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  1. **Official Rangers v Killie Match Thread**

    Morelos coming on. Hopefully Cummings stays on as well.
  2. ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

    Daniel! Up ye Broon.
  3. ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

  4. Liverpool

    http://www.bluenosebars.com/England.htm There's two listed in Liverpool. Don't know anything about them or whether they're still open but I've always found that website reasonably accurate.
  5. Dorrans back for next week?

    No. Even fully fit he has to earn the right for a start and someone needs to be playing poorly first for him to get that chance. You could argue that a few players weren't up to scratch today but that's just one game. Over the past few weeks there isn't a single player you could reasonably argue should be dropped for Dorrans. Might play a part off the bench amongst others. We'll see. Won't start though. No chance.
  6. Murty & Cummings Post Match Reaction (Falkirk)

    He looks fucking hyper.
  7. Murty & Cummings Post Match Reaction (Falkirk)

    You watching the Jig interview from a few years ago? Nobody mentioned 3 points today.
  8. Jason Cummings scoring goals ditty

    I tend to agree but pished on a bus after Cummings has scored a hat trick makes it okay.
  9. Goss

    It's a strange one. Their game is to press high up which means there should be less space to play in but I fully expect there to be times where we have a lot of space as we catch them on the break. They've been poor this season in Europe particularly when being countered and this has been one of our strengths since the January transfer window. We've got a good few players in the first team right now who can turn defence in to attack very quickly.
  10. Goss

    Fair play to the boy for acknowledging he was poor today compared to the standard he's already set himself. That's the sort of attitude that will only make him improve his game.
  11. Big Eck doing the business already

    Depends how success is judged. The records will show Brown as having never played at a major international tournament whereas Jardine and Cooper both have.
  12. DJ

    Since this is now the official Forrest nullification thread I have to say that it's more important that Jamie Murphy is fit rather than who is playing at LB for us. We've been vulnerable down the flanks for a good few years now but a lot of that isn't just down to who the full-back is. It's down to who is playing in front of him. It's no coincidence that the right hand side has looked a lot more solid this season since we signed Candeias (a proper right mid) versus last season where we had Waghorn (a forward). The same also goes for the left side since January when Murphy came in. As for wide midfielders helping out with defensive duties that's another reason I hope Murphy is fit because while Forrest is decent going forward he is no Candeias when it comes to defensive duties making their right an area we should exploit.
  13. ***Official Rangers Vs Falkirk thread***

    Mind that time Harry Forrester never passed to Dodoo? Morelos does the same thing regularly and it's one of the negative parts to his game. He needs to work on his decision making.
  14. ***Official Rangers Vs Falkirk thread***

    When the fuck did Holt come on? How did I miss that? Cumdog hat-trick.