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  1. In the interests of sporting integrity and all that.
  2. You're obviously off your nut on something, or its another fishing trip, fucking idiot!
  3. What a shame, poor wee soul, what kind of world do we live in when scum bastards resort to sending messages to a wee girl who is terminally ill, sad sad people indeed!
  4. Are you on the fucking moon?
  5. A bar of soap would kill that cunt!
  6. Teamgers


    Good post mate.....👍
  7. I'm not particularly talking about Sunday, I did say on the other occasions, thought that was clear in my reply.
  8. Teamgers


    I'm sure you're right mate, he was probably more error prone last season, but his mistake on Sunday was awful, pity it just had to happen in that game.
  9. Teamgers


    Too many costly mistakes for me.
  10. Yeah, after they've won the fucking league! Why hasn't that cunt brown been cited on the numerous other occasions when he's been putting the boot in?
  11. Cant see us getting anything from this tbh, could be 13 points clear!
  12. I think you're stating the bleeding obvious there mate.
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