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  1. Quite liked Scott McDonald for a while
  2. A small fee, hopefully a sell on clause and somebody off the wage bill. Best of luck to the lad. Hopefully a few more going soon.
  3. That thread whilst well intentioned became a farce long before the mumsnet nonsense where just about anything was being said involving celtic and wad way off topic. Couldn't care less about this podcast but see no harm in it being here. If you don't want it at the top of the page then stop posting in it and it will disappear soon enough. It's not rocket science
  4. I'm more worried that we sign a new player and he is thinking about his cock
  5. Fucking euro is all over the place at the moment. Saying that having just looked at the exchange rate I don't think that I did that bad.
  6. I got the price in American dollars but it gave the price in euros actually was or if there was an additional charge for exchange but I have never had that before when using bank transfers in Europe before. Got a shitty price on the euro though will look later when her indoors comes in as I don't know the login for the internet banking. Still a decent price for what you get I used it when living abroad previously and it pisses on any dodgy stream. Good source of income for the club as well
  7. £193.90 for a year it's going to cost me. Been fucking about getting it set up mainly down to the fact that it said that it wouldn't have the qualifiers on. Well worth the money when living abroad and as others have said at least the club get the cash
  8. Follow them to their car and ask if they have the proper insurance to use it for work. Cunts shit themselves at that as most of them don't. Then again asking them how it feels to work for nonces usually does the trick. Wankers can't do fuck all they are all bluster.
  9. Knew that as soon as I pressed submit Unlike some I'm not an editing fucker
  10. Decent enough result in the end gives us the oppurtunity to play some of those who missed out tonight at Ibrox. No doubt that we will improve with match fitness.
  11. First half was shocking. Obviously the hairdryer and changes worked
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