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  1. Class them as essential services and see the shitbags cry. Would be funny to see the over paid fuckers deal with reality. Won't happen of course but the fuckers need a good boot up the arse.
  2. We don't need to rob the tax payer. No matter what they cunts did hold your head high and do the right thing. Give the money saved by players to those in need. Claim so much back as charity donations if you are worried about finances. Do the right thing always.
  3. They all look better on the orange kit.
  4. Don't give a fuck about any of these wankers to be honest. Until they can say that they are disgusted by the cover up of child abuse and rape they can fuck off.
  5. Has more in common with the club than the deluded know. Another masterpiece in PR
  6. Highest earners should take a cut to help the rest. There is a right and wrong here and worrying about other teams maybe gaining a competitive edge is definitely not right in the middle of a crisis. Nothing that the beasts do surprises me anymore.
  7. Alas I thought that the one would do lucky for me I only had about half a mile to go 😂
  8. Done. Now for a wee drink. Check out my activity on Strava: https://strava.app.link/NKDauce4i5
  9. Last village before the home stretch over 3/4 of the distance needed done.
  10. Just about half way and the hip flask is still holding out 👍
  11. Think bigsasa plays golf here 😂
  12. Coming into the first wee village being a good lad and following the local rules.
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