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  1. I'm that raging, I've got a rager. Time to bring it on. Every player to a man, should be inspired, out play, out think and ultimately destroy the opposition. No quarter given, no matter where they hide.
  2. Fuck over a sixteen year old this is what you deserve Absolutely disgraceful that we tolerate them.
  3. So proud we appealed the second yellow without any chance of success. A precedence has been set, they had to respond, albeit in a farcial way. SG on top of this. From now on any gesture should be a yellow.
  4. He has form, kept their unbeatable myth and never booked the cunty for gesturing afterwards
  5. Absolutely abhorrent, from cradle to grave. In the weekend of remembrance we are discussing animals that betrayed our soldiers sacrifices. Hang them high. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-northern-ireland-42689486
  6. Was thinking a Buffel type would have opened them up. That's the kind of creativity we need. Too many holding midfielders?
  7. Was in CD5, looking down, strength, skill and determination. Pure class. SFA are finished now.
  8. 100% of people do cuntish things, 0.00001% get crucified by the papers. 0.000000001% can do this: Fuck the SFA, let's out them for who they are!
  9. They are opening the college car park, stone throw away. Get there early. Couple of hundred spaces.
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