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  1. It's even more mental than that. That same player is now a professional darts player. I kid you not.
  2. Speirs caught lying on national TV. 5 way agreement. Half time crossbar challenge to win half a million quid (?). Usually picked fans that couldn't kick as far as half the pitch never mind hitting the crossbar. Using all 3 subs at half time to change 3 out of the 4 back line. How mental did that seem at the time?
  3. I get that but that's not what I was saying.
  4. That's the only bit that I think is wrong about the article. I definitely had a red laser pen in 1995. Got it in Blackpool as a wee guy down there with my mate so they were definitely available at that time.
  5. Looks real to me. Every one of them is looking the same way.
  6. Post of the thread.
  7. I'm still in GMT with this thread but want to single out this part of a post which we should all remember. I don't agree with some of the shite before it but this part is absolutely spot on.
  8. What's with the passive-aggressive last sentence? I'm genuinely curious as to your fears over King and our present board. I'm not expecting him to be a sugar daddy and I don't think he's ever claimed to be. I do believe he has put a chunk of his children's inheritance in but not at a loss. The value will still be there in shares. Nothing wrong with that. I'm neither pro-King nor anti-King but I'm genuinely interested in your doubts over him. I don't want to hear about past rhetoric. Going forward do you think he is in this to fuck us over? That doesn't mean he can't eventually leave us with a profit. Again, nothing wrong with that.
  9. I'm a bit late to this thread but this post isn't very old and you've been very involved in this thread already so I'm hoping for a reply. What exactly are those doubts you have? Genuinely curious as my own opinion is that while he may not be a dyed in the wool fan (but still a fan), I certainly do not think he's in this to fuck us over a la Green.
  10. Is it anything to do with the transfer window not actually being open yet? Will this affect other players? I'm guessing Jack is okay since he was out if contract but what about the others?
  11. Every striker is prone to missing a sitter if you make up a video showing his misses.
  12. Still to read the rest of the thread but this all rings a bell from last year.
  13. Zoom in to the exchange desk. How many Peso to the US dollar?
  14. I only seen the second half so can't comment on the first but what from what I did see he looked a very good solid defender. With the second half Russian onslaught he looked very rarely troubled and won countless headers. There were a few times he cleared the ball out for a throw in instead of trying to find a team mate but I really don't mind this as his job is about defending first and foremost. Bocanegra and Weir done the very same thing and were fantastic players for us.
  15. The big man is getting more tested in this half. Seems to be able to head the ball for miles. Looks solid.