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  1. Fucking loved the guy, all the best Gazza.......
  2. So where do they seat you when it's an Old Firm game?
  3. Ahh, the 48 Hr quote is famous in here mate.............
  4. Nope, 48 Hrs..
  5. You been on the wacky backy mate?
  6. I know the press are cunts, but to me that was fucking cringeworthy!
  7. Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere but the sheep are now straight into round 2 of this competition for finishing second, whereas we are still in first round and unseeded.
  8. Fuckin hope not!
  9. Halliday.
  10. Good fucking riddance, one of the biggest donkeys I've ever seen at the Gers...
  11. Bang on mate...........
  12. Nothing to be found on this as yet, there were rumours in March that BT was trying to get exclusive rights to Scottish Football for season 2017/18, but nothing has been confirmed as yet.
  13. Is there a link to this story because I cant find anything online, thx
  14. The Build My Gallows is fucking hilarious, brilliant.........:)
  15. Fuckin Brilliant Gers!!................