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  1. MisterC

    Armin Hodžić (Dinamo Zagreb)

    Too damn right! And it does have to be said that rm staff are known for sharing info they received from good sources
  2. Any links please folks?
  3. No centre backs on the bench is a big worry. Other than that I'm happy enough with the selection
  4. MisterC

    Middleton Promoted to the First team

    So naive, you win nothing with kids
  5. MisterC

    Is Europa 2nd leg on TV?

    You'll be fine in coopers mate
  6. MisterC

    Is Europa 2nd leg on TV?

    Coopers is mixed but you do get a lot of bears in there. When games are they get more of ours going in there compared to games involving them. Ps, how did you know that is my local?
  7. Looks nothing like any of the inspiral carpets. As for the Greig likeness, its not bad
  8. MisterC

    Any bother today?

    Why couldn't they all just have just got along?
  9. It just goes to show that you can't be too careful
  10. MisterC

    Big Coulibaly

    This is up there with the all time iconic tackles that I can remember. Boooft!
  11. MisterC

    Kyle Lafferty

    Couldn't believe this when I saw it earlier and no way will I welcome this. He's a liability in so many ways and in addition to that he isn't at the level we require. We can do way better than him
  12. MisterC

    Out?: Josh Windass

    Threads merged.
  13. MisterC

    Welcome aboard Ryan Kent

    And a warm welcome to Ryan Kent, fingers crossed he can add the quality required for this season
  14. MisterC

    Club statement

    Think a lot of folk are reading way too much into it. Way too much time on their hands methinks and always to willing to always think the worst...
  15. Great to see the surrender monkeys waving the white flag. OK tonight wasn't great but we got the job done. Definitely need to step it up but there's a lot to work on.