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  1. Just taken a free bag of nuts, mini tube of Pringles and a can of Stella for his first inflight entertainment refreshment. Lad!
  2. Noooooooooooo
  3. Wully we all know the 267 is only a few stops away from everywhere mate.
  4. Tbf he meant on the pitch. Sound off it.
  5. Funny enough my workmate said he is! Not the one in his team though.
  6. Exactly. Said the same. He would be moving away so fuck the haters.
  7. Hope so. Two workmates say it's close but undecided, one plays in same team as his brother and spoke to him at weekend and the other is one of his best mates. Still expect him to sign for us.
  8. Fwiw we've offered him more money that MLS.
  9. Whit?
  10. Still between us and MLS. Two good sources in past hour. Sick of abuse he's been getting because of link to us.
  11. Fuck you Utd
  12. Has Bell got a perm?
  13. Don't think so mate. Wee boxer at my work said he was worried about eye injuries pre fight.
  14. Great fight.
  15. Not won a round since!
  16. He's fucked
  18. Poor round Brook
  19. Brook doing this.