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  1. Fuckin awesome SIMPLY THE BEST :-)
  2. They charge depending on the size of the pub , pub I drink in was getting charged £1500 a month . It's been taken out now though , no enough punters to justify price .
  3. THIS !!!!
  4. Hutton is no longer involved I don't think , they got a new chairman in a couple of months ago .
  5. Get the fuckin Sleasedales tae blaw some of their hot air on the pitch .
  6. Go Ally and take some of your under achieving over paid players with you !!!!!!
  7. Unacceptable ! Time to go Ally !
  8. Noni , Noni is nil nil that's aboot aw a ken . But the nite I predict Tri noni for glaschu rangers .
  9. Court shut on Monday and I checked court lists for the rest of the week and can't see the rats name on any of them .
  10. Can't understand why he wasn't immediately re-arrested when he left court on the other arrest warrant ? Wee bastard .
  11. Fukin delighted , well done Maribor .
  12. Hoping the sacramento game will be on tv , in vegas from Monday for a fortnight and hoping to find a bar with the game on
  13. I'm in vegas from the 14th to the 26th July , seven hour drive to Sacramento from there . Wonder if the wife will fancy a road trip ,mmmm !
  14. Aye , fair play for havin the Baws to own up for yer actions but you have to take responsibility for what you said in the first place of luck wae that .... Wanker !!!!