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  1. How much of a net spend do you think Pedro will get this summer? Ideally somewhere north of £5m plus whatever we can bring in transfer fee wise. I can see a few of the players heading back down south again and hopefully we can get a few bob for them. If a very good offer came in for players we would like to keep then realistically the club would probably sell. Given his performances this season foderingham would fetch a few million and I dare say Mackay as well. Anyway the point is, we will probably have to do some wheeling and dealing in the summer but other than what we bring in transfer fee wise,how much will be spent on top of that. My tuppence worth is that realistically it's around the £5m mark but I would say we need treble that to properly compete next season rather than rely on English league 1 standard players as we have now
  2. Mr Singh's is quality, mind you it's bhoona while since I've been there...
  3. I couldn't even get in my local it was that busy that day. At least it wasn't full of tims!
  4. I've no great interest now, I've pretty much given up on scotland for football but at least the rugby team are worth watching
  5. One of the worst games of football I've ever seen but credit to Aird, he had a great game and should have had a hat trick.
  6. I like your thinking!
  7. Should be replaced with blue Monday....
  8. Yes, probably.
  9. Oh and it's Niko,not Nico. Nico was a model and singer from back in the 60's. See pun above.....
  10. We'll be waiting for the man to return to fitness before we can say. Will he even be back this season? If not it's a pointless comparison as those two are on loan
  11. And for inflated transfer fees!
  12. Of course it's DdB and a fine choice he would be!
  13. Deary me! Hopefully he'll bring in you know who as his assistant
  14. That was a great watch and you can see how well he comes across with his ideas etc. I think we may well have got ourselves a gem of a boss but time will tell..
  15. Shame to see him leave. I noticed a thread about him the other day which was rather harsh and he deserved more respect than he got