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  1. Agreed. He's playing the full game now though. Possibly 120 minutes as that's all 3 subs been made.
  2. Morelos got booked last season for a similar incident except there was even more contact, enough to injure the goalkeeper. Not sure who the ref was that day.
  3. Hopefully it stays that way. The green and grey fans are getting restless.
  4. Ikpeazu has made the bench so there's still a chance he might make an impact in this game at some stage.
  5. The wee 16 year old has started well. Not letting the occasion get to him at all.
  6. Collum is giving Hearts fuck all. That's two blatant fouls at the edge of the celtic penalty box he's not given.
  7. I'm not sure you can read too much in to the win percentage. Lennon's record is artificially enhanced by the fact we were out the top flight so long and the budget he had which dwarfed every other team's that was left in that league. Agree about Moyes' CV since he's left Everton. His record is awful. Not too worried if either get the job but I would prefer Lennon purely for the reason that it would be funny if he was the man who was in charge of them when we next win the league.
  8. It's a no from me as he hasn't been with us 10 years but I love how the OP is dead against it yet has a link to the petition giving it a lot more hits 😂
  9. Ah so it does. Didn't think of that. Hopefully Hearts can win however unlikely the way things have been going.
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