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  1. Wow! That soccer manager like totally looks like Jason Statham. Shamazing.
  2. Are there 13 teams in the league next season? I agree with the sentiment though. No slip ups against the poorer teams. Especially away as our away record is pretty poor this season.
  3. Just once. They've already played them 3 times.
  4. Watching those back again this morning. A few posters were questioning Miller's contribution yesterday in the main match thread. Personally I thought he had a quiet game myself but when you see the goals back he played a part in 3 out of the 4 of the goals. 1st goal, penalty build up and 4th goal. Just shows you what you can miss during the game.
  5. Waghorn was definitely up front in the centre along with Miller. He wasn't on the right in the same sense that McKay was on the left. Think of the interactions between Tav and Waghorn. There weren't many. He was also left of Hyndman when Tav played the ball in for Hyndman's opener.
  6. Defo 2 up front. Miller and Waghorn. Defo 4 at the back. I suppose that means 4-4-2 but the midfield was weird. McKay played most of the game on the left but at times there didn't seem to be right midfielder as Tav had the whole right side to himself. Sometimes I thought Hyndman was meant to be on the right but other times he was more central. Then for a short period McKay was on the right. Couldn't quite work out the exact formation but we played well and a lot more direct. The players were trying the killer pass more often instead of fannying about keeping possession and "looking after the football". They weren't scared to try things risking losing the ball as they all worked hard to get the ball back when we lost possession.
  7. It's a shame Waghorn got taken down for the penalty as the touch he takes to get himself the space to shoot was brilliant. Despite some of his recent finishing I'm sure he would have finished it. Would have been a great goal.
  8. Nah should have stayed with Murty. Murty beat the same team 6-0 two weeks ago. TBH it's far too early to decide. This time next year we can decide. Promising start though so fingers crossed.
  9. At least it's difficult to pick a MOTM for the right reasons for a change.
  10. Went a bit flat. A few players look tired but to be fair they've put in a shift today.
  11. I wish we could play Accies every week.
  12. You're in for a treat at full time when they show it again. Cracker.
  13. What a goal. Superb.
  14. Stonewaller. Great take by Waghorn.