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  1. You could'nt mark the cunts neck with a fucking blowtorch!
  2. Fucking brilliant......
  3. Couldn't give two fucks about the national team.
  4. Fucking die you scummy bastards!
  5. I was genuinely surprised you bought a fucking round the last time we were in the pub!............
  6. Load of fucking shite, they will get compo and told to fuck off and do as you are told, nothing to see here!
  7. The baw is well and truly burst up here, no fucking point in playing football anymore, this case will just end up being sorted with a wee bit of cash, enough to get them to just shut up and go away, fucking sickening!
  8. Of that there is no doubt...........
  9. Spot on mate, good post..
  10. I'm still not convinced that those cunts will be punished for this, it's taking far too long and they're aint enough public exposure to what happened. It's a fucking cover up and total disgrace.
  11. That's fucking horrendous!
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