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  1. If we get to group stages will hav 2 tickets for you when cant make it.
  2. Who would have thought mutton would pick out ceptic. Was it hot or cold?
  3. Would have prefered ceptic at tattie dome to that, but heho can only beat whars infront of you
  4. Hibs and killie took alot of points of us last year. If those games had been won 55 would have been done and dusted.
  5. Liswell knew as he sign the cheques for NDA. Hopefully house of cards starting to crumble.W.A.T.P.
  6. Be the only game this season that the real attendance is made public.
  7. The film money could have been taxed. Just ask the big jap or lemmon or any other empoyee of crimesene fc.
  8. I wish. Would have been easier.
  9. Think water got into electrics so everything shut down. Dam thing running fine today.
  10. Over £400 to get me the wife , brother inlaw and car back to house. No idea how mutch to fix car yet.
  11. Dont know as never got to game. Car broke down on way so missed game. Next game ceptic same result happy .
  12. Just cant stop myself laughing at his face after our highlights. Looks like he wants to top himself as he has no come back after that display. No bad singing, no pitch invasion, no controversial incidents to moan about. Get it up you ya we greeting faced w##k stain. W.A.T.P.
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