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  1. alibali59

    Ryan Kent

    10/10 for just doing it
  2. alibali59

    Ryan Kent

    Brown lost his manhood a long time ago he’s always been a fanny
  3. Fuck the compliance officer it’s there for all to see, it’s blatant 😡
  4. That rat went in with intent to do as much damage as possible to AM and yet AM is the nut job? These people (press) should be brought to task about their biased reporting but of course they couldn’t tell the truth if it smacked them right in the face pictures never lie. Fucking sick of hearing from so called pundits about how bad AM is, if I was him I’d demand apologies with the name calling it’s a joke let the boy play his football without all the shite.
  5. Send it to Charing Cross I'll run down the stair n steal the ball lol
  6. Wee Morelos getting right in about them good to see us not getting bullied from this lot
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