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  1. Mayweather vs McGregor - August 26th

    Wish the ref had let it go on a bit longer, I was quite enjoying watching that cunt get slapped around.
  2. Saw Combat Stress thanking the Hillbillies on facebook, well done to all involved
  3. There are a few places that do them, thinking about getting this one but waiting to see if we get our own design done. Saying that I'll probably end up with both https://www.runflex.co.uk/combat-stress-tech-t
  4. Raising money for these all year with a group I met through doing Tough Mudders, got our own take on the push up challenge, done a few raffles as well as getting sponsers for our runs. Great cause and unlike some charities the money gets spent wisely and actually goes to the cause.
  5. ***** The Official Rangers V Tarriers Match Thread *****

    Ffs I can't watch this any more
  6. That where you sent your Celtic supporting pals to try and jump me ya cunt I'm dressed casual so as to be recognised so hurry up before some cunt robs my bank
  7. Look I've dropped bigger cunts than you running for the bus and I'm ready now justhad to batter some phone stealing fucker Meet you outsideTescos in ten
  8. Nae bother and I don't want to hear excuses like you've lost your keys running for the bus Have some munchies for the ride up annaw and a bottle of irn bru tae smash over yer heid
  9. Come pick me up and take me to your bit and I'll hammer ye
  10. Any fights today or are you all a bunch of gay choirboys
  11. Pedro's first press conference coming up live on SSN

    Fucking awesome
  12. *** The Official Dundee fc vs Rangers fc Match Thread ***

    What a fucking joke
  13. Rangers Tattoos or related tattoos

    Sure Rangersmedia has been mentioned on his page before so chances are he will