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  1. I can't believe there was a thread a few days ago wondering if we could keep Zelalam haha. Worst player on the park in the last 2 games. Nicky Clark as always not good enough but gets a start. McKay a passenger again who can't beat a man. Gets the ball and passes it back. Holt the best player on the park gets subbed and the whole game changes after that!
  2. Don't want to start another topic but is next weeks game at home to Cowdenbeath definitely on despite the international break? I haven't seen anywhere that it is postponed and i really hope it's not after today. Thanks in advance
  3. Gonne someone change the order of the teams in the title? I thought we had a home game on Saturday from reading that. If you are going to do something do it right!
  4. I know a lot of members on here like Nicky Clarke but I am yet to warm to him. I appreciate his effort but have seen very little in terms of quality! This match included...
  5. Said it before but if anyone of them who are out of contract at the end of season gets offered a new deal then Rangers are not getting my money! We (anyone who actually bought a S.T) are being robbed blind!!
  6. What's up with Miller? Scored against QOTS last time out on his return from injury. But on the T.V panel tonight?
  7. Any player who requires coaching under him is a lost cause because he simply doesn't have a clue how to do it. This explains the exit of up and coming youth players and then signing of previous has-beens!
  8. I think this is where we will drop our first points of the season. What are the chances of the game being called off due to frozen conditions?
  9. Looking forward to this game. It's no exaggeration in the slightest to say that the league is well and truly won already. However, I think that the longer we can keep this 100% winning record in the league..the more interesting and atmospheric this season will become.
  10. Lads I'm travelling by train from Glasgow....is there a train station near the ground?
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