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  1. Scummy Evening Times

    No thread is out of bounds for this one, covers all bases. If your permaoffended, nae luck pal.
  2. I'm guessing...

    WTF exponentially, you might be confusing us with the pikeys.
  3. I'm guessing...

  4. The Pedro Caixinha Thread

    On home brew. What's the music like nowadays. I still have my stash
  5. The Pedro Caixinha Thread

    No problems, I'm on Saturn right now, thought I was in the Pedro thread.
  6. The Pedro Caixinha Thread

    Project your hatred elsewhere, my belief is that our managers should never be called wankers, at the time that they were employed they had integrity, honestly and believed in The Rangers tradition. Some succeeded, some failed. All have my respect, cause we are all Rangers.
  7. The Pedro Caixinha Thread

    Wanker? Behave yourself. If you were on the journey you would understand the context. If you you do not comprehend, nae luck pal.
  8. The Pedro Caixinha Thread

    Don't think it is as black and white as that, I believe he realised the job was too big for him. Situation was totally mismanaged. As said before he was naive, tactically and also personally when he found out how big a club we are. Mix that up with hatred never seen before, he shat it, but no, never a wanker.
  9. The Pedro Caixinha Thread

    Makes him niave, never a wanker. The hatred is something that has to be overcome to get to 55
  10. The Pedro Caixinha Thread

    If you read the post in context, then I haven't got a clue about your point. We played sexy football in the Championship, then we got kicked fuck out of us after promotion, MW always said no plan B, that was his downfall. Never in my life have I called a Rangers manager a wanker. The manager of The Rangers is not manufactured, he is born a Ranger. Dignity, honestly and loyalty. Never a wanker. That's why the people we are.
  11. The Pedro Caixinha Thread

    Fighting, together and united. Humble assertive and a tactition, on and off the field.This is no PLG, who I believed when he came, was the answer many years ago. AM took the easy route through the divisions, thinking that veterans would get us up. MW excited us with sexy football until we got kicked fuck out of and pressed. Pedro knows the score and if anyone can stop the scum, he can. Sussed Sutton out in a second, put him in his place two seconds later. Replacing AM & MW legacies will take at least two years, but as big Marv says keep believing, it might be sooner. Pedro is pure class, just give him time to prove it, he knows what WATP means.
  12. Greatest Moment as a Rangers Fan

    Helicopter Sunday
  13. The red card

    Absolutely not got a clue, disgraceful
  14. Give me a shout about payment, don't care about delivery, call it £50. Rest goes to Erskine.