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  1. New Puma kit

    Where are the stars????
  2. The players were not upto it today. They need to get the mentality of 'we just need to turn up' at away games. We struggled against Brechin and even more so today. The defense were awful today, and i hope Super gets tore into them. Peterhead deserved something from the game, they had the better chances and when we play like that we cant complain about a draw. We will hammer teams at Ibrox, but need to get their finger out for away games.
  3. License Granted?

    Rumour is spl to get 15 rangers games as part of there tv coverage, 30 odd games to rangers tv with 20% of proceeds going to sfl no stripping of trophies Can anyone confrim this? ( maybe been mentioned on the thread already, but im at work and cant read through all the pages )
  4. License Granted?

    SPL the corrupt b*stards, want our titles, want our tv money, take a gun to our head why dont you. Shower of w*nkers. Just give us our membership, yous have caused us enough grief, not allowed us to play any competetive friendlies and we are due to play our first game of the season in FOUR days. Yous have really shown your class here SPL. F*ck the SPL :wanker: :wanker: :wanker:
  5. SFL vote Rangers into Division Three

    Delighted with the vote. Division 3 here we come. F*ck the SPL, no-one likes us, we dont care! WATP and we will be back.