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  1. They were always getting the title. The support we garnered was mostly for unfair relegations. Our best outcome is to oust the cunts at the SPFL and hopefully uncover some scandal. They were given this title, it was never won. Doesn't matter what they say.
  2. Didn't Motherwell say something similar? They'd want an investigation, but only once this shite is all over. They really have clubs by the balls financially don't they.
  3. So the SPFL 4 were us, Aberdeen, Livi and Hearts? The taigs voted No. Theres a shocker. Those other clubs dont deserve our fans.
  4. Folk abstaining treating our game with utter contempt. Worse than the no votes. This was expected and our board will have expected. Stage 2 commence.
  5. Just imagine all the chairman on their tables after uncles Peters speech. O Captain! My Captain!
  6. The taigs want transparency so they'll vote in favour
  7. I hope they publish the results of the votes so we can see who said No. I mean, the SPFL have no issues releasing vote results
  8. It was to do with Jorge Cadetes registration not being put through on time. The taigs complained and Farry was let go from the SFA. I thought it was smart to mention. To remind everyone that back when the taigs were complaining about masonic conspiracies and bias (more so than now anyway), that they got their independent investigation and the outcome they wanted.
  9. Expect the focus to shift from the cost of investigation to the time it will take, now we've offered to pay for it. They're on the ropes big-time
  10. Can't see us getting the support we need on Tuesday. Noone has the belly for a fight. Happen to bend over and take scraps. That shouldn't be the end of the fight though
  11. Shat myself when he was sent off, throwing away all our good work beforehand. Then Hesselink done us a wee turn in the space of 2 mins
  12. They still can't tell us how much the Deloitte one, that noone knew about, cost
  13. Thats the crux of the issue. All the diddy clubs think "Rangers are only moaning because they're not winning". If they had decent directors, then they'd want this investigated no matter what
  14. It probably isnt hard hitting stuff to us, but they will have broken rules and protocol for sure. Buts its deny and deflect with these cunts, even when in the wrong
  15. ffs I didnt expect them to be so quick to shoot it down. "We havent read the 'dossier' but theres no evidence in it" Unprofessional to say the least.
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