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  1. don1972

    Bheasts Pollute German Capital

    Jail the smelly bastards
  2. don1972

    Leicester City Helicopter Crash

    Fuck sake not been a good day for football
  3. 3:1 to the queens 11 lets go.
  4. don1972

    BBC Article on Alfredo

    Great 4th goal today 👍
  5. don1972

    Edmiston Drive

    Sad news
  6. don1972

    ***Official Nations League Thread****

    Fuck Scotland who cares
  7. don1972

    ***The Official Rangers V Hearts Match Thread***

    Hard game 3:0 to the queens 11
  8. don1972


  9. don1972


    Tarrier i need to stop drinking
  10. don1972


    Fuck him the terrier bastard.
  11. don1972

    *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

    Tranny bastards Flea ridden cunts
  12. don1972

    So Proud

    What a difference a year makes that is all.