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  1. Looks like this is sorted then..
  2. Time to get back on track. It's been a tough 7 days and a home fixture on the big stage is the perfect way to get those frustrations out on the opposition. It's a tricky one though and theres the fear that the worst results could happen. I'll be there anyway so fingers crossed we get the job done in a solid professional performance. The players have to do their bit and so do the fans. Nights like Thursday are times when the Rangers family needs to come together
  3. MisterC


    Tav isn't captain material, if anything it's a burden on him. I'd freshen things up and make Jack captain
  4. Gutted but I cant fault the effort or the attitude. Any other day we would have won by 3 or 4 but for the performance of their keeper. Today though showed we can boss them, here's hoping this acts as a motivation to win the league
  5. Tomatin 12 is helping to calm the nerves. Let's do this Rangers!
  6. I'm hoping @Rfc52 can get one as well for his boy and also his good self. Top lad who goes everywhere and certainly livens things up and certainly deserves a ticket if anyone can help him
  7. Surprised to see that from him especially with the goal which was a well taken one. I think some of the players didnt want to get properly stuck in as they had one eye on Sunday.
  8. Its complacency that fucks us too many times. Once we went 2 0 up it looked like we thought the game was in the bag and we took our foot off the gas and concentration levels dipped. This cannot happen on Sunday it has to be the A game throughout the game otherwise it will go tits up. I hope Gerrard gave the players it stinking today at training and has had a good look at his own approach to last nights game.
  9. Them checking last season would indicate a degree of competency and as we know competency is in short supply at the ticket office
  10. Without a doubt. Tiny retired 5 years ago or whatever and was there 50 years. Her mother and grandmother would have known the great man that's for sure
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