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  1. He sure did he got a well deserved doff of the cap for that one!
  2. This has even less legitimacy than some of my fishing trips..
  3. A bit late in the day but just thought would see if anyone can help me out with a ticket for the game on Saturday against the shettlestons. Any help would be greatly appreciated, but just think how much glory and kudos you would get for helping out a highly respected hard working mod such as my good self.
  4. Local dignitaries from the Firhill area have been invited along to the game
  5. Lincoln Red imps
  6. I'll be there
  7. Folks, keep your petty arguments off here and keep this thread on topic. Some relatively good news and all folk can do is bitch over nothing?
  8. I checked out flights and there's one on the day of potential first leg. Bagsy first dibs on one of the spare beds!
  9. @johanhentzeHopefully a team from the Faroes in round 1
  10. Get some Nickelback on the go
  11. Watched the game in Aulays up in Oban and much as I tried to get a celebratory conga going down the street nobody else was up for it...
  12. Tainted love by Gloria Jones, bad medicine by bon Jovi and going for gold by shed 7