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  1. Now selling on CD Keys for £27.99 for PC, there's no DLC on this version.
  2. I'm not 100% sure about that mate, my son has been furloughed and has said that he cannot do any work at all whilst furloughed.
  3. Too many fuckin hand wringers on here at times, fuck accepting those cunts getting anything, if we come across as the bad guys because we challenge the decision of the scum being awarded the title, then so fuckin be it, grow a fuckin pair ffs, our board are duty bound to support the fans and what we want, after all, without us there would be no Rangers, so lets all drop the shite about not challenging any decision to award them the title, get fuckin into it Rangers and create merry fucking hell!
  4. What chance do we have when some cunt from the Irish league is backing the scum, the game really is well and truly fucked!
  5. Gets the fucking idiot of the week post!
  6. Fucking hilarious 😁
  7. Let the fuckers who punted us to the bottom division fuckin die, especially those arab cunts!
  8. Nae wonder I fuckin drink!! Absolute shower of cunts!
  9. Be interesting to see what the crowd will be for the next home league game.
  10. 12 trophies on the trot, we will never fucking live this down!
  11. lol, the old " you must be a tim " line, coming out, must do better son.
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