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  1. I would suggest having a list of Celtics sponsors with links as a sticky at the top of the thread ad well so that anyone that who wants to write to them about this can do so easily Sickening attitude from a rancid club.
  2. Next time he officiates one of our matches we should all put a bet on him sending a Rangers player off and give the cunt the dilemma of giving Rangers fans money for fucking the team over
  3. Did we not agree a date for a rearranged fixture with a club when we had a free midweek and be refused permission to play it?
  4. Sore It was brutal, I know that I was happy with the rain but the hailstorm was taking the piss still managed to help a hundred people over several obstacles and a couple of hip flasks were consumed so managed them goals. As for time we took just over 6 hours which we believe to be a British record but unfortunately I believe we lose out on the world record to a runner known only as Darth Vader. Considering he only has one leg and needs a mask to breathe we'll give him that. Crazy fucker has done over 100 tough mudders. Proud of you all for all the donations which we know goes to a worthwhile cause
  5. Excellent news it seems like we have been forecast rain which should mean extra mud
  6. So I got the course map today and it looks like fun I even started training this week and have walked to work and back all week Will travel up on Friday and have a practise for the after run drinks
  7. To make things a bit more fun I have signed up for the competitive wave which is timed and has prize money. Still sounds a bit too easy so I'll have to go for a new record of the slowest time ever To help slow me down I plan on multiple fag breaks, maybe a wee picnic and to help at least a hundred people through a few of the obstacles. Any other ideas of daft things to do are welcome
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