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  1. New Manager... Who?

    Tommy Wright. Good organisational skills and gets his teams punching above their weight.
  2. Yeah bowling counts mate.
  3. Had forgotten that, good shout!
  4. Can anyone name any ex players of ours who played other sports whilst with us. The Goalie played cricket until he joined us and indeed got capped for Scotland. Some of the players in the days of the gallant pioneers also competed in athletics and rowing. Can anyone think of any other examples?
  5. Cardoso Instagram

    True, it's just I find the tune really cheesy and gay. But then, what do I know about music, I'm a pink Floyd hater after all :lol!:
  6. Cardoso Instagram

    I actually hate that song. It's cringey as fuck and the original song is as gay as Christmas
  7. Kevin Cadle has sadly passed away

    Knew we'd had a basketball team back in the day but didn't know he was coach or that we won the league! Interesting to note that Alton Byrd who used to present Sports America on 5 live played for the team as well. It would be great if we could get a chance to get another team going in another sport. A Rangers rugby team would be great and would be very fitting given the origins of the club's name.
  8. Transfer section in Forum

    I'm sure we can do it smoothly too....
  9. Morales Cardosa

    My favourite was when Archie McPherson said Macanakamura!
  10. Pena

    I'll hold my hand up and say I saw him as a dud. All his goals have been well taken and while I am still sceptical over his ability I'll give him the benefit of the doubt for now. He certainly isn't the worst I've ever seen in a Rangers jersey
  11. Harry Forrester

    Great player who was right to be unhappy about the lack of respect and praise which he more than deserved
  12. Ally Scott

    My sources tell me he was a good player unfairly maligned by too many who know nothing about soccer
  13. Andy Goram Loyal FB page

    I'd choose different subject matter for my expeditions...
  14. Cardoso and Pena.

    This guy: https://www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2017/apr/26/the-forgotten-story-of-carlos-kaiser-footballs-greatest-conman
  15. Cardoso and Pena.

    Can't remember his name bu he didn't play for us