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  1. You're fuckin at it 😁
  2. Sorry, can't agree, this is as dead as a duck in the water, fuck all will happen to them!
  3. The fucking BBC just couldn't wait, could they, it's a non story and totally uncomparable to what happened at the midden, having said that, what he did was totally wrong and unforgiveable. Rangers need to respond, and respond soon, I'd just like to ask Daly why he's stopped pursuing the scum?
  4. It's all gone very quiet regardng this, it'll be a sweep sweep job very soon.
  5. Congrats mate, hope mum and baby are doing well....
  6. You know this mate, I would absolutely love what you've said to happen, but something tells me that those fuckers will somehow wriggle out of this with minimum damage, I hope to fuck that I'm wrong, but I really cant see them being hurt that much.
  7. Yeah they should stop this pyro shit, it just gives our enemies the support that they want to criticise us with, just been mentioned on Reporting Scotland, two people injured and apparently a policman hit by a coin, absolute madness!
  8. Me too mate, absolutely heartbreaking, felt so so sad for his little girl, as for that fat greasy cunt Maradonna, total fucking arsehole!
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