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  1. Its sounding like this could be a goer. £15m plus addons etc. Hilarious for many reasons. He is mr sellick, here for 10, one man club blah blah. Even though they'll say theyre happy with the money, deep down they'll be raging. Probably better he does leave now, before we smash them next season.
  2. Brace face is here for 10IAR dont you know. Or that will be the line trotted out when this speculation disappears
  3. Ok we've fucked up a transfer, phone the Record, get a fake bid for Tierney on the back page
  4. 5 figures. There is no way they offered him over £10K/week. Because id be raging if we did. They'll probably still sign him, but still, you enjoy the show
  5. Thought Petrie hated the beggers as much as us? Either way an awful appointment. The SFA musical chairs continues
  6. £24,000 /week hes on according to some No wonder slant eyes wants rid
  7. This is the first ive seen this. SFA giving all clubs a rating based on finance, stadium, youth etc Basically another way for them to say how amazing the beggers are. Since they need constant praise.
  8. Platinum Fucking hell. How insecure can you be.
  9. TLB wants Garry Parker to join him and tried to get Izaguirre to sign a new deal The gift that keeps on giving. They must be spewing haha
  10. Picture of braceface celebrating a successful operation. Hes clutching rosary beads. Shit you not
  11. It wasn't an elbow. The freeze frame in the Record shows his forearm across his throat. Not Flanagans fault Browns a short arse I can hear Smelly Joe typing another letter from here
  12. Clear elbows, clear punches Dry your eyes ya mess
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