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  1. peter huistra

    Evening times tweets

    I have over 150 Rangers News mags from early 90s till late 00s I just read them when I wanna read stuff about Rangers , nothing good is written in Scotland about us so why read it don't click on their pish.
  2. peter huistra

    admin get this sorted

    Wanti tae no why the dae it so when ye see the wee rid dot yer brain hinks it's something interesting like a message on FB etc it actually releases endorphins in the brain , it's all scientific n stuff look it up.
  3. huistra Rod Wallace McCann JJ fabrice fermandes Hemdani McClaren Petric
  4. peter huistra

    Where's Murty gone?

    Should never have been handed the job full time , but he did beat the sheep a few times , he did not have the bottle to be the Rangers manager , even on Sunday Murty would never have made the subs needed like Nichol did. Still wish the man all the best
  5. peter huistra

    Team for Next Season (for shits and giggles)

    Shagger Skrtel McCrorie Terry Jack Rossiter Templeton Macleod Mckay Montero Morelos
  6. peter huistra

    Marco Negri

    Never took to him , sublime goalscorer though , that 10 in a season was low point , I mind my first game that season v Guti from Iceland or faroes , Gattuso wss on the bench and be eventually came on what a buzz !
  7. peter huistra

    Our players hanging about with Scott Allan in Dubai..

    Martin Vain *
  8. peter huistra

    Our players hanging about with Scott Allan in Dubai..

    Imagine seeing fergie n gough or anyone of the past Rangers players doing this , after what that wee turn coat cunt did to our player , refs looking right at it , still no red though. He goes back to England now I wonder If he would end up back at us but no chance of that now really wanted us to get him under Warbs but naw !
  9. peter huistra

    Blackpool End of Season Party

    I detest blackpool but a sash bash is just what I need
  10. peter huistra


    A wee hat trick to sign off with the day. Will Gerrard spend the money on Cummings or keep it for his own buys ? Hopefully Cummings can show he's a Rangers player the day !
  11. peter huistra

    Gerrard & Youth

    Murray park was supposed to be an investment allowing us to pay lower wages to younger better players instead of paying transfer fees for players like Jack , Docherty and loads more. we never seem to produce any talent (deemed good enough) over a long period just once a blue moon. Bar McCormack and maybe Adam interms of transfer fees who else has Murray park actually produced ? I would like to see a us pay high wages to a back bone of 5 world class players and the rest of the squad be promoted over time up from the youth system.
  12. peter huistra

    Harry Forrester

    I'm not saying he's the next Sebo or anything but he's only 22 he's athletic 6 ft and I reckon Gerrard will work with what he's got plus a few additions , Dodoo under the proper guidance and instruction will be a decent squad player.
  13. peter huistra

    Harry Forrester

    Dodoo that is not Forrester , don't see him playing again for the club tbh
  14. peter huistra

    Harry Forrester

    The lad has pace can score and assist , Gerrard might like the look of him , he is still a Rangers player contracted to 2020 I think. We write players off to fast why get rid of him to buy again makes no sense.
  15. peter huistra

    Harry Forrester

    I would like to see Dodoo get a proper chance.