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  1. Just about spot on OP. Can't add any more. If Caixinha is the manager at the start of next season it isn't really hard to imagine next season actually being worse than this one.
  2. 442. Halliday on might get a few groans but at least we have 4 midfielders on instead of 3 now.
  3. I agree. I don't think Pedro is the man going forward for us. My point about the 2 specific individual errors still stands though.
  4. I'll try again. I never said he wasn't to blame. I said you can't blame him for the two individual errors. What could Pedro have done to stop Beerman making a stupid challenge when Roberts was going nowhere?
  5. You another one that reads what he wants to on here aye? He's not to blame for the two individual errors that have cost us the goals. I already agree I'm not convinced by him.
  6. I'm definitely not convinced by Pedro but he can't be blamed for the individual errors which have cost us so far.
  7. Tell you what Walker is spot on. Wes beat right in the middle of the goals. Hyndman poor too. Most of the players are playing well enough but there's at least 3 passengers out there. Beerman, Hyndman and Wes all poor so far.
  8. 4 3 1 2 straight from Pedro's mouth.
  9. Is Utility Man another name for Tool?
  10. No. Just a documented thought process. Super Ally, super Ally
  11. I see where you're coming from and I almost agreed with you but... Halliday's yellow was correct. It was a ridiculously mistimed effort but feet were low and studs were low. Brown's was definitely a red. It was a perfectly timed injury inducing tackle as he intended and had the scissor motion which we're constantly told nowadays is a red card offence. He knew what he was doing. He meant it. Panel have blundered big time.
  12. I agree. The laws of the game should be the same no matter who is playing or when a bad tackle takes place. What saved Halliday though is the fact that it was an Old Firm game and his tackle was very early. I'm not saying I agree with it but how many times in these volatile games have we seen this very thing happen? Collum done the right thing IMO with the Halliday decision. It laid a marker and we became pansies for the rest of the match. I'm a bit under the influence but I'm thinking that if Halliday gets sent off then we don't get caught for the first goal. I'm wondering if the game would have been different with 10 men as we defended well apart from the obvious and they, despite the possession, created very little.
  13. What panel is he on? TV? Radio? The advert is cringy. It's one of those ones that maybe sounds good in the head but doesn't come across as intended. Act like a punk with attitude. Better left just as an idea than executed as Ally proves. Makes him look a bit like a laughing stock. Edit - On its knees? Ally has done a lot of things wrong but when we were on our knees in 2012 he took a wage cut (or worked for free can't remember). When he was on 750k we were apparently swimming in £22M worth of IPOs. I genuinely don't know how to feel about Ally. I suppose I feel a bit apathetic towards him. Reading your whole post, especially the last bit on the first line I guess you feel the same. I wonder if other posters would change their opinion about Ally if he was more successful. In fact I don't need to wonder. They would. Subjectively we were on our knees with the tax case hanging over us under another manager before him. That man is a legend and his status amongst us, the fans, will never ever be in question. The more I'm thinking about the whole situation I don't understand the hatred towards Ally. He was a poor manager. Despite the win ratios I don't think even Ally would dispute this. He certainly will never manage another club in his life that's for sure. That tells you his appetite for management. That said I suppose there's one overwhelming reason to like Ally beyond the player. With all the Newco pish in 2012 we needed continuity as a fan base. Ally was perfect and united us for a brief period. Things outwith football management also happened behind the scenes. Things like the infamous but publicly denied 5 way agreement. Would you want anyone other that Ally representing us during that time? I say nay. Certainly welcome at Ibrox by me.
  14. That's how to do fishing MC. A twist within a twist. Your efforts have been poor recently since they're far too obvious. To be fair though at this moment in time I genuinely do not know if McCoist is on the panel for SKY tomorrow. I suspect not but it really isn't too far fetched.
  15. I've not read beyond this post yet but I expect you to get a few replies. You're spot on with the first part. It amazes me how different online bears' opinions are compared to when talking to people in real life. I've gave you a like but the 2nd last sentence is bullshit as you back up by your final sentence.