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  1. Well done Eros. Much improved this half. Tidy feet to set himself up for the goal.
  2. All the replays were too fast to see if Tav made contact with Cadden but I think we probably got away with one there.
  3. Brilliant finish. Credit to Grezda for the cut back. He's been much improved this half.
  4. Wonderful football. Fuck knows how Tav and Grezda managed to work the ball out from the corner flag there.
  5. Motherwell are actually a team of fucking neds. Horrible team.
  6. Hopefully a forced change as it woud be terrible for Katic's already low confidence if it was for tactical reasons.
  7. Craig Moore looks like he's barely aged.
  8. I love how the Motherwell tactic to target Morelos has directly resulted in their player receiving his first of 2 yellows. Instant (almost) Karma.
  9. Erm.... Always happy to be proved wrong. Great finish.
  10. Brilliant composure from Tavernier after the drama. Screaming at him to go same side for the retake. He must have heard me. Great penalty.
  11. Haha Robinson sent to the stands as well.