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  1. My personal favourite https://www.theguardian.com/football/2005/apr/25/match.Rangers Bellend said he won the league for nonce fc. The rest is history
  2. Wrong planet mate, how the fuck do you ever come across this shit
  3. The last few years it's been more hopeful than believing. The squad is stronger, the manager is stronger, the players are stronger. Time to put them in their place. A wee video from one of our own shows the passion that we are now replicating.
  4. Brown is done, bigot is done, team spirit is done, if our players listen to the gaffer and execute, this is no false dawn. 55 will shut this shitehole down, biggest party ever. For all the bears living and some that sadly passed, I'm sure that this is the year.
  5. The quality of players under our manager surpasses expectations. Our quality and fitness will expose the staleness and disjointed farce that is scottish football. We will not be out muscled. The child molesters cannot counter our signings, they are stuck with what they have. Our spine from last season has been enhanced. Finally we have a team worthy of wearing The Rangers colours. 3 to 1 is a steal Not even the refs can stop us Jimmy Blues
  6. It's a different game all together, however the benefits are at grass roots. Young girls with the dedication, tenacity and a skill level that many don't see. Most go on to better things when they retire at 19. Dont see any problem with broadcasting it, the BBC is shit anyway.
  7. I'm that raging, I've got a rager. Time to bring it on. Every player to a man, should be inspired, out play, out think and ultimately destroy the opposition. No quarter given, no matter where they hide.
  8. Fuck over a sixteen year old this is what you deserve Absolutely disgraceful that we tolerate them.
  9. Absolutely abhorrent, from cradle to grave. In the weekend of remembrance we are discussing animals that betrayed our soldiers sacrifices. Hang them high. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-northern-ireland-42689486
  10. Was thinking a Buffel type would have opened them up. That's the kind of creativity we need. Too many holding midfielders?
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