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  1. Brown now jumping on the Gollum consistency bandwagon. Even admits it wouldn't have changed the game but still mentions it. Doesn't matter that Christies was a nailed on straight red. They want to sow some doubt.
  2. If Kents fit, he doesnt play. Add in the fact Jones is out and were stuck for now. He shows flashes, so he can come back, but needs dropped
  3. Rangers have been honoured with an international award for work carried out by their charity foundation. The Glasgow giants collected the 'Social Responsibility Of a Football Club, Role Model Award' at the Football Is More conference in Switzerland on Wednesday. The organisers of the awards, which are presented every two years, say they recognise "outstanding involvement in educational and social welfare activities". The judges were impressed by how the Rangers Foundation uses the power of football to help people though community programmes focusing on health and fitness, employment, equality, diversity and education. Previous recipients of the award include Chelsea, Real Madrid, Benfica and 2017 winner PSG. Rangers were chosen as this year's winners by a panel of judges who researched the effectiveness of various clubs' programmes. Ibrox chairman Dave King said: "We are delighted to win this prestigious European-wide award for the incredible work the Rangers Charity Foundation does every day in the name of Rangers FC and our supporters."
  4. Operation Pan the Windaes is seeing some results already Hibs vs celtic blunder ref Kevin Clancy won’t take charge of any SPFL games this weekend
  5. Is that Gary McAllister co-commentating?
  6. "was the first club in Scotland to appoint a safeguarding officer" First club to fucking need one. Gall of these cunts.
  7. Finally saw these stonewall penalties last night. The one on Bauer is not a penalty for me. Hes already played the ball and no longer in control of the ball. The one on Christie is probably a penalty tbf. But Ntcham shouldve seen red, so these things even themselves up, dont they
  8. Raging Tim: Always the same, when theyre at 0-0 they get a penalty and we're denied penalties Radio Snyde: Did you see the Rangers penalties? Raging Tim: Aye I did Radio Snyde: And did you think they were penalties or not? Raging Tim: Aye they were Radio Snyde: So whats your point? John the Tim was about to implode earlier
  9. Goldson having a mare tonight. Hopefully sorts his head out at HT
  10. Anymore courageous sellick fans been battling their way over to pay their respects? Why dress in a scum shirt at all? If you want to pay your respects and even leave a scum scarf or shirt, fine. But to wear it, is simply another "look at me" moment from that mob.
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