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  1. I detest blackpool but a sash bash is just what I need
  2. A wee hat trick to sign off with the day. Will Gerrard spend the money on Cummings or keep it for his own buys ? Hopefully Cummings can show he's a Rangers player the day !
  3. I regocnised , Miller , Moore , Boyack , sheilds , I'm sure that's the team Darren Fitzgerald was in good striker never made it obviously ,
  4. So Gerrard has between 6-8 million transfer budget plus the money for any players we sell coming in ? I hope to fuck that Chinese team comes back in for Morelos
  5. Wallace going back to hearts was always on the cards I think , can't see miller back at Hibs , Miller be better getting Player/coach job at say Morton or somewhere like that. I hope to fuck we don't let Jack go , I'd get rid of a lot other names before him. would love Wallace to get fit again and lead us once more but highly unlikely.
  6. It won't be Murty tactics the day so I think we can safely assume auld jimmy Nichol will atleast challenge Clarke tactically . Id love to see a few youngsters in certain positions , get McCrorie back in DM like Dier's role at spurs. lets have some width , MOH must start . Hopefully the positivity surround the place will rub off on the players and we will see a performance. boyd will score though
  7. I can't reply in threads ....... Why ? 

  8. Ally was horrendous as manager but i dread to think of what would have happened had he not been there in 2012 , a lot of fans won't forgive him over the wages situation but id like to think he will always be welcome at Ibrox . ideally he should have moved upstairs after winning the second promotion
  9. its a tight squad we have , the guys are pretty knackered after such a good season hopefully we can refresh things in the remaining games and be at our best for the final .
  10. the difference in daly from when he played against us last year to now is unrecognisable if he starts anywhere but defence we are fucked . bell Mohsni Daly Faure Foster Law Peralta Black Smith Clark Jig
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