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  1. agreed he just about shit himself when they were mentioned
  2. The guy that started the ball rolling again with sexual abuse in football has just handed the kiddyfiddlers their dinner on Scotland Today. Interviewed by Grant Russell he stated that as young boys they were invited to play in tournaments all over UK and one that they were invited to was the ce*t*c cup. He said he wondered why they were coming up here and now looking back on it he does believe that there was an issue up here in Scotland and coaches were taking advantage of boys... TICK TOCK, TICK TOCK there time may just be running out and they won't be able to cover up this attrocity any more. And for any lurkers or handwringers this ain't about cheap point scoring but holding those accountable who knew and said or did nothing.
  3. Number 1 in the Scottish Charts .... Number 4 in the UK download chart Also number 4 in sales chart, so if you discount streaming the track we have a top 5 single
  4. These cunts are absolutely fucked in the head. Proven kiddyfiddling at their boys club and they come out wae pish like this... Kerrydale Meltdown ‏@KerryFail 1h1 hour ago Am beginning to think that Celtic are the only ones pure and true in the world of football. The whole system is corrupt for Sevco.
  5. Fuckin joke of a statement, no mention of the spoon burners at all.
  6. 88% now.
  8. It's the Savallites attempt at humour.I received a text an hour or so a go from a timmy work colleague saying exactly the same thing.... closely followed by another saying "It will be called Sash Wednesday"
  9. no probs mate
  10. Perfect stream here