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  1. I forgot how frustrating it was to play against a team of right diving cheats. Happily smash you and claim innocence aswell. You only get that in Europe
  2. Good to see the ref not falling for a lot of their antics. Collapsing as soon as they lose the ball or are tackled etc
  3. Their big lump, number 15, is starting to unravel. Hopefully no injuries from the big dick
  4. On a night where weve convincingly progressed in Europe, the Sun has us buried under several non stories 😂 fraser foster going to the taigs is number one just in front of lafferty signing for killie. Unreal.
  5. They've played and beaten two bottom six clubs. Weve played and beaten two top six clubs, both of which gave us trouble last season. Got to be pleased with our start. Taigs are yet to be tested.
  6. Pat Nevin says he would rather have Tierney than Robertson. He wonders why hes a laughing stock.
  7. Can they never do anything without a fucking song and dance or a wee dig? "we didnt NEED to sell, but the player wanted to pursue" Keeps the hordes at bay i suppose. Wait until they find out that boy Boli is his main replacement
  8. As soon as they signed that Rapid Vienna LB for 3m, Tierney was away. Mr sellick, future captain, one club man, here for 10 blah blah
  9. 1 game in and this is the shite started. Strap yourselves in.
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