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  1. Potential New Top

    I agree, fuckin horrendous home top, although worn by probably the best eleven we've ever had!
  2. Windass

    Aye very fucking good, have a word with yourself ffs!
  3. kranjcar

    He was truly awful!
  4. Jean-Alain Boumsong - Video

    Fuck me, scraping the bottom of the barrel!!
  5. ***The Official Scum vs Rangers Thread***

    There's no similarities in this game though mate, you can bet your life on it that they will be up for this more than any other game, but I hope we can prove them wrong!
  6. Fuck me this would be a hideous appointment!
  7. Tackle on Jack

    Fucking idiot!
  8. ***The Official Scum vs Rangers Thread***

    Not a chance unfortunately, we'll be lucky to escape with 3-0.....
  9. Herrera

    He's fucking murder!
  10. Tackle on Jack

    Motherwell FC are fucking thugs, that's two games, the cup tie, now this, and these fuckers get away with it every fucking time, and don't get me started on that cunt Beaton, he should never ever get another game where we are involved, a totally useless cunt of a ref, unbelievable!
  11. The next two games ...........

    Say what you like mate, but it's the truth, and I reckon most of us are so fucking pissed off now it's almost inevitable that we will lose, it's becoming the norm, but hey, like you, and every other Rangers fan we can only hope that they can turn in a decent performance!
  12. The next two games ...........

    This bunch of fucking shysters will get royally fucked on Saturday, I just can't see any of those fuckers with the balls to at least put up a fight!
  13. Could there be more to the rumour ?

    pass the sick bag!
  14. Is it our fault

    Fuck off ya prick!