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  1. With Tav being out, maybe it's an opportunity to try out the 352 formation @Jimbeamjunior has been advocating....
  2. The OP is a disgrass! I'm sure we will find out soon enough, hopefully its nothing.
  3. No, he was last seen being carted into Carstairs wearing a straitjacket
  4. He was the oldest living ex player as well. 96, what an innings
  5. The word legend is an overused phrase but in Bobby Browns case it is accurate. A true Rangers legend and a total gent. RIP Mr Brown
  6. Start a petition and send it to me and we can take things from there
  7. I've retired from the riverbank!
  8. I once did a day of door to door sales in stranraer back in the day, it really was one of the grimmest places I'd been to. Mental accent down there too. I'd mix up the team with regulars and fringe players and still expect at least a 3-0 win.
  9. He was excellent against Porto in the away game
  10. Morelos as many cannot see just how good a player he is
  11. @Rfc52Speaking of that trip, I was telling someone today about Benficas famous fan
  12. Especially when it was free!
  13. It was an absolute riot! That taxi ride escapade still makes me laugh The whole trip is in my top 3 favourite Rangers experiences
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