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  1. Your five man managerial shortlist.

    FdB to be announced after Sunday is my prediction
  2. Works a treat mate, cheers!
  3. Any links for the game please?
  4. ***Official Motherwell v Rangers Thread***

    If any oban based bears are heading to watch the game in markie Dan's, come and say hello!
  5. Niko is gone

    Another one not given a fair crack of the whip
  6. One that got away, so many good chances butchered and stupid errors. That said, the better team won and Ireland were solid as fuck
  7. That was a sickener just before half time. Not completely out of it, but it's not looking good. That chance from Jones run had to be taken. It's these silly errors time and time again that fucks the whole thing up.
  8. Fair points mate and I suppose Ireland are capable of winning at Twickenham.
  9. I don't see Ireland winning at Twickenham to get the grand slam but the championship is theirs for the taking. Hopefully they will have one eye on their game against England and are complacent about taking us on at home, but that is wishful thinking on my part! I just hope Townsend has something up his sleeve for this game because to beat the Irish at their patch is one almighty tall order.
  10. 10 players added to the Scotland squad for the game this weekend including fagerson, R Gray, Hardie and Dunbar. Ireland away is a huge ask and while I don't see a win, hopefully we can be competitive.
  11. Hopefully we can get him for good rather than just permanently
  12. Superb stuff, what a win! Tough second half but did enough to hold on.