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  1. Im up for a trip to nottingham. Just get rid of o'neil and keane.
  2. Can a political party go bankrupt? If so hope they go soon.
  3. I do. They have struggled through games. A bit of pressure and all could come to us.
  4. 4 draws and defeat at IBROX titles ours. keep beliveing.
  5. No one cheek. They just sit and agree with each other while the we gremlin from the bbc suplies the amunition.
  6. Stewart and thompson are one cheek of the same arse. 3 or 4 camera angels of brown stamping ,and he never ment it. One angel of morales on brown and jail him up. Would like to see morales on brown from head on just to see where he hit him as looks like cheast. Then can prove brown as the we liying cheat coward bas×#$ we know he is.
  7. Try telling kids they cant play because there to good. The sfa are part to blame for the defeatist culture our footballers live in.
  8. Done primary school football for 6 years ,and every year the sfa would come out with new rules for kids games. One of the worst was make all games non competetive. If your team was winning 4 or 5 nil at half time they wanted the score put back to 0-0 and you would be asked to take a player off. Also they wanted non competetive leauges where the kids played for the fun.
  9. Wonder if they will name the clubs or will they keep the names to themselfs. Ceptic must be number one club with the thumb top of the list
  10. That c#@t fae ceptic today should have been booked twice before he finaly got one. If that had been one of ours would have been sent off. Ref was an absolute joke along with linesman.
  11. To me this problem got worst when police scotland stop all investigation's into ceptic fans, and their behavoiur after the bottle thrown into the minibus that hit the small boy. If they had done their jobs maybe just maybe it would have stopped some of the incedents we are now seeing, as fans would think they may get caught.
  12. No but would not trust anyone of them with a last minute call against or for us.
  13. Most biased ref put in charge of his favourite team more like.
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