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  1. Teamgers

    Aidan Smith in the Scotsman

    Wanker of the highest order, better to ignore....
  2. Teamgers

    Farewell Josh Windass

    I hope he does well, ok he was never a Rangers player, too lazy when it really mattered, but he scored a few decent goals and had a hand in some assists, he might just fit in well at Wigan.
  3. Teamgers

    Rangers v Maribor Live

    Not seeing anything as yet, thought the coverage was from 7:15PM?
  4. Teamgers

    Out?: James Tavernier

    That's a bit ruff!
  5. Teamgers

    Out?: James Tavernier

    Don't talk fuckin shite, that wee cunt hardly got passed Tav….
  6. Teamgers

    Gerrard and Katic Press Conference

    You sure about that mate...…..😉
  7. Teamgers

    Mark Allen

    We need to start moving more of the dead wood out...
  8. Teamgers

    No one likes us, we don’t care

    Now there's a man who speaks the absolute truth....
  9. Teamgers


    Fucking unbelievable, just fucking unbelievable, away and do a fucking proper job ya shower of fucking arseholes!
  10. Teamgers

    The Red Card

    How that tinky bastard never even got a yellow for his assault on Jack is fucking unbelievable.
  11. Teamgers

    The Red Card

    How many red cards need to be rescinded, before the authorities finally get it through their fucking thick skulls that their officials are incompetent cunts!
  12. Teamgers

    The Red Card

    SG hopefully kicks his fucking arse
  13. Teamgers

    Pack It Up Everybody Go Home

    Absolute cunts with an agenda, you'd need to be fucking blind not to see what's going on, shower of utter cunts!
  14. Teamgers


    F.A.R. E Doos..
  15. Teamgers

    Maribor - Full Circle

    Fuckin eazy!!!