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  1. So proud of the team today. The fans were amazing as well! Always pleased to see those terrorists lose, even sweeter when it's us who beats them.
  2. Great result. Come on you Gers!
  3. By grace of God, we will
  4. This should be treated as an act of terrorism by the IRA. Hang the disgusting criminal bastards.
  5. The support were terrific. Much better second half of football. We may have lost the battle, but we will never lose the war. Pride of Scotland! No Surrender
  6. I think I'd prefer a 1:0 winner in the last minute where the ball didn't cross the line fully and three septic players were severely injured in the build up that ends their career but referee played on. COME ON RANGERS!
  7. They wouldn't want him anyway... unless of course he slept with a 9 year old boy.
  8. What I was trying to say, is that he could have stated he didn't have sex with her at all... there is no evidence at all to suggest he actually did, other than his word for it. Why is his word good enough when it comes to sleeping with her; but his word is not good enough that she consented. If he was going to lie, he'd lie and state he didn't have sex with her; not lie and say he did sleep with her but she consented.
  9. There also has to be sufficient evidence to convict, of which the evidence suggested she was certainly not too drunk.... I don't know many people who can send text messages when insanely drunk, let alone be able to send them without typos; and walking in high heels when you're far too drunk to give consent? As far as I'm aware, there is no criteria as to what is 'far too drunk to consent' but there is far more evidence to suggest she wasn't; than was. According to both McDonald and Evans, she said "yeah" when asked can Evans join in.. sleazy as it maybe, that's not rape. On a side note, lets say for argument sake he was guilty... in which case, he has served his punishment and should be able to continue in his profession, and the current mob rule and death threats preventing it, is much worse than bottom-end-of-the-spectrum-rape.
  10. The complainant consumed no further alcohol after going back to the hotel with McDonald, in which case if she was too drunk to consent to Evans, she was too drunk to consent to sex with McDonald. She claims she did not remember what happened the night before... it was after she was informed it was two footballers who had the hotel room that the rape card was used. This only went to court in the first place; the arrests only occurred in the first place, after Evans and McDonald told the truth to the police and admitted they both had sex with her. I believe, if he did rape her, or in this case, know that she was too drunk and could not have consented, then he would have lied to the police and state he didn't have sex with her - as there was no evidence whatsoever to even confirm that he did sleep with her, other than what Evans told the police and then the jury. So the jury took Evans word that he slept with her, but not his word that she said yes - oh yeah, but she was too drunk to say yes. But in McDonald's story, being too drunk doesn't matter, all that matters is that she said yes, by going to the hotel.
  11. I believe he was innocent... the fact is, telling the truth to the police by admitting he slept with the complainant caused him to get arrested and put on trial for rape. If he lied and said he didn't sleep with her then there would have been no trial in the first place. She saw pound signs when she found out it was footballers who she was with. It's disgusted that getting drunk and regretting who you sleep with can equal rape.
  12. Two questions... A) Do you think Ched Evans will ever play football in England again? B) Do you think he was guilty?
  13. Haha my ex girlfriend was from Massachusetts and supported New England, I remember watching the super bowl that year when they lost to the giants, I watched it like it was the world cup final - completely gutted at the time. Would love to see the lions in the super bowl. Here's hoping!!
  14. A legend to the club would not be here just for the money. I Support Ally