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  1. Favourite Rangers Kit

  2. Declan John speaks

  3. Murty speaks

  4. When are you going to make my dreams come true?

    Well said that man.
  5. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    Eh? Ffs.
  6. Statement from A Johnston

    Don't mate, don't.
  7. My letter to the Directors.

    You might want to read what AJ thinks Ali. Good luck though.
  8. Statement from A Johnston

    I wonder what point on the curve we were at when we spunked away two seasons in the Championship?
  9. Statement from A Johnston

    For the love of fuck man. Absolute banger. He can fuck off too.
  10. Usain Bolt

    That’s better than my comedy gold one mate. No happy!
  11. Usain Bolt

    Jamaica that up?
  12. Pena

  13. Hummel

    Smile's is much better imo!
  14. Glenn Hoddle

    Gazza hates this.
  15. Hummel

    Fuck sake cushy!