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  1. Disappointed people think this is a legit attempt at ten in a row. Hey ho tell a big enough lie........
  2. A club like no other: IRA FC, Nonce FC, Corrupt FC. *Voted champions 2019/2020 ** Legality of vote challenged Their alleged nine in a row will never meet the standard that ours did. Quality over perversion, wins every day.
  3. Some players are 3 steps ahead of others in the mind, Hagi, Buffel and our own legend DC. They can be frustrating at times, but it's up to others to bully the opposition and protect the playmakers, whilst anticipating the unexpected pass.
  4. No offence taken, a friend of mine got banned for saying this very thing many years ago. He was very forthright, but right.
  5. Scotland has a proud history, we fought the English for hundreds of years when our culture was under threat. Ultimately both sides had mutual respect for the sacrifices made and No Surrender made a union. The union has been degraded over many years by the infiltration of sleekit immigrants. They don't understand No Surrender, the reason being, the shadows are their home and perversion is their creed. Our biggest challenge is to defeat the enemy within.
  6. First positive talks with clear goals defined and some cunt resigned. The scum maintaining their undignified silence. I believe we must have something on the governing body. I don't care if it is technical, administrative errors or corruption, some cunt(s) must go.
  7. That's why it should be on topic and not derailed
  8. No creditors calling loans in and furlough players. If it gets that bad, we are in a better position than most.
  9. I hate this fucking thread, but there's your *9 In a row * UEFA has opened the door to domestic league and cup competitions being cancelled "in special cases" due to the coronavirus pandemic.
  10. Legal class action is a possibility that UEFA are scared of. It could come from collective clubs from many countries / associations from many countries depending on their recommendation. It's a clusterfuck and they know it. People are dying, but at least the SPFL have led by example. Don't give a fuck and get a vote through. Embarrassment to society.
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