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  1. we won easily and that is fair and proper, Just bring on the next round.I have a good feeling for this year.
  2. no complanancy in this just do what we do best watp
  3. Ally was a great player but he had his chance to get us promoted to the spl and he failed as well as playing crap football. Mark warburton did it on his first season with a fraction of allys budget and played exciting football to watch too. This is Mark warburtons team and his parade and Ally should only be there as a fan and nothing else.
  4. Journalism used to be a respected profession but it is just a joke in the modern age. Who even buys newspapers anymore?, and I bet very few read them online from cover to cover the way people used to do the paperbacks back in the day. I used to get hot and bothered about these kind of columns but now I am just blah blah yea yea when I see these threads on here.
  5. We were poor today but that was a massive win and the sign of a championship winning team. The fact that king billy won it on his debut is just fairy dust icing on the cake lol.
  6. great result for us and the look on stubbs face at the end means he knows it too!
  7. Great result.Sends out a marker for us. rampant rangers!
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