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  1. MisterC


    You know what Jinty, I'll give you that one. Certainly for the outfield players Katic was the best. That said I cant fault any of the players tonight, was a great team effort.
  2. MisterC


    Big man was superb tonight, man of the match for me. Bossed it at the back, solid in the air at both ends. As was said in commentary hes come back this season looking way more assured than he was before. We have a great player in the making there, here's hoping he keeps this good form going
  3. Absolutely, keep up the work rate shown so far and the smart play and it will come together I'm sure
  4. So far so good. We are playing smart and creating chances and holding up well at the back so it bodes well. Need to be more clinical with the final ball but it's a mature streetwise performance so far.
  5. https://europa.rangers.co.uk/ Try this mate
  6. Yes mate, saw @ben51 posted link so now up and running!
  7. Cheers shagger. Now up and running here at MisterC Towers! Was panicking for a moment but all good now
  8. Paid for it and now waiting to get in to watch the thing. Is the rangers site going slow for anyone else?
  9. Great gesture mate, glad @Rfc52 got sorted, hopefully those still in the queue get sorted.
  10. Indeed we are and on that happy ,unifying note its time to lock this thread...
  11. Happy days, just down the road as well. Thanks buddy
  12. Yes, but more importantly, are we getting a new babn gif?
  13. Anyone know of any pubs in west end/maryhill area showing the game. Cant be arsed going to the loudon and not just because of the trek over there.....
  14. Born in Singapore. Neale cooper was born in india
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