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  1. 100k Rangers fans over 6 days

    It's also over 7 days. Not 6.
  2. El Buffalo

    Goals mean more to a striker than any other position so should be taking our penalties as well. I thought this a couple of weeks ago when Dorrans took the penalty. Should have given it to Morelos to keep the scoring streak and the confidence up.
  3. Harry Forrester

    A player who will forever be remembered for not passing to Dodoo. Shite player.
  4. The Boxing News Thread

    Great fight. Shame it didn't last a few more rounds as both fighters were really going for it.
  5. Saying what I see mate. His control of the ball has been terrible. He just doesn't have it.
  6. He took his goal well but sometimes Pena is comically bad. Takes up good positions but his ability on the ball is terrible.
  7. Hamilton Accies

    Relegated 2011 mate. Promoted again through the playoff the year Hibs went down.
  8. Hamilton Accies

    No they weren't. They went up at the expense of Hibs when we won the 2nd division. IIRC they lost the first leg heavily then Hibs hibsed it in the return leg at New Douglas Park. I know people who work there who could potentially lose their job and they are also my local team so hope everything is okay. They regularly give free tickets to my kids school as well.
  9. The Boxing News Thread

    Turning in to a decent scrap this. Great round to watch there.
  10. January window pre contracts

    Agree about Niko and Miller - two of our higher earners but what have I missed about Wilson? I think he could still have a future with us. There was a player in there earlier in his career and he's looking a lot leaner so its possible he could be decent for us. Certainly good enough for backup.
  11. News on Wilson and Kranjcar

    Good news as we're seriously lacking options right now. Teams just about picking itself these days due to having little options in reserve. Wilson coming in as competition will hopefully keep both Alves and Cardoso on their toes. Niko despite being well past his best will hopefully be a useful option to open up stubborn defences of the so-called lesser teams that we so often struggle to score against. Can only be a good thing having players back fit.
  12. Holt

    You haven't disagreed with what I've said but I'll repeat something I said. Holt gets better the less he plays. It's dejavu of last season. He was fantastic in the Championship 2 seasons ago but he's not Rangers class. Unless a bolt of lighting hits Pena and he finds the form of his early 20s then Holt will probably be the better option but that's not really saying much. I really do hope I'm wrong but Holt needs to improve dramatically.
  13. Holt

    Done well but this time last season he was one of the players alongside MOH who got better on RM the less they played. Better than Pena or Miller but not going to win us 55.
  14. Words that never been said on this site.

    Should have took the penalty and completed the hat trick.
  15. Fair enough. I forgot about the poor clearance. In the match thread someone said he'll learn from that but it's not really something you learn from. At his age you either time the kick or you don't. As for positioning I would probably have to watch the game again. Usually when a CB is dragged out it's through necessity. John was doing a lot of attacking so maybe that's why he was dragged out left? I'd need to see it again. Yes he needs to keep it simple. Promising talent and I'm not going to go OTT, just though 'bomb scare' was harsh because it didn't feel like that during the game for me.