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  1. Jamie0202


    I didn't realise it was that bad.
  2. Jamie0202


    I was taking the piss mate.
  3. Jamie0202


    Agree he's started the season slowly but he always does. As for the missed penalty well he hit the post. I've seen worse penalties and his record is excellent. Tonight wasn't an off night at all. One of his better performances this season.
  4. I was 100% trolling on the other thread mate after having a 2 hr Windows update thrust upon me and not having initially understood the dynamic of the forum when I came back online.
  5. Jamie0202


    Are we still talking about Tav? Tavernier was brilliant tonight.
  6. Jamie0202


    Has Taylor had caps? Genuine question since he's a left-back and both Robertson and Tierney have that position covered. Edit he has 1. How the fuck ?
  7. Jamie0202


    Same guy with Pierre's barnet?
  8. Jamie0202


    Thought Tavernier had his best game for us this season despite the miss (which was a bawhair from being perfect). I feel he has matured and is definitely our captain.
  9. Jamie0202


    Dailly the international?
  10. Genuinely feels like it's been like that since Warburton.
  11. Nooooooooooooooooooooo. Jack's shooting is atrocious. I swear I strike a ball better. He has been excellent tonight and we're a better team with him in it but for a professional footballer he really needs to work on his shooting.
  12. As do I mate. I was at a food and drink festival at Loch Lomond last week. I think I bought alcohol to bring home at every stall.
  13. Crowd as a whole have became slightly quiet. Hate when that happens. Always makes its way on to the park.
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