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  1. ricksen92

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Should that not be trannyboys?
  2. ricksen92

    Atmosphere tonight

    Thats a done deal. He would come down for game with me, loves a we jont down for a game or two.
  3. ricksen92

    Atmosphere tonight

    Had two tickets but couldnae make it due to work so gave them to supporters bus. Got game on phone and now wish i had said no to overtime. Happy but sad. Roll on sunday.
  4. ricksen92

    Morelos red rescinded

    If the ref never seen the kickout and only went on linesman's word,then the linesman should have to explain what he seen. Then asked why he never flagged for two blatant barges. Corrupt to the core the whole lot of them.
  5. ricksen92

    ***Betfred Cup Second Round Draw***

    QOS away. Long journey but great day out.
  6. ricksen92

    Gers in Skopje

    Not all are gimmicks. Bar in lanzarote would not sell hearts fans as seen them as junior H***. Would walk past every day with a Rangers top on jhst to wynde them up.
  7. ricksen92

    Bigotry in Cowdenbeath

    Walked behind airdrie grenadiers.
  8. ricksen92

    Bigotry in Cowdenbeath

    Some right good bands there.
  9. ricksen92

    Bigotry in Cowdenbeath

    Was a great day at cowdenbeath. More on the streats than i was expecting ,and a good sash bash after at greengairs orange hall.
  10. ricksen92

    How long have you supported the Rangers?

    Since 1971. Can't remember game but got lift over turnstyle for taking in old boys half bottle.
  11. ricksen92

    Have you bought a brick at Ibrox?

    Got a brick and a paving stone at the albertz wall. Done for my christmas by sister and daughter .
  12. ricksen92

    Livingston vs Thistle

    Unfortunately have one in the family . Brother supports them but hates the tims more than us. Also have met a few in of all places peterhead.
  13. ricksen92

    Spineless heartless shitebags

    Gutless spineless cowards. Get the whole lit to f##k.
  14. ricksen92

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Dont want banned from local. Easier just putting them straight.
  15. ricksen92

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Just goes to show how up their own arses they are. Roll on next week so we can put them in their place. W.A.T.P.