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  1. If only we had a justice minister that knew the law, and was willing to enforce it.
  2. Just a thought was the daly hatchet job brought out because they knew this was coming out.
  3. Is that when the first round of compensation gets payed for the abused.
  4. Just got told got mine wy wife and brother inlaw. North stand.
  5. Think there's one there too but never been.
  6. Bluebells near old town, upstairs next to linekers. Good we boozer and always made welcome. Foods ok and childrens play room if you have kids.
  7. Hi bud did u keep my season ticket numbers?   If so wont be goin thursday so feel free to use them.

  8. Cheers bud. Hope mate gets his ticket fae army.
  9. Why is anybody surprised about this. They will do anything to discredit our club and support.
  10. Were you able to use the tickets on thursday bud? If so will sort out what games will be goin to and let you use them on other occasions we are not goin.
  11. Chears mate. Was hopeing for livi as will be at that game and would like to meet up with him for a few beers.
  12. Does anybody know when we will be having this. As mates son is in army and want's a ticket for him and a mate.
  13. Hi bud these are my ticket numbers for thursdays game .Rangers number 000500095340 smartcard no 037005, seat no se4 D 0095. Rangers number  000500434522. Smartcard no 037007 seat no se4 D 0094 turnstile 28-29. If you can keep these numbers i will let you know when we will not be goin to games so that they can be used.

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