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  1. Folk fae clydebank
  2. Too much positivity for this place....
  3. Rather strange opening post to be honest. I'm not seeing many posters saying everything is fine and let's build bridges etc so I cant see why you think that's the consensus.
  4. No posting of addresses and personal details. Screenshots from the public domain including social media I dont mind,they put those posts up on facebook/twatter at their own risk. But please, no addresses.
  5. No, we use this as added motivation for next season as if we need any more
  6. Used to be on the board at Hearts. Him and Chris Robinson bought the club from Wallace Mercer back in the 90s
  7. I'd be in favour but too many games would damage the pitch and it certainly wasn't in good nick after new year. Also; far away places like Falkirk, would that be the Falkirk thats 25 miles from Glasgow?
  8. Matt Smith of Glasgow Warriors, his great grandfather was Alex Smith who played for us in the 60s
  9. Oh yeah because the bears den is such a hive of positivity! 😂
  10. I think that was the first time I was allowed to stay up and watch the highlights.
  11. Enough of the accusations that Lenzie loyal is one of them. I can vouch for him being one of us so that's put that notion to bed. Thank you.
  12. 9 years old and living in a village near Aberdeen at that time. I can still remember where I was when I found out we'd won the league. I was the only Rangers fan in my class, possibly even the whole school and I got it stinking in the build up to that game. In the words of Mr Partridge, needless to say I had the last laugh...
  13. Hes just been on the news talking about Rangers and this current shotstorm, isn't impressed with how the club have behaved. Says he wasnt cajoled in any way to vote how he did and wants us to put forward this evidence of wrongdoing
  14. I'm still on here. Who are you mate, drop me a pm if you don't want to post
  15. The immortal line 'it would seem theres some misinformation going around porkhead'
  16. Completely agree, excellent customer service from them.
  17. Yeah I got the email too. Was looking forward to this but I'm sure I'll get along to another European away trip soon enough
  18. They must have done it on points per game. I've a colleague on the staff at Glenafton so I'll ask what the script is. Immaterial anyway as the west juniors are all jumping ship to the new WoS league in the pyramid system
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