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  1. ricksen92


    Cheers will be late but only by a week.
  2. ricksen92


    Has there been any info on when child strips are being released? Grandson's birthday coming up and want to get one for his first birthday.
  3. Keeps the preasure off them, while everyone else pleads poverty and looks for sympathy. Not in my house, hope they rot in hell.
  4. Hom/pt took spfl to court. Then the 3 stooges asked or were asked to join them. Then other teams were invited to join in. My thinking of it was spfl trying to get as many teams to join in to put preasure on hom/pt in the hope they would stop court battle.
  5. Whats to stop them using the powers for league changes.
  6. My take on this power grab by the spfl is so they can puah through reconstruction thus stopping court case.
  7. Quite happy the way it is. The less of them i see the happier i am.
  8. I wonder how mutch he'd want us to pay for his nephew, the we fud.
  9. There is no way they would do that, as that would then call into question their place men like clancy collum and the rest.
  10. Totaly agree about game being at Ibrox. Would be interesting to see what police scotland would say if we got them in cup game. 5 games in possible 4 months.
  11. Could it be the club like no other needs a full stadium, as not as cash rich as they would have us belive. Rangers should tell spfl that games should be played as normal.
  12. Aye good and at the same time deprive ourselfs of money. We would still have police and stewards to pay thus costing us money.
  13. An away game would be better. That way after they pay stewards and police and give us half of whats left, wont have mutch left or possibly out of picket.
  14. Said this months ago and was shot down for it. King gone and the club come out swinging. Something not right.
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