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  1. Not just different league but different continent and style of football. I do agree though we need some British players as well, obviously we have a good few just now but how many will stay or are good enough?
  2. He certainly isn't! I'm just sceptical given all the shit in recent seasons and the false dawns we have seen. I'll support them all the way but won't be surprised if it goes tits up.
  3. I'm talking about each way, overall it would be about 35 hours or so. Nice wee adventure and lots of fun no doubt
  4. Wouldn't be that long, more like 18 at the very most
  5. Hope he does well but something tells me he'll end up being a dud and this season coming will be worse than last season
  6. It's not Sevco, it's sevcooooooooooooo!
  7. Let's just enjoy the moment while we can as sure as night follows day, we'll get a reality check to bring us back down to earth soon enough
  8. Let's not get too excited, Kings promises haven't always been kept and he hasn't given a figure. Might only be an extra million at the most
  9. Yeah that's a fair point, would be nice to know for sure how much per unit we get.
  10. There'll be new away and third choice kits as well so I'm sure they won't be sold at that price. Plus I dare say that the price may go up once they make more tops available
  11. Fantastic news and glad it's finally resolved. Was always going to mean a compromise on both sides but the deal announced is good for both parties but we now have the upper hand in the deal. Thinking about the numbers, a top costs about £50 or so, so based on the percentages it may average we get about £30 a top. For each 100k sold it's 3 million to the club, so hopefully as many fans as possible buy the top and help boost the transfer warchest
  12. Don't call me Shirley!
  13. Prob on about 30-40k a week at the most. Mind you he's no spring chicken so he may have to settle for what he can get esp if there's an overhaul of players at villa park
  14. Well if tav does end up going to forest and we get shot of hodson then a new right back will be needed. Not the worst option in the world
  15. Guys, I have it on very good authority that Alan Hutton is set to return. My source has come up trump's before, so just wait and see....