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  1. I'd rather have a decent run in Europe than reach the league cup final. In some ways you could say getting through 4 qualifying rounds is as good as winning a cup given the cash you make and getting to experience the night's we enjoyed that we hadn't had for a good few years.
  2. At the risk of sounding boring, the club is also a business and operating within a limited market, shall we say and we need every penny possible. That extra 15 million or whatever is a godsend quite frankly and should be welcomed.
  3. Anyway my tuppence worth is that progress has been made although there's a long way to go and we are a work in progress. This time last year if offered a decent run in Europe into the group stages and not get pumped, finally be competitive in games v them, plus the win over them and be in 2nd place comfortablyish, then I'd have taken that. There's a real spine of a team in there but sometimes it takes time to fully develop. I suppose we could flip it round and ask if we are any worse, and the answer to that would be no. Gerrard has a lot to learn but we are only a few quality players away from being a damn good team
  4. Think it's fair to say that it will be the Morelos money but supplemented with money made from Europe
  5. He'll be out in 6 weeks, probably less with good behaviour. No sympathy for him at all, I hope this gives the moron element food for thought.
  6. Because in this day and age being a cunt is acceptable and even encouraged.
  7. He did the highland derby during the week, thought he did ok but can't remember games he's done involving us.
  8. Great win tonight, game petered out in second half but good to see the team put the game to bed comfortably and quickly.
  9. Novo, Weir, De Boer, lovenkrands, Ferguson
  10. Ah, fair enough. Will need to go in for a drink at some point that's for sure.
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