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  1. How is it even possible in 2019 to lose photographs or videos? Are we to believe there was only one copy of each and they weren't backed up as I assume they are digital?
  2. Kimlarnock are a horrible team to play. Horrible to watch as well. Would get football banned.
  3. Grezda could have thrown himself at that. Fuck knows why he stopped.
  4. celtic won't park the bus though. Ironically I expect us to look better against them than we do against Aberdeen/Kilmarnock/Hibs etc.
  5. Still no booking for a Killie player. Been the same all season. Teams seem to be allowed to foul us as many times as they want without punishment.
  6. I've made my mind up already after only 6 minutes. Both Barisic and Grezda have weakened us. Not expecting much at all this half.
  7. Double sub. Barisic and Grezda. I can't make my mind up whether I'm happy at early subs or whether it just smacks of desperation. I'll tell you at full time.
  8. Surely Mulumbu should be seeing yellow by now? That's a fair few fouls he's had.
  9. Struggling to break teams down who park the bus? Yes it is. Well most of us anyway.
  10. Tackle from behind allowed now. Changing the rules game by game.
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