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  1. Kris Boyd

    no thanks ! if he came back we would have to find an old pair of charlie adams shorts for him to wear ! have u seen the size of the cunts arse hes put on a few stone.
  2. kevin twaddle is a prick

    never heard of this guy so what ever shite he's saying means fuck all to me.
  3. Terry Butcher

    is this his twitter page ? @TerryButcher_ if so check out the picture hes just put on.
  4. Is this JT?

    totally agree with this, look how the snp treated the ukip when they came up a couple of months ago, they tryed to keep them quite by getting a mob together which ended up harassing them into a pub.
  5. South Yorkshire Police Over-Reacting

    shes got a fire fanny that explains everything ! shes a mhank out to cause trouble for us, thank fuck there's no big screens down there or she would just love to switch them off, lol
  6. Keevins Just Can't Help Himself

    The club needs to do something about this, they need to protect our players from these arsehole jurnos, and staying silent is not going to help our players.
  7. This top will be top seller

    they should have brought this out before the walk last week, it would have sold it out no probs.
  8. August Fixture Amendments for TV

    All Scottish football should be played on a saturday at 3 o'clock, the only way to see it is to go to the game. This would bring in bigger crowds for all the teams, Bring back scotsport on a Sundays afternoon for highlights, sky deals fucked anyway if it wasn't. We would have heard how good it is by now.
  9. Ian Black's socks

    think youve been out the sun too long m8! next you'll be telling us we should be wearing green an white socks lol
  10. Daniel Cousin

    thats what I was think
  11. Daniel Cousin

    they gave him a contract to sign for hearts now does that no mean hearts need to re register him
  12. Daniel Cousin

    but he was on loan from liverpool and that contract ended.
  13. Daniel Cousin

    sorry "what"
  14. Daniel Cousin

    With hearts being allowed to sign Danny Wilson today while being in administration, remember last year we tryed to sign Daniel Cousin and the spl did not allow us due to us being in administration. wots the difference ? http://www.<No links to this website>/sport/football/rangers-hopes-of-landing-daniel-cousin-1117088
  15. MisterC's Bank Holiday Monday Teaser Question....

    was it the dortmund away game ? in the uefa cup i think it was, a good few years ago,