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  1. Don't think there will be radical changes nor should there be. The group of players who played on Sunday have shown us on numerous occasions this season just how good they can be. 3 changes for me, one of them forced through injury and one of them because the main man is back from suspension. Polster, Arfield and Morelos in with Flanagan, Jack and Defoe making way. Shape wise I'm not sure if Arfield will swap with Aribo but those 3 changes are what I'm expecting.
  2. You can though. Speak to Liverpool and make it happen. The way you worded it seemed like you were ruling it out as a possibility.
  3. It might be a season long loan but these things can always be renegotiated. All it takes it for us to speak to Liverpool and tell them their boy isn't going to get much game time and it would be best for his development if he went elsewhere. I'm sure they would agree as they would want what is best for their player and that is not warming our subs bench while getting fleeting appearances here and there.
  4. Last time we won the league the opposite happened. In 2011 we finished on 93 points and they finished on 92.
  5. I love the forum most of the time but after poor results it can be brutal. We beat the scum away from home and were definitely winning the league. We lose at Tynecastle now we're definitely losing the league. Yesterday was poor. We've seen that happen before but points wise we're still much better than last season and only a potential 2 points off topping the league (counting the game in hand). There's a lot of football still to be played so let's stop over-reacting. Yesterday I could understand some of the comments based on the fact it had just happened, emotions were running high and a fair few would have been swallied up for the game but now we've had time to reflect (and sober up) we can see that the position we're in isn't terrible. We're 1 game away from being back in the driving seat so let's see how the next 3 games pan out as we have 3 homes in a row while they have 3 away.
  6. Jamie0202

    PC Gaming Build

    You've missed out a case, RAM and Windows lol. Also things like the optional WiFi card, warranty and thermal paste need to be factored in to the cost to make a fair comparison. Red Dead 2 has been widely criticised for its PC optimisation but even then the GTX1660 will manage 60fps using a mix of medium and high settings so yes, gaming at 1080p is 8 out of 10 in current games. A sideshow at 4k on ultra but I wouldn't consider 4k gaming as mid-range. Putting a number on it is stupid anyway but I was asked. He wants a mid-range system so doubt he will be in to overclocking and all the fucking about that goes with it. The i3 is a quad core at 3.6 Ghz which is fine for gaming when paired with the GTX1660. I'm aware its not super powerful but again for what he is wanting it doesn't need to be. Any future upgrades to this can be done with chips from this generation (which will also be cheaper 3-5 years down the line) although again I don't think he'll be too interested in that. Finally I did say someone would be along shortly to suggest a self-build. Didn't take long. I've used PCSpecialist for years now and their customer service, build quality and warranty service are brilliant. When you properly add the cost of all the parts together without missing things out they really don't take too much for building the machine for you either.
  7. Jamie0202

    PC Gaming Build

    Hard to put an exact number on it. For 1080p gaming it's maybe an 8 out of 10 in current games. More powerful than a PS4 pro but less powerful than an XBOX ONE X. I'd still class it as mid-range though and well under your budget.
  8. Jamie0202

    PC Gaming Build

    Just wait until another poster comes along with links to part picker and suggests you build it yourself.
  9. Jamie0202

    PC Gaming Build

    The build I posted only can be equipped with a 1650 super which is comparable to (actually marginally faster than) the RX 580. Comes in £16 cheaper as well using the PCS configurator.
  10. Jamie0202

    PC Gaming Build

    Not without a dedicated GPU it isn't.
  11. Jamie0202

    PC Gaming Build

    That's £120 more expensive than the build I posted and the main difference is the GPU. For £18 more the build I posted can be equipped with the 1660 super although it only has about %10 better performance than the regular 1660.
  12. Had 1 proper chance without having to dribble a bit and blazed it over the bar. Not good enough today.
  13. We've had more than enought chances today. You can't keep missing chances and expect to win games. Aribo with the most guilt but certainly not the only one. Kamara dilly-dallying obviously fucked it at a crucial time as well. He was losing the ball all game.
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