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  1. University challenge is just starting so I'll be back after that with my question...
  2. MisterC


    Another excellent performance today, didn't put a foot wrong. Strong in the tackle and excellent passing once again. Was my man of the match
  3. Barker runs about like a headless chicken. Arfield has experience and the savvy for this type of fixture
  4. Well if they can have an evening at the theatre with no clapping, I'm sure they can set aside a few games a season where they can be silent to allow those with sensory issues etc to properly enjoy the game. It should also be remembered that plenty people don't like clapping anyway and would prefer to watch the game in peace. Far too many folk go to the game with the intention of making as much noise as they can and don't take into consideration the views and wishes of those round about them.
  5. He did say but then said something along the lines of but that he was happy anyway.
  6. Good luck to anyone who braves the home end over there.
  7. Local enough and we did watch IF at GIs ground...
  8. Don't be slagging @johanhentzes local team, he'll have your balls for that! Probably go and cook them in some viking stew as well
  9. I agree on the passing bit, mate. See when he plays a pass, it's always the right weight on the pass required for the situation. Look at the pace and accuracy for the assist that led to Helanders goal at the weekend as a prime example.
  10. I stay to the end every time unless it's an utter shitshow, ok I'm only over by Kelvinbridge so its not far for me. Those who leave early for genuine reasons such as the examples above that's fair enough but those who leave so they can get to the pub early or save 2 minutes in their cars, I just don't get that. Each to their own though but I don't think its helpful to tar all early leavers with the same brush
  11. Great explanation, thanks for posting
  12. I agree with this. Theres only one way to redeem yourself when you have let down the fans and that is to perform to a high standard on the park and Shagger has done that since his return.
  13. Has to be the CL but you know what, I'm just happy being in the group stage of any European competition given what we have been through in the past few years. We have the European nights back and are getting good results. Let's be happy with how its going and use it as a springboard to the CL.
  14. Depends on other countries round about us but its looking very possible
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