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  1. We'd have had a chance to still be in Europe.
  2. Looked a wee bit off what we need. Maybe a bit unfair this early.
  3. I prefer your seagull thread!
  4. Hopefully be taking no shite from anyone this season.
  5. Give the guy a break, he was recovering from an all nighter.
  6. Black birds matter.
  7. Poor from Dalcio there.
  8. Near post runner.
  9. Canter for the big man.
  10. Keeping our shape really well here.
  11. Big Alves commanding.
  12. We're just making this up mate!
  13. Good move, unlucky Gers.
  14. Hahaha tackling his own man!
  15. Good to see a bit of tempo from us.
  16. He looks no right.
  17. sake Tav.
  18. Then welcomed back with open arms and a wee tour of the shithole.
  19. Great Open conditions today. Bit of wind and rain.
  20. Thought the same.
  21. Got a wee something up my sleeve just in case mate. Wee champ met on holiday who works in Wednesday ticket office said if struggling to give her a shout.