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  1. A Rangers Media "phone in"? Good idea?

    Listen to the show most nights, foxy Ian broxy and jack gers superb! Big shout out for tommy who manages the site aswell keep up the good work guys.
  2. eMail for on air clarification by Hugh Keevins

    Well done mate,gd luck.
  3. Sandy Jardine

    Sandy jardine is a true ambassador of the club,absolute gentlemen no surrender sandy!
  4. Do Rangers Fans Trust Charles Green?

    Said from the start got a good feeling about this guy the way he has been conducting himself,after defending us all against the blatant crap thrown at us fae sphell and sfa,the guy's ready for the fight and am positive he'll knock these taig bastards clean oot! No surrender mr green!
  5. You can't rewrite history Ally - Keevins Blog

    What a prick you are keevins!
  6. Very proud

    Well said mate.
  7. SPL's Neil Doncaster Causing The Hold Up...

  8. SFL Website

    Hope uefa or FIFA is watching this sham!
  9. Congrats to Lee Wallace

    Congratulations big man.
  10. What can we win this year?

    Voted for the lot no surrender!
  11. How many Rangers games do you think you have been to in your life?

    Roughly about 100 games
  12. For all you lurking Mhanks

    Superb lol!
  13. Wee video to cheer the place up

    Fpmsl superb mate.
  14. Shagger in Princess Square

    fucking bang on mate!