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  1. Looks a fair trek from where my crew are staying. Taxi it is then....
  2. I say you just go for it and think of the glory
  3. It will be a hard game, Hearts will dig in and make it difficult. If we get an early goal then I'd back us to score a few
  4. I'll keep him on the straight and narrow...
  5. Great send off for Rory best, sad to see him retire. He will be a huge loss to Ulster and Ireland
  6. Certainly crossed my mind, probably just as well we never made it through
  7. I don't see Ireland getting any points. So many basic errors aren't helping. Are they Scotland in disguise?
  8. Superb from the All blacks. Ireland are being taught a brutal lesson.
  9. Fair dos mate, maybe not so confident with media. Just me reading more into this than necessary
  10. He just doesn't seem happy and doesn't seem particularly enthusiastic about it all. Maybe just doesn't like media duties, fuck knows...
  11. But the gaffer though, what a class act once again.
  12. Watching it now and Katic is coming across as unhappy and not exactly chuffed at the contract. Maybe its shyness but he doesn't seem at ease...
  13. Any win will do. We just have to win, end of story.
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