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  1. I'll be harsh on your scrawny student ass any more of your cheek lad
  2. I just knew that he was going to score from there lad has some great technique.
  3. Annoyingly they never show any post match reactions. If you are going to put these streams up for the lads I will think about letting you use my login seeing as it can be used on a couple of devices at once.
  4. Aribo too. Hopefully all back after the break.
  5. Just when Hamilton think that things can't get worse
  6. He can score some crackers can Barisic. Left the keeper no chance.
  7. Thought he'd forgot to bring his cards with him the useless cunt.
  8. Waiting for @BillyG91 to switch to porn and fuck everyone up as he becomes king of the trolls
  9. Most of us wait till full time to have a wank mate
  10. In front of my laptop shouting like a mother fucker Definitely a penalty there fucking ref is useless.
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