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  1. Gerrard quoting from a certain party tune there on bt sport
  2. What constitution? Last time I checked there was no British Constitution that is there in black and white for one to read...
  3. Wouldn't vote for either tories or snp.
  4. He certainly did and described the concept of the British monarchy as weird at one point. Hes changed his view now though on this and other things. The cynic in me thinks that Tompkins has jumped on the Rangers bandwagon for boosting his profile and getting him votes in next years election.
  5. Quite a lot of them in Glasgow city centre according to a colleague
  6. And you can wind your neck in. Hes entitled to his view as we all are.
  7. He sure looked bemused at times but overall he looked to have enjoyed the madness!
  8. They should get Michael Barrymore in to present it.
  9. I've been impressed with Turner this season, a very combative hooker and a wrecking ball with ball in hand. Hope this is nothing serious. As for Nakarawa, great having him back, gets the team moving forward and those offloads! A good win but will tough to make the play offs.
  10. I didn't see it but have read the match reports. You could have a point regarding Rennie but equally there will be those looking to impress the incoming coach. Good to see the new hooker score a brace of tries on his debut.
  11. Completely agree but I'd imagine its UEFA who set the fixture dates so if that is the case then what can you do?
  12. Yes but if it was played tomorrow evening there wouldn't be much of a crowd anyway given the first team are playing
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