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  1. Will sign if ankle gets all clear.
  2. Miller and Boyd up front if Kris comes through ankle operation ok.
  3. Who is paying for the freebie?
  4. I'll do one after the tournament finishes...hopefully we can win it again(The Masters).....more importantly I'd love to see the Youth team finally win the main tournament.....we've come close. A double would be magic for all the bears out here........ Since the Gers have been coming(2005) they have been tremendous ambassadors for our famous club. Both the Legends and Youth teams always leave a fabulous impression on both the local and ex-pat community out here. On RTV there is some fantastic coverage from last year.
  5. Aye I'll admit the utter pish posted about Ian Durrant,his family and Rangers, did indeed change the course of the thread.....fpmsl.
  6. To be honest it's just a laugh.........simply to get one up on the Villa supporting lads out here.
  7. You lied. It was corrected. And we move on. Vote on the poll....Aston Villa are too far ahead.
  8. It wasn't in jest.
  9. SoldierBlue was wrong to lie. We can all move on that the lie was put to bed. Now you can all click on the link and vote for Rangers to win.
  10. Indeed....every penny for the Legends is from the boys in the HKRSC. And every penny for the youth team to come over is from The Hong Kong Football Club. SoldierBlue lied. She is welcome to come back and post any picture she chooses and name any person she chooses. Alas.......we won't have that pleasure. LOL.
  11. SoldierBlue isn't coming back to this thread because he or she lied. fpmsl.
  12. Aston Villa fans giving us a run for our money....
  13. Click on link......then once you have place your vote(bottom right of page Fan Poll) WATP
  14. Miller has has Boyd.......magic.
  15. We beat them in the final of the Master's ,at the HKFC Soccer 7's ,over here in Hong Kong, last year. We are likely to clash again at some point next month in the 2014 event. Bomber-Manager A.Goram S.Nisbet M.Andrews A.Rae D.Ferguson I.Ferguson C.Miller G.Durie M.Mols P.Huistra WATP