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  1. never a penalty he played the ball now fuck off
  2. made me a very happy bear today. well done murty. I think we should hang on to him in a big way
  3. I would swap Barrie mckay for dembele/ In fact I would swap the whole team for him.Hope to fuck he goes for a whopping transfer and snakeeyes trousers all the profit for himself as a massive bonus. They are like that .
  4. he has critisiced hearts and rangers and also praised celtic. enough said
  5. might as well be mrs doubtfire. my club is an embarrassing cluckfuster.
  6. I dont think this team have got it in them to react positively.
  7. celtic running scottish football has turned it into the worse joke ever. clueless and classless.
  8. It speaks volumes about the media in this country too that they are not highlighting and questioning him on this quote.
  9. I was out today and didnt see the game.Loved the fact we came from behind and won.I would much rather we won 5-0 every game to steady my nerves if i was watching live but still delighted to win any game we play at sny time.
  10. I thought it looked like he said f*cking incredible.
  11. I was never one to think we would win this league first season back. I expect to be second at the very least and will be disappointed if we are not challenging strongly next season.
  12. It makes radio clyde look bad. They let the call go through so it was an obvious set up. Whether the appeaser johnstone was in on it I am no longer interested in. Scottish media is an infantile joke and an embarrassment.I am stopping listening and reading from now on.
  13. Im just basically excited about all of them and how well they jell and enhance with our very successful squad of last season.
  14. op is a fisherman and not a football fan.