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  1. Said to her last night and a few of my mates today that I don’t know why the fuck I bother with fitba. Does my head in and if shit goes tits up I’m in the huff for days. Worse the older I get.
  2. Yip that Aberdeen team are absolutely honkin, as they were when we skelped them at Ibrox. They were no better, we fucked it. Royally ballsed it last night. Dropped points like that and ti a worse Hearts team in years are hard to take.
  3. We won't play a much poorer Aberdeen team at Pittodrie and we fuckin ballsed it. Had to be taking full points from that garbage.
  4. Totally fucked that. Shocking 2 points to throw away. Absolutely cruising and we gave them a point on a plate.
  5. They can't cope with Kent. Keep feeding him the ball and we'll be fine.
  6. Ffs Charlie, don’t you know the best strikers don’t actually need to score goals...
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