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  1. Good effort from Aribo need to start getting these chances on target though.
  2. Don't know what people are worrying about Hearts are shite. Comfortable 2-0 to the famous Defoe and Katic.
  3. Sure that I heard/read something saying that his natural position is actually LB a while ago? Not sure if true but would only be a positive if he is versatile. I would have gave him game time against St Mirren to see how he coped to be honest but can understand why he never got it. Either get him out on loan or play him. A few months playing regularly will do his development more good than just training with the first team. Hopefully developes enough to do more than just train with the first team next season.
  4. I didn't think he did that bad when he came on to be honest
  5. Sound level on RTV needs fixing as well annoying having to plug my speakers in.
  6. Been working for the last five minutes for me
  7. Scrappy first half but can see them falling away in the second half as fitness tells. Hopefully a couple of goals early on and a couple more youngsters getting a run out.
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