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  1. Someone should take those comments allegedly made by A$AP Doom about "H***" etc to task, surely that's unlawful!
  2. Never a Rangers player!
  3. Spelling of the highest order from a totally uneducated, foaming at the mouth, moon howling, fucking crackpot!
  4. That's a fucking outstanding post mate, btw how's the weed factory coming on?
  5. It says at the top of that video clip " Hey celtic leave those sheep alone" listen carefully, they're actually singing "hey celtic leave those KIDS alone"!
  6. Your arse, you were generally aiming your comments at everyone in this thread, anyway if you're sick of it why comment? or was it just my post.........fux sake
  7. So this bit didn't relate to me then, just everyone else in general? and no, not drunk, yet..........:)
  8. What?? Of course what I said about spiers was how I felt, but don't accuse me of the above in bold! I've never commented on that, so get your facts straight, fux sake.....
  9. Not really, who's greetin? as you put it? I haven't actually said anything about the child abuse allegations, that doesn't mean that I don't agree with ppl who do, I like the statement issued by both King and Club 1872. So why do you come on here? to see who's "greetin"?
  10. So what do we do, just bend over and take it up the arse? away to fuck man!
  11. Fucking slimey bastard!
  12. About fucking time, that's a belter of a statement!
  13. Now that's what I call a fucking statement!!
  14. We tell them to fucking ram it, and look at other options as to where we could play, then this little fucked up nation and it shitey fucking football will die a death..
  15. How he has the fucking balls to stand there and talk utter fucking shite like that is beyond me, what a fucking clown, stick your "process" up your fucking arse you clown!