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  1. Ibrox Atmosphere

    And maybe the opposite is also true. The more atmosphere the fans create the better the buzz and lift for the team the better the performance. mon bears get the fk on with your role at the game, We are supposed to be supporters not just spectators.
  2. Ibrox Atmosphere

    The atmosphere does my nut in. I tried all around the stadium and outside of the section it is brutal. Sitting there clapping along to Penny Arcade you look like you're all suffering dementia, stand up and sing ffs....The atmosphere was great the couple of times the rest joined in. It was a buzz took me back to the good ole days, so you've proved you can do it. Just put the effort in more often Ibrox could be fkn rock'n
  3. BF1 And BF2 Take a Bow Tonight

    Was he a bear? I though he was just up for giving Cribari a hug but it was hard to tell when he landed on his arse. He got dogs abuse from BF1 as they walked him off
  4. BF1 And BF2 Take a Bow Tonight

    Fucking great night well done bears. Dunno about the rest of the stadium but BF1 went fuckin mental at the goals it was like a CL night Hahaha Ibrox was completely fucking rocking, best I've seen in a while. Please be like this more often
  5. Motherwell roll call

    I'll be there givin it ma all.
  6. Crowd update for Well gane

    Hehehe At least the section is full so Ibrox will sound as good as usual
  7. cellultis

    Fuckin No Surrander
  8. TBB Poll: Who thinks what?

    Voted Rebel but I dont really care as long as we are singing it. Even if its 'dum dedum dedum dedum'
  9. Gio Di Stefano

    I'm starting to hope he is right and that he can pull off the Scooby do ending fairly soon.
  10. Do any of us support Scotland Anymore?

    Actually I retract that I wouldn't be happy to lose. Being a Scotland fan I think I have bought into this glorious defeat mentality and kind of accept and maybe expect it even when it inevitably comes from footballing nobodies. Not fussy that our players aren't playing for Scotland at the minute though as I dont think our squad has enough strength in depth to deal with ANY international duty during this transfer ehmbargo. How long are we going to be without Little and Shiels? Its just not on with things the way they are.
  11. Roger Mitchell Has A Go At Green

    Fuck sake shite like this should carry a ***Warning*** it has put me off ma lunch The wee fud pad was the SPL secretary before Dungcaster Aye in big bingo marker
  12. Cops raid on ref Jeff Winter over bigot jibes

    Absolutely fucking ridiculous Get this Nazi party oot the door pronto!
  13. This was cheating

    Fucksake thanks for reminding me
  14. Do any of us support Scotland Anymore?

    HAHA Aye thats it...Am there too
  15. I remember George Best playing with hibs, he was getting the Alky Alky chant when someone threw at a half full tin o lager at him he just picked it up and kid on he wiz drinkin it. Got the biggest cheer of the day that.