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  1. The fact that Rod or his media team haven't denied this tells you all you need to know Hes an embarrassment
  2. The talkSPORT host said: “Rod is a big pal and pal of the station. “By all accounts after the final at the weekend at Hampden. Rod went into the directors box and he had had a few. “I’m not saying he was hammered but he’d had a few. (ie he was steaming mess) “celtic won the cup. Rangers played very, very well but lost. “And Rod by all accounts lay on his back on the floor in the directors box in the lounge rubbing his tummy laughing and giggling saying: ‘You just can’t beat us can you?’ (What a fucking nick. Imagine your granda doing that) “One of the Rangers officials, I think it was his son, went for him. He had to be grabbed and pulled back. “It all kicked off in the directors lounge by all accounts. So Rod, be careful what you are doing.” SunSport has asked Rangers, celtic and Sir Rod’s representatives for comment.
  3. We'd be sacked. Simple as. She'll be hidden until this blows over. Boot.
  4. Massive own goal by them. The club need to capitalise on this opportunity. It will be put down as employee error of course, slapped wrists, but the club need to make noise about it. Bring up the constant charges brought against us
  5. The armband is his in time. I dont see it changing this season though.
  6. That boy shouts "we are the people" i'm sure Thats 100% Broon. This is getting a wee share haha. Fucking nick of a guy
  7. If it was so earth shattering it'd be out by now. File under shite.
  8. Not buying it. We'd have to wipe out all Defoes goals then. It'll wind the taigs up though so keep going haha
  9. We had 30 mins to win this against 10 men and never looked like scoring
  10. Subs were poor tonight. Katic on at the end was a wtf moment. But even Ojo after 77 mins was too late
  11. Got the feeling that was a season defining night we'll look back on. Fucking shocking. You didn't want to talk about Sunday Steven, you fucking better start now
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