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  1. I don't think he would. He's decent technically as well. I think he would excell with the higher amount of possesision we have and the chances our players could create for him. Only as back up mind.
  2. Canny rememner either. Might just have been that he was a part of a Motherwell team full of thugs at the time.
  3. If goal difference is going be a factor this season it's brilliant that no matter who starts up front we have a quality hungry striker to come on desperate for goals. Cmon Defoe. Shoot us to the top of the table.
  4. Don't want to speak too early and the cunt scores against us but I'd sign Dykes as back up if we get the chance. He's a handful and has a decent touch on him. Reminds me of Louis Moult when he was at Motherwell - who I would also have signed as back up at the time.
  5. Kamara still shows a wee lack of awareness at times. Not sure how you coach that out of him.
  6. Sky cameras are brilliant. What happened with McGregor and Dykes?
  7. I can't say I agree with you on this one mate. Before the game I would absolutely have taken 2-0 but with half an hour to go and sitting comfortable we have to go all out for more goals. At the very least one more and all square with those bastards at the top going in to the international break.
  8. Kent off for Ojo. Hopefully precautionary after the knock he took. Seems o be walking of okay. Plenty ice noo to keep the swelling down.
  9. Also partly down to Nick Walsh allowing them to be dirty bastards. A few deserved cards would help sort it out.
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