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  1. FC Copenhagen have shared a bizarre video ahead of their Europa League clash tomorrow evening - taking a pop at BREXIT, saying "At least celtic are still in Europe". The Danish club issued a welcome to the Hoops before their last-32 meeting at Parken Stadium. In a short social media clip, a father and son are playing football in a local park when they watch a video of SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon discussing Scotland being taken out of the EU "against their will". No matter what your politics, this was pretty cringeworthy.
  2. Pretty sure we were branded petty and vindictive for our stance with the BBC. The taigs are the righteous light in a world of darkness though. No comparison.
  3. It is our firm belief that Rangers should no longer provide valuable content to traditional outlets without there being measures in place to deal with those who publish the sort of bile we have seen in recent weeks.
  4. Found it. Its underneath an article about the thumb, tucked away. No headlines about Morelos though.
  5. Ryan Kent celebrated in front of him. Shocked him to his core.
  6. Tommy Sheridan has signed it and encouraging others to follow. I suppose its now lost any credibility it had.
  7. So if someone on Question Time went on a mad rant calling Peter lawwell a dangerous individual for covering up sex abuse, he'd be cool? 😂
  8. The doolally bastards have started a change.org petition to reinstate him 😂
  9. Sadly I think he'll be snuck back in after this calms down
  10. Aye we were hanging on Tom ffs. Does he even watch the games?
  11. 3. Mr Morelos has been seriously misrepresented and is deserving of apology and explanation. Nice touch slant eyes. "looks were doing this to help Morelos as well"
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