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  1. Double denim? Not our Jimmy, triple denim, n wit!
  2. Castore tap and a Lonsdale wifebeater under the same roof, perfect.
  3. This one from Tardelli WCF '82. What a feeling that must have been. Love it.
  4. Or see a pish stained me with the remainder of a bottle of Thunderbird after getting refused entry.
  5. Big Duncan is the man. Some loss to Rangers.
  6. His manager bumping his gums yesterday saying he’s the best in the world. Trying to boost confidence or not, that’s just ludicrous.
  7. Pretty sure I did see him earlier passing on a bus.
  8. Beauty we have signed Rashford.
  9. He had the option to go pro golf or fitba. Worked with his brother for a few years around the time he went to Blackburn Rovers. Seen him up Club Deck a few times since.
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