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  1. No chance imo, he'll be too busy jumping around with his inbred mates at Easter Road.
  2. Seems a bit of good news for us, for a change, wonder how the mhedia will put their spin on this, ignore it probably.
  3. Is that with or without the on the ball Seville calculator? as if not we could be looking at £5,003,475,745,836,745,138,265,047,255,947,1690.72 to fix.
  4. Hearts will probably be first but it would be great to see Aberdeen go first.
  5. Funny how when CW was with us the mhedia kept exposing him and making him a liar, yet now he is suddenly believable because its yet ANOTHER negative story against our club.
  6. Id take him back ASAP
  7. You could have atleast spelt Barcelona correctly.
  8. Welcome and hope you enjoy the forum.
  9. 55 as that will be how many titles we have won ( after this season ) I dont remember the song being 54 top flight titles.
  10. I will be boycotting every SPL ground, but its up to individuals to do what they want, if they want to go then go if they dont then dont. I will not be giving a penny to any of them.
  11. Tragic. RIP to a fellow bear and thoughts are with his family.
  12. Always remember Walters reaction to our 3rd, class.
  13. Hard to nail it down to 1, so i'll go with Albertz penalty at their jungle in the 3-0 game that won us the league. Few others considered were Hateley v Leeds or Marseille, Lovenkrands headed winner in scottish cup final and Scott McDonald for Motherwell against them,Novo's penalty against Fiorentina, Hateley's headed against the other them that won us the league + Laudrups Header to seal 9iar
  14. Im in section A7, row NN, west stand, no idea how high up that will be.
  15. I sit in the West Enclosure and couldnt make out what their cards were meant to say. If some wee diddy team want to act like d*cks then thats their choice, we were celebrating a 140 year proud history, thats all that matters. Not 40 Celtics fans who follow Stirling Albion because their Giros aint enough to go to Glasgow every other Saturday.