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  1. MisterC

    Candeias - "I am so tired"

    Speaking of rocking, I was on the train to Wemyss Bay the other week and as we went along the Clyde someone said to me 'If you look out the window you'll see Dumbarton rock. Well I was looking for a minute or 2 and it wasn't moving at all... With thanks to Chic Murray
  2. MisterC

    Johnny Hubbard

    Very sad news. RIP to a true legend.
  3. MisterC

    McCoist as a pundit...

    Great to hear Super Ally doing the co commentary on the game tonight. Have to say he's the only one so far who has talked sense and not made an arse of himself unlike lawrenson for example. Always great to hear from this Rangers legend. Shame he wasn't the best of managers but I'm sure with time will come forgiveness....
  4. MisterC

    Players not going to Spain

    Don't understand the clamour to get shot of Herrera, he never got a fair crack of the whip and I think he can do a job for us.
  5. MisterC

    The Sleeping Giant

    If things go tits up, I'm blaming this article for jinxing things. .Williamson
  6. MisterC

    Gerrard's captain for the season.

    Holt and halliday seemingly in chatting to the gaffer. Perhaps it's one of them?
  7. MisterC

    Connor Goldson (Brighton)

  8. MisterC

    Boss arrives at Auchenhowie

    Great to see him at Murray Park. Let's go!
  9. MisterC

    The Old Lady - FF

    The irony is they call it that as an insult but it's the place where the good guys are based. Go figure....
  10. MisterC

    Nikola Katic Signs

    Welcome aboard!
  11. MisterC

    Nikola Katic

    Signed sealed delivered!
  12. MisterC

    Nikola Katic

    I don't believe it!
  13. MisterC

    Tony McGlennan resigns from SFA post

    No mate, you got that one wrong. He is currently lying in a pencil case.
  14. MisterC

    Jason Holt to Plymouth

    Gives his all but sadly that's not good enough for where we need to be. I wouldn't lose any sleep if he goes and if we do get a fee,then great.
  15. MisterC

    Durrant and D ferguson meet Si Ferry

    Excellent interview, really enjoyed it. Most of the stories were hilarious but what you also saw was how much it meant to those guys living the dream.