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  1. Looking back in retrospect don't you wish this guy had stayed a bit longer , was only with the club for two years but left a very lasting impression and is highly thought of by the fans of the club, still to this day. Signed for 5.8 million from Barcelona after impressing while on loan at PSG , both Advocaat and Mcleish were instrumental in bringing him to Ibrox and apparently at the time we had a deal or understanding that Barca would offer us some of their best young players. His debut season 2002/03 was an epic tussle and really hard to belive 17 years have past since then , for someone so young at the time he played with a maturity and intelligence way beyond his years and I don't think it was a coincidence Ferguson that season played some of his best football scoring 18 goals with Arteta pulling the strings behind him. After Ferguson left for Blackburn , it was assumed Arteta would flourish in a more forward role but his second season was disrupted by injury and he didn't make the same impact and eventually declared he was homesick and we sold him for under 3 million to Real Sociedad. If there is lessons we can learn from Arteta's time at the club it's maybe we should not expect to much to soon , and I think we can draw parallels with young Hagi at the club at this moment , who imo is the most talented youngster since Arteta.
  2. Was decent for the championship and maybe our first season back up , I don't regard him as a total failure for us. Had we won the Scottish cup under him , I think things would have panned out a wee bit better , in terms of the challenge we mounted the season after.
  3. Title decider 2003 (Dunfermline game) did a brilliant sliding tackling winning a 50/50 ball , setting up one of the goals. In that moment he showed all the heart and desire every Rangers player should when stepping on to the field of battle.
  4. There's no fans so should be less pressure on him to perform in front of goal , very risky he might get injured but it's vital we pick up 3 points so I'd play him. Can't believe we're actually going in to the season with only one striker , management need a good boot up the arse imo.
  5. He's just beginning to shine in the position he's in , really Mebude should be promoted to the first team if we are really stuck but that won't happen.
  6. Fuck phill magobblegiver . I'd want to keep Alfie till at least cover is lined up , we can not sell with the league just 6 days away from starting , who would play upfront v the sheep? False 9 Hagi through the middle ?
  7. You joined August 2011 so not far off.
  8. I can't really remember but in my mind I can see Hagi putting the ball down and quickly taking a free kick so might be Hagi. Hagi scored 3 great goals 2 of which were free kicks the one v Colombia he just nonchalantly strikes the ball lobbing the keeper , a lot of the time he would try this from anywhere in games , keepers always made the mistake of thinking it was going over only for it to dip , was a magical player. At that world cup Stoichkov just edges it as he finished top scorer (jointly with oleg salenko who Rangers signed).
  9. Club and our traditions will be here long after he's gone.
  10. Just what we need , I like Cooper and Murray Wallace.
  11. His goal record for Steaua was incredibly good 97 goals in 107 appearances , so amazing even the Romanian Government who were under communist rule at the time wouldn't let him leave the country when bids came in for him. At USA94 he was sublime both him and Stoichkov, they quickly became my favourite players alongside Bergkamp. Later in his career at Galatasaray is imo when he shone at his brightest and is regarded a hero there. If our Hagi can be even half the player he was we are in for a treat.
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