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  1. Jamie0202

    PC Gaming Build

    Aye I seen that. Need to try and remember. I've played both and while the first one did get a lot of hate I really enjoyed it.
  2. We could put in an offer for Shankland of, I don't know, £5K?
  3. I've gave you a like but if that's aimed at me you've missed the point of my post. By all means go for it but I think I prefer teasing some sort of logic out of suspected infiltrators. Going gung ho with the a-class material right away is no fun.
  4. Both have completely different attributes and IMO are our best partnership, not that Helander has done much wrong. I think Gerrard seems to favour Goldson because of his communication skills which as a defender are just as important as his physical skills.
  5. Throwing this out there. I think it was Beale who is on record as saying that when you can't balance the defence in terms of a right-footer at RCB and a left-footer at LCB you put your better or more experienced center-back on his weaker side and allow your weaker player the luxury of playing on his favoured side. Katic is right-footed and plays on the left and Goldson (who is supposedly our best and most undroppable defender) plays on the right. Seems to be a contradiction there.
  6. No name calling and giving you the benefit of the doubt considering you've went to the trouble of registering for a Rangers forum. What should we do at this stage of the proceedings? Right now it's not our fight. WE tried TWICE to prevent the carnage that has befallen Scottish football. WE have very sportingly offered to fund an investigation (utterly transparent unlike at least two investigations in recent times that come to mind) in to the shambles which ended season 2019/20. The only reasonable thing our board could do right now is sit back with a big cigar and release a statement saying "telt ye", but we have more class than that as is the Rangers way. Don't you agree? So I'll ask again, what, in your opinion, should we do?
  7. "Then unfortunately somebody at Hampden says, 'Hang on, hold my beer, I'll schedule the Old Firm game on that day and completely overshadow it'." Nah mate didny happen. Fixtures are randomly selected don't ye know?
  8. Try rebuilding the database mate. Worth doing regularly even if you don't have problems.
  9. Aye. Decent game. Still not got around to finishing it though.
  10. Jamie0202

    PC Gaming Build

    How did you get on mate? Is the wee man pleased with it?
  11. You're spot on. A lot on here didn't want to admit it but McGregor last season definitely wasn't the McGregor of old. Yes he had some brilliant performances, particularly in Europe, but he wasn't anywhere near the same level as a few years ago. For me he was at fault for quite a few goals and got an easy ride of it compared to other players. At his age I highly doubt he will be any better this season and can only really decline in terms of performances. Still a good keeper but I genuinely can't think of a Rangers title winning squad in my lifetime which had a keeper who was anything short of world class. Sadly McGregor's world class days are behind him. We really need a long term replacement. At 32 McLaughlin obviously isn't going to be it although we can still get a good few years out of him. I would love to see one of the young boys stepping up.
  12. Jamie0202

    PC Gaming Build

    Not sure about generation but it came out about a year ago. Actually a decent wee CPU for the price. Turbo boosts to 4.2Ghz.
  13. Jamie0202

    PC Gaming Build

    The i3-9100F run games like COD surprisingly well. Unlike most other i3 processors it has 4 physical cores. Here's a youtube video running Warzone with a similar set up using an i3-9100F. Note it's the 6GB version of the 1060 and it also has 16GB of RAM.
  14. Jamie0202

    PC Gaming Build

    That's incredible. Never would have though 8GB of RAM would perform so badly. Tempted to reduce my system to 8GB of RAM and fire up Warzone just to try it.
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