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  1. I don't understand what you mean by repeatedly saying there's was no plan B. In the second half we went to a back 3 and put a target man on to play long balls to. Not pretty and didn't work but vastly different from plan A from the first half when it was 11 vs 11. I've agreed with most of your criticism of Pedro from way back to the end of last season but I genuinely believe we need to cut him some slack for yesterday. For me it was 100% the ref that cost us and the club needs to highlight what in my opinion was blatant cheating. We can discuss all day the tactics and personell in the second half but I don't think any changes would have worked as that ref was never going to allow us to take anything out of the game. It stinks.
  2. This. I don't like it but its somethimg we need to do. I've seen plenty of bad decisions through the years that can be put down to incompetence but yesterday I truly felt cheated. I felt the ref was against us well before the sending off and it needs highlighted by the club.
  3. I hope he tells the truth and absolutely slaughters the ref.
  4. Murray asking for Bruno's shirt there?
  5. Depends what colour shirt your wearing mate.
  6. Unlucky. Still another chance left in this game.
  7. Bastard Kenny. Thought we were in there.
  8. Yaaas. Mon tae fuck. 10 mins left. Salvage something from this abomonation of a game.
  9. We've not shat it. We're getting in about them but every time we do a hard challenge the cards come out. As for the score the extra two men are making a difference. Definitely haven't shat it.
  10. Our arses collapsed after Jack got sent off.
  11. http://cricfree.sc/update/live9/stream45.php
  12. Pena on now for Morelos.
  13. I don't know how anybody can blame Pedro or the players here today. The ref has fucked this and it's not incompetence. It's blatant cheating.
  14. Should be scoring that Cardoso.