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  1. 10-0 aggregate. Can't complain about that. Bring on fucking Progres.
  2. Hat tricks don't come along that often so not so tough if you think about it. Agree there's a lot of good performances out there though.
  3. Yaaaas. There the smile from a cheeky cheeky finish. Hat trick. Called it.
  4. Is it not just because the socks clash with the socks of ST Joe's? In Europe I'm sure nothing is allowed to clash which is why we sometimes play in all blue in European games.
  5. Brilliant work from Docherty winning the ball back. Not flashy but so important doing things like that.
  6. Hastie with another sitter. TBF he probably wasn't expecting the defender to miss it.
  7. It's the Rangers Media way mate. 45 minutes of football and players are shite. Watch how it turns if the same shite players have a great second half.
  8. Outstanding from Morelos. Pish from Hastie. Another sitter missed. Should be 3 or 4 by now.
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