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  1. Theo Snelders. One of my earliest memories was a reverse game against Morton at Cappielow and he was there
  2. It actually says 'celtic fan'. Not 'football fan', 'fan' or 'man'? Shocked
  3. What an angry little man. Hope Alfie rams this article up his arse along with a winners medal
  4. I'd forgotten about this. For "not being that type of player" he's involved in quite a lot of incidents
  5. Does anyone have a link to that podcast where they mention breaking his legs?
  6. Lewis Morgan could make a "sensational" move to David Beckham’s Inter Miami side after celtic accepted a "substantial" six figure bid from the newly formed MLS club. Go easy on the superlatives there Raman. Also his cost has went from 400K to 300K to 250K. Amazing.
  7. SunSport understands compliance officer Clare Whyte hasn’t ruled out filing a notice of complaint against the hitman. How they even know this is questionable. Probably a lot of shite.
  8. Compliance offer may yet issue a ban for the gesture it seems. The taig witchhunt might be working. IF they try, then the club needs to fight tooth and nail. Fucking ridiculous
  9. He's trying to come from the 'nice guy' angle now, but its pretty fucking transparent. Also the bit about why doesnt anyone clarify the gesture if it was misinterpreted, when the club did exactly that smell the fear
  10. Then you've got Andy Walker who picked all tims plus Andy Considine
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