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  1. Gandalf the Blue

    Lafferty pulls out of NI squad

    They are not letting this story go are they compare the levels of outrage with the griffiths situation
  2. Gandalf the Blue

    SFA to boycott Gazzas hall of fame dinner

    Just when you think someone can't get any worse. Fucking scum.
  3. Gandalf the Blue

    SFA to boycott Gazzas hall of fame dinner

    Good to see this getting nationwide coverage. Tbh if they flipped again and reinstated him i would tell them no thanks, until everyone on that board is gone
  4. Gandalf the Blue

    SFA to boycott Gazzas hall of fame dinner

    What did he say mate?
  5. Gandalf the Blue

    What the Austrian press had to say about last night..

    Aye but Bill Leckie from the Sun says Morelos needs to improve
  6. Gandalf the Blue

    Stevie Post Match Press Conference

    He loves it here
  7. Gandalf the Blue

    McGregor booked?

    Aye it was as soon as he hoofed the ball away nore so than the back chat
  8. Gandalf the Blue

    Both semis on the Sunday under consideration at hampden

    Honestly don't get the furore from that lot. Taigs being taigs I suppose. 'Irrational' Didnt the police say us at Hampden was their prefered choice 'Discriminatory' Playing tim bingo there. Get the hordes throthing.at the mouth Are they really that scared about going to play Hearts?
  9. Gandalf the Blue

    League cup semi moving

    Enjoyed Gerrards reply about it in the press conference "It shouldnt really affect us, because weve been drawn out to play Aberdeen at the first game at Hampden and we dont expect anything to change" thats what i think of the ballot idea boys
  10. Gandalf the Blue

    Livi celebrations

    "Dad, where you at my birth?" "Sorry hen, i was doing 18 months for smashing someone's skull in with a baseball bat" Role model
  11. Gandalf the Blue

    Livi celebrations

    Morelos was at the touchline when the rhabib bastard started his pish with Barisic, so yet more lies. Do they not know that we have video of it The cunt got booked at the end for his antices aswell. Typical taig behaviour. Say something enough and you start to believe it.
  12. Gandalf the Blue

    Livi celebrations

    Good find mate. We shouldn't be getting ourselves in positions to let no marks take the piss. But this cunt has the cheek to call us unprofessional
  13. Gandalf the Blue

    Livi celebrations

    I am loathe to give this the time of day, but nothing else to talk about Declan Gallagher has accused Rangers players of failing to shake hands with their opponents after their defeat to Livingston on Sunday. The home side's 1-0 win led to celebrations at the Tony Macaroni Arena but Gallagher and teammates became involved in a confrontation with Rangers stars after the final whistle. Rangers captain James Tavernier claimed in a national newspaper that the flashpoint was down to Livi players "trying to wind up" the defeated side but Gallagher denied that allegation despite television pictures appearing to show him goading Tavernier and Alfredo Morelos. Instead, Gallagher laid the blame at Steven Gerrard's side. "Based on the report in the Daily Record I thought only right to issue my own response," Gallagher wrote. "At no point did myself of any other Livingston player seek to taunt Rangers players over the result. "As professional sportsmen we always aim to represent the sport and the club in the right light. "However due to a few Rangers players refusing to shake hands at the final whistle with myself and team mates things did get heated. We are professional sportsmen who should act and respect our opposite numbers win, lose or draw." Fair play to STV Sport for highlighting his blatant bullshit.
  14. Gandalf the Blue

    Pedro Caixinha

    OP jinxed him
  15. Gandalf the Blue

    Gaffer and Katic press conference

    Sitting here with a massive grin listening to the man. Superb