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  1. Anyone playing snd? Ps4?
  2. I’m only enjoying snd can’t play fuck all else. Hopefully they bring out league play soon as playing pubs is dreadful.
  3. A league winning player? An English premiership midfielder, please tell me if you want me to elaborate more?
  4. I never really noticed this at much except for the old firm but we are so much better when Arfield plays, especially in big games. I think we will play Davis in his place and hopefully some how he becomes the player we know he is.
  5. Probably the best and most frustrating game ever made. You’ve got to love it though.
  6. cause me and two other people do it every week, I was the won who picked Shrewsbury as they were top of the league and haven't lost a game.
  7. Lets fucking go Rangers!!!! I'm confident, always will be when we play the bead rattlers. 2-1
  8. ill never bet on us again. That's three times this season, hearts, hibs. I just jinx us.
  9. Brutally shite, it doesn't matter if is our second game of the season. This team we are playing are the equivalent of Clyde.
  10. Get an early goal tonight and it will be a comfortable game. This team we're playing are rotten.
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