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  1. I know they are not right, but could we make this happen with infected tims all around the shitehole. Then watch them all go down with it.
  2. Was only askin as never noticed a post on it. Sraight yes or no would have done.
  3. Is there anyone clued up on the sfa/spfl rulebook. Been told that all clubs have to play 30 games for a team to be crowned champions.
  4. Sutton saying celtic should begiven title, but liverpool should not . What an arse he is.
  5. Just been told league rules state all teams have to play same amount of games(30) for title to be awarded.
  6. Ross county made it narrow, nothing to do with both wide players coming inside everytime instead of taking a player on ,and getting a cross from the touchline. Also slow play to let them get back into 2 banks of 4. Aye we played well missed passes from 5 yards, play it back when no one near you and be easier to do a forward pass. Realy getting pissed off with this shite.
  7. They passed it over, because votes are more important than bringing those responsible to court ,and punish the club who .'s support they need to stay in power.
  8. Scottish ciubs need to grow a set of ball's and tell the sfa they want a proper investagation into what has went on at celtic . Then call out everyone of the sfa that has helped coverup celtic's shame.
  9. As has been said by many, refs and sfa need called out on this. Only problem would be getting enough teams to back us up.
  10. Will be interesting to see if that ever happens to a Rangers player, what will happen.
  11. I was always of the opinion that yellow cards could not be appealed exept in the case of mistaken identity. So how come keattings gets his recinded.
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