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  1. As you say it could quite possibly have nothing to do with anyone on the current board but at the very least they are complicit in trying to bury it. Their fans that attack victims coming forward and their families just show what a cancer on our society they are. Never heard of any other group that have tried to make light of child abuse ever. They are unique in their deflection.
  2. When you look at the stats the world is riddled with paedophilia. Your average person would happily do time to bury a peadophile but could end up with a bigger sentence for giving them a good beating than they get for raping kids. celtic need to fall and fall hard for their complicity in this. There is no excuse for it.
  3. The punishment is hardly fitting the crime either. Politicians don't give a fuck about it really as proven by the PM who thinks we should wash our hands of this malarkey. Hunt the fuckers down no matter where they might hide and make a proper example of them. Give them no respite and no place to hide.
  4. The global prevalence of child sexual abuse has been estimated at 19.7% for females and 7.9% for males according to studies. Meaning that we all probably know someone who has suffered. These sort of figures will never change until we root them out and punish the bastards according to the crime. Anyone aiding and abetting the crime should also face stiff penalties. No exceptions no excuses. Mental that this is still an issue in the modern world. celtic are complicit in the cover up of these crimes. They know no shame.
  5. I'm sure that you will keep this thread near the top 😂 In donate in a couple of weeks when I have myself set up again in the UK 👍
  6. That's you fucked then 😂 I am waiting anyway so might as well wait for the feedback on sizes. Will actually save me about a tenner getting it delivered to the UK anyway as it was €72 to buy here when I had a quick look.
  7. Was too young to remember the match but my papa told me stories about it which I remember. I also remember my nana chirping in about him coming back with a black eye 😂 Was a massive achievement in our clubs history. Lived in Catalonia for a few years and a good few of the older folk there had a soft spot for Rangers. People don't really understand how much of a cunt Franco was to the people there, I think that he only treated the Basque worse. I'm sure that even Guardiola has praised the Rangers fans that night. The guardia civil are still cunts to this day.
  8. Fair play 😂 I've put weight on and lost it since my early 20's but the same shirts fit. Then again I hate anything tight round my shoulders. I put it down to growing up having to graft 😂👍
  9. I need a XL at least for these sort of shirts to fit round my shoulders. Looking at the chest measurements on the site I might be better with an XXL. These larger sizes are basically just man sized instead of skinny wee student size 😂
  10. I like it. Will wait until I'm back in the UK before ordering though. When do we see the away strips?
  11. That not the guy that @crazy bob swollenbaws shat it from?
  12. Darth Bear


    No you would then then have 80 points maximum if you paid the 200 quid for the unlimited which unless you are using a vpn is useless in the UK. Standard subscription would get you 65 points if you attended 8 games. Season ticket alone is 120 points plus whatever for attendance or selling the ticket back to the club. RTV subscribers don't get as much as people think.
  13. Darth Bear


    Said this when it first came out. It would basically give someone like myself who still puts in a couple of hundred quid every year for a subscription a chance of getting a home ticket when visiting. Personally I can get tickets whenever home but not all can.
  14. Should the Vikings or Romans be sued? Can the Welsh bring forward a claim? Genghis Khan has a lot to answer for 😂
  15. I sort of blame Khan just to start the ball rolling 😂 He would have got the ball first imo if he went for it but would have been hit badly by the oncoming challenge. By avoiding the challenge he ended up fucking himself. Thing is I could have seen us turning that result round with him on the pitch and us progressing. As soon as he went off I knew that we had little chance. Amazing player.
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