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  1. Declan John - Ruled out tomorrow

    Fucking nightmare, think i'll stay in bed....cunts!
  2. Anyone else buzzing about tomorrow

    Fucking hate these games nowadays, can't see any way that we can win this, our defence is still fucking pish, and if they pump balls into our box, I really do fear the worst, hope to fuck I'm wrong though!
  3. Alves

    Spot on mate, some fuckin belters on here at times!
  4. SPFL statement

    Fucking bang on mate..............
  5. *** The Official Rangers vs Dundee Match Thread ***

    I couldn't give two fucks about him, wouldn't waste my breath booing him either.
  6. Rangers FC statement

  7. Hearts match can't come soon enough

    Fuck, I hope you are right mate, a bold prediction indeed!
  8. Klaxon Jackson is hurting

    Bunch of cunts, end of!
  9. We don't win this then Pedro is fucking bye bye.....
  10. Hodson.

    fucking minging!
  11. The red card

    Fucking slimey bastard that cunt stokes
  12. Young fan vlogging the games

    Fuck me I hope this isn't the "new thing" to hit the BD..................
  13. That was painful to watch

    I get where you are coming from mate, I really do, but there have been so many false dawns that I'm taking the, "wait and see" approach, but I really do hope you are right......:)
  14. Try this guys http://cricfree.sc/watch/live/rangers-fc-vs-dunfermline-athletic-fc-live-streaming
  15. Tom English