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  1. He went to St Patrick's primary in New Stevenston.
  2. I grew up in the scheme next to his dad and he was a big celtic fan.One of the boy's neighbours in the street where he stays with his parents told me he is definitely a celtic fan and used to go watch them with his dad.
  3. Good,he's a big celtic fan anyway 100%.I don't want another one turning into the O'halloran carry on.
  4. He's 100% a celtic fan just like his dad.And that came from one of his neighbours in Carfin who knows them well.
  5. kjw


    Think Gerrard needs a strong no2 who's seen it and done it in the Archie Knox mould as he needs help as McAlister is fucking useles.The two of them sitting back in the dug out not urging them on to win the game in the last 10mins is shocking.
  6. Don't know about the kid being a gers man but i grew up next to his dad and he was a big celtic man.
  7. Windass shitting himself in tackles as usual.
  8. Why can't these arseholes on premier sports not just tell you who's on the ball instead of talking utter pish!!!
  9. Would take McLeish till the end of the season rather than tarrier loving Murty.
  10. His dad is a Savco fan and Graham's hero was Tommy Burns.Google search is his father a celtic fan and you'll find it there.
  11. Gave up with Warburton in March,just wish everyone else would realise we are going nowhere with this man in charge!
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