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  1. Wow they look like extras from the deliverance 🙈
  2. He will be going for some more as he will need them the arsehole 🤣
  3. Been up since 4-30 got all my red white n blue lights on all over the house desperate to get the tunes on still think it’s a bit too early for the Charing Cross area Mon The Rangers intae this mhanky mob
  4. Brian is brand new he’s been friends with my daughter and her hubby for years; but he’s a terrible plumber so maybe that’s why he does what he does lol 😂
  5. Com oan Rangers show some fight desire and no fucking respect whatsoever into this lot from kick off
  6. Looks like we don’t have clue what to do here come on to fuck Rangers fingers oot your arses
  7. Son going absolutely mental in the living room
  8. Our fans are absolutely incredible 👏💙
  9. Wow just wow fuck it every chance we get to prove we can fight for the title what a let down some of these players haven’t got it and never will’ to play for Rangers you need to have fight guts and determination battle for every ball as if their lives depended on it
  10. This place is absolutely Bonkers but brilliant 😂
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