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  1. And even when he did agree, he did it in such a way that you weren't sure if he did agree!
  2. The other week I was thinking of this, I was wondering what manticore would be making of it all. It's been just over 3 years since he passed and I'm sure he would have had plenty to say about all the stuff that's happened in the meantime.
  3. Some would say it's the sensible ones who can see what a dud he is and have realised that for some time...
  4. It's hard to see what the tactics are at times, it changes so often in games. Tactics are one thing but you also need a strategy Cheers mate, better out than in! The Balvenie I had earlier, was very inspirational
  5. Then you just keep a poker face and give as little away as possible. You certainly don't go giving quotes that will fire up our opponents even more.
  6. Exactly! I think that this seasons team actually is showing a bit of spine and long may that continue but let's hope results start to follow.
  7. Don't mind him speaking but it's what he says that's the problem. Coming out with some of the soundbites etc that he does just shows of him being even more out of depth than he is already.
  8. Of course not but I was hoping for something better than we had the best training session ever. A bit more realism than painting a rosy picture when there is a lot wrong with the team.
  9. I read them to see what he actually said as headlines can mislead. It's also interesting to hear why he is saying what he is.. Same here, pessimists are never disappointed. It would be rude not to....
  10. So yesterday it was Pedro saying he felt we were stronger than ever and now today Rossitter is saying he is fitter than ever. What's it going to be tomorrow? Miller saying he missed a shot in training but it's the best miss ever? All this talking ourselves up is all and well and good if it can be backed up by performances and results on the park, but let's face it,that hasn't been happening. I am fed up with all the shite interviews saying how great it is in training etc, it's what happens on the park that counts. All throughout his tenure, Caixinhia has spouted so much shite in interviews talking about other clubs and coming out with soundbites aimed to ingratiate himself with the fans and a whole host of other shite. I'm bloody sick of it and I just wish he would get on with things and not feel the need to ramble on when a microphone is put on front of him. All too often we find him making a rod for our backs with his comments that then come back to bite us in the ass. It's happened time and time again and if results were going well, it's fine but not when results have on the whole been poor. I think he is a dud anyway and his stupid quotes etc just grind my gears even further. Get on with the job,get some wins together and then you can start bragging and painting a nice rosy picture about how wonderful it all is...
  11. Fair enough, it's true that the ref ruined the game to be fair
  12. We should have been more clinical early on and their equaliser was avoidable. I know there were mitigating circumstances but the fact is, it's a home defeat against a team we should be beating
  13. Yes. I get that it wasn't his players last season but even still there's ways and means of avoiding the results we got in some games
  14. The umpteen unacceptable performances and results we have endured under his stewardship.