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  1. Anywhere to watch a replay of match as just home fae work?
  2. Just the same as his brother. Willing to take the money to slag of Rangers. Pair of arseholes.
  3. ricksen92


    When you see the replay the ball has already been kicked by tav, and is about 6 inches from his foot.
  4. ricksen92

    Michael Stewart

    The pain in his voice talking about our game brings me joy. No doubt he'll be on the phone to sutton as soon as the show is over.
  5. ricksen92

    Officialdom Conspiracy?

    It was early on as he was running towards the box. Cant remmember wat player done it. Your probably right about him playing for Rangers.
  6. ricksen92

    Officialdom Conspiracy?

    If thats the case then why did kent not get a free kick in the first half for a similar offence?
  7. ricksen92

    Emails For Games Up To The Split Out Tonight.

    Only managed motherwell as working other 2. Bummer.
  8. ricksen92

    Emails For Games Up To The Split Out Tonight.

    No email yet. Had motherwell,st johnstone, and killie.
  9. My god the one on the right is ugly.
  10. ricksen92

    Return always on mind after painful exit - Davis

    He may be a cunt , but so was lafferty and McGregor and both have been welcomed back. An explanation on why he jumped would be nice, but dont expect one. He's back when he helps win 55 who cares.
  11. ricksen92

    Rangers Vs celtic - Video

    Magic just magic.
  12. ricksen92

    Not a green and grey top in sight

    Came throw edinbrough airport yesterday and not one smelly green and grey insight. First time ever. Hope the rest of my hols are the same.
  13. ricksen92

    Scum players at end of game

    brown walking off patting his badge trying to look defiant but looking like a sad we man haha
  14. ricksen92

    Oh oh glory glory

    Peterhead true blues best bus bar none. Never been dry just sad never went home with them yesterday.