

    Tweets 5m John Bomber Brown ‏@johnbomberbrown All i can tell you for a fact is if you give them ur ST money it will go into a black hole. GONE i will have more info soon Expand Bomber's latest uttering.
  13. SPL vote "no" to newco Rangers

    Excellent point.
  14. How do I get the thread closed? When I tried to open it the first time it came up with an error message but it worked fine the second time. But we now have two identical threads running.