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  1. Hard luck stories

    cause me and two other people do it every week, I was the won who picked Shrewsbury as they were top of the league and haven't lost a game.
  2. Am I watching a different game

    not a penalty 😂 you're tuned to the moon ya cunt.
  3. Hard luck stories

    fuck Shrewsbury 😂
  4. McCrorie

    he better not get dropped.
  5. *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

    Lets fucking go Rangers!!!! I'm confident, always will be when we play the bead rattlers. 2-1
  6. Hard luck stories

    ill never bet on us again. That's three times this season, hearts, hibs. I just jinx us.
  7. Hard luck stories

  8. *** Official Betting Thread ***

    had to be us I jinx tonight 😢
  9. Morelos

    fucking goal machine, love him.
  10. *** Official Betting Thread ***

    never in doubt.
  11. *** Official Betting Thread ***

    just need the one psg goal, surely.
  12. Should we terminate Dalcio's loan deal?

    He looks awful in all honesty. You'll be able to tell better after a few more games though.
  13. Liam kelly snapchat

    He should stick to tweeting about that love island shit, boys a roaster.
  14. "Niko no pace"

    I thought he was our only decent player. He might not have the best fitness but he never stopped trying to make things happen all game. The rest were all shite, every one of them.
  15. Lee Wallace

    He's getting worse every season. He is dreadful.