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  1. kjw

    Junkies vs Rangers

    Windass shitting himself in tackles as usual.
  2. Wish they'd get this tip tappy football to fuck!!!!
  3. Why can't these arseholes on premier sports not just tell you who's on the ball instead of talking utter pish!!!
  4. Why will this cunt Murty not go 4-4-2?
  5. Would take McLeish till the end of the season rather than tarrier loving Murty.
  6. His dad is a Savco fan and Graham's hero was Tommy Burns.Google search is his father a celtic fan and you'll find it there.
  7. Get Savco supporting Murty to fuck!!!!
  8. Gave up with Warburton in March,just wish everyone else would realise we are going nowhere with this man in charge!
  9. Only one man to blame.The manager,he bought this shite and is fucking clueless with his tactics!!!!
  10. kjw

    ***The Official Hearts V Rangers Thread***

    Warburton please go now!fuckin sick of watching this shite every time.He's a fuckin fraud of a manager
  11. kjw

    ***The Official Hearts V Rangers Thread***

    This whole team and the tactics are a fuckin bombscare.
  12. Warburton out!magic hat fuck all.
  13. kjw

    Angela Haggerty sacked from Herald

    Great news,gollum next hopefully!:-D
  14. kjw

    Bilel Mohsni - 7 Match Ban

    Just wonder if Moshni will end up in Bar-l like duncan ferguson did in 1994?After all the sfa are more bheast ridden now than 1994.