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  1. Outstanding!
  2. I think if DJ chills out a bit he could be a player!
  3. 'mon hame Fleckster.
  4. Here's some '70's bits. The usual ashtrays and wall plates, towels..... Got a few more but you get the jist.
  5. Armstrong is the new Kenny Dalglish.
  6. Great rate for a nightshift.
  7. Watch yer motor for a fiver mate?
  8. Taig love-in.
  9. I bet you're a brown sauce on egg man.
  10. Ffs that sounds like The Love Boat. Pair of cargos, polo, hookers and gear!!
  11. Shirt and tie in Vegas? Bit ott that.
  12. @Rfc52 will be doing the helicopter running up the strip.
  13. Jules it talking shite Neil, don't listen to him!
  14. I think it's to do with skinny jeans mate.
  15. Could be worse, you could stay in Carfin!
  16. I wonder if the staff would be safe from aggression if the tender went against the will of some.
  17. Loved that one.
  18. Why why why anyone gives hard earned to anything CH is involved in is beyond me. Each to their own I suppose.
  19. Unity? Sadly a long long way off mate.
  20. This stinks.
  21. I'm kidnapping his maw!
  22. Can we still catch the tims?
  23. "Kick him, then him, then him......"
  24. Here he comes!
  25. Slick as....