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  1. Fucking useless cunts, had 30 on Barca and they throw away a 2-0 lead...
  2. Going for; Man Utd Real Reading Stoke £5 on for about £60 returns Think Stoke are going to do me tbh!
  3. Don't post a lot! But lurk in this topic quite a lot! I currently use coral for betting but have today decided that im going to use bet365 as they have a larger market. Is this a good decision or is there any better sites?
  4. Just stuck £10 on Seville draw no bet 6/1 seems pretty decent!
  5. £15.00 on Man Utd, Man City and Arsenal £85 returns...
  6. Don't know if any1 else has mentioned this but the hearts top is out and it may be the same design for us? Can't photo shop so would be kool if some1 had time eh do it so we could see what it would look like. hearts.bmp
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