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  1. Locking this thread for now. A few things first, GB, you do a grand job with the Erskine appeal but if you could do less spamming on other threads please as it is annoying at times and can lead to stuff like what's happened in this thread. As for no Admin when you need one, we all have jobs and none of us get paid for Admin and moderator duties. I saw this when on lunch at work and dealt with it right away.
  2. Would have been good to have seen you if you could have made it along, been a wee while... However at least you won't have to hear any shite jokes from me but it looks like a good night and only a fiver so I'll fire off the email to the guy
  3. So it would appear he hasn't been sacked. Until we hear otherwise, this thread will be closed.
  4. I haven't seen the video, I am not sure I want to either. Sounds like an absolute car crash of a video. Such a sad state of affairs
  5. So sad to hear about this. I genuinely think he needs sectioned for an extended period for his own safety and to ensure that he gets as much help as possible with his demons. It's easy to judge and pontificate about his actions but it's safe to say he is incapable of controlling himself in anything other than small doses. I do worry that this ain't going to end well for him unless drastic action is taken. Shame on those hangers on who use him for their own ends whether it's for money, partying or for social media likes.
  6. Not even I would have come out with that one. Arfield has more chance of playing at a tournament with Canada than he would have with Scotland in any case. As for the squad, surprised not to see Jack in there but at least he can't get injured if he's not there. I'm apathetic about the mens team, watched the wummins teams earlier they'd give the mens team a game
  7. Dare I say it maybe being kept out has made him even more hungry and determined to make the centre back spot his own. Good luck to him for this, I'm sure he'll make a good impression
  8. No need mate, it's all good
  9. Some strange posts in here.... Course he's worth more than DF says, he's trying too hard to appease his media paymasters methinks
  10. Let's not forget that the idea for the club was conceived at what is now Kelvingrove Park.
  11. I'm so glad we managed to get Defoe. Class player and class guy.
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