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  1. No. The football will be struggling to start back in time for qualifiers so scrap them and start the Euro competitions as they were this season after the qualifying games which means both Rangers and celtic getting put in to the Europa league.
  2. McGregor shgould be saving that. Nowhere near the corner and not a lot of pace.
  3. New tactic for the last 12 minutes. Don't pass to Davis. Let him make tackles but don't pass the ball to him.
  4. Yesss. Comeback on. Braga all over again hopefully.
  5. I don't think we have. It's the same shape with Kent on the right and Kamberi on the left.
  6. Kamara with 3 bits of skill in quick succession. Want to see more of that from him as he does have ability.
  7. Fuck sake the real Rangers have decided to turn up. Bayer must be wondering WTF.
  8. TBH he was unlucky. 9 times out of 10 the keeper expects it across them and gets caught out at the near post. Some save.
  9. Better. Kamberi making an instant impact.
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