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  1. Think there is a bigger chance of injury against this lot than any other.
  2. So glad im off work for 4 months, otherwise i'd be sacked. Sick of taking their shite and being told its only bit of fun. Dish it out and they go crying to the boss. Thank god he's no one of them.
  3. Front row in east enclosure is disabled seating. To lower that they would never see the game.
  4. Rocket is far to kind. Do mental health patients still get electro therapy. If so he should be first to get some.
  5. He's bulked up for when that we ned bronaldo goes for round 2.
  6. You mean the others are ok?That could easily be a photo of any section of their ground on match day.
  7. If only we had a justice minister that knew the law, and was willing to enforce it.
  8. Just a thought was the daly hatchet job brought out because they knew this was coming out.
  9. Is that when the first round of compensation gets payed for the abused.
  10. Just got told got mine wy wife and brother inlaw. North stand.
  11. Think there's one there too but never been.
  12. Bluebells near old town, upstairs next to linekers. Good we boozer and always made welcome. Foods ok and childrens play room if you have kids.
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