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  1. Teamgers


    That's fuckin brilliant, made me laugh!
  2. Teamgers

    Edmiston Drive

    RIP, damn shame...………..:(
  3. Fuck knows where they get the 5-3 scoreline, it was 3-2, Gers were three up then panicked!
  4. I was there, giving my age away now......lol
  5. Teamgers

    Message from the club

    We is delighted...…….
  6. Teamgers

    Absolute mind numbing negativity....

    500 pager!
  7. Teamgers

    Great Game Of American Fitbaw

    Christ you don't half talk some utter shite!
  8. Teamgers

    Gerrard: Post Match Reaction

    The fucking Sun!! I wouldn't wipe my fucking arse with that comedy of a so called newspaper, shower of utter cunts!
  9. Teamgers

    Jim white

    Any reply mate?
  10. Teamgers

    After 7 games last season

    Just fuck right off, eh!
  11. Teamgers

    F*ck Europe

    Fuckin hell...……..
  12. Teamgers

    Acting like tarriers

    I wouldn't class the cunt as one of our own, he needs fucking binned, and I hope the cameras pick him up.
  13. Teamgers

    Acting like tarriers

    Do you think that would stop him doing it again? These fuckin cretins should be binned if caught, fucking idiot of the highest order!
  14. Teamgers

    Acting like tarriers

    Be good if you could point the finger mate without giving away your own id..