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  1. Difficult one today....on the one had I really want us to destroy these cunts for the playoff debacle but 100% understand where the gaffer is viewing this as a glorified preseason game. 3-1 win hopefully! ??
  2. It's somewhat depressing to see that the over reactions on here never change......defensively we need to improve no doubt and that's as a team and we desperately need to add a natural DM. BUT......we have made massive strides forward this year and we will have ups and downs and everyone's entitled to their opinions but the critisim of individuals is getting a bit boring
  3. I was very confident that quigg was winning by KO but after seeing the weigh in I thought quigg looked really drained at the weight.....
  4. Poor today but take the 3 points.....big concern for me is that we aren't seeming able to even create many clear cut chances over the last few games....not sure about MOH seems to be a bit one trick pony
  5. We are undoubtedly not clinical enough and desperately need a number 9 who stays in the box that said we didn't play poorly today. Created loads of chances and were a bit unlucky at times. The pitch definetly didn't help....they literary had everyone inside their 18 yard box at times! Keep the faith plus junkie scum still drawing
  6. I really like frampton but I think Quigg is criminally underrated....I think it will be a much closer fight than many think. In an ideal world this year we will get to see fights with Khan vs brook, frampton vs quigg and degale vs groves!
  7. To be honest if it means mcculloch, black and others get their jotters Id take it! It just goes to show what a mess Mccoist left is in, where we will be paying guys up to 10k a week to sit on the bench whilst all our best youngsters have either left or are rotting in the reserves.
  8. There out of oak furniture land, so you know they'll last! Ha! Good old auto correct
  9. I will say again, I have nothing against these players and really have no idea how good or bad they are but really we are in this mess because of mccoist! The Tims are tonight signing two of the best young players in scotland in long term desks whilst we are plugging gaps because ally was a joke and wouldn't give our youngsters a chance!
  10. Ally should hang his head in absolute shame for how he has ruined us....these Newcastle lads may or may not be good players but imagine had he actually bled our own youngsters in the third division we wouldn't need to do this! Happy with any player to improve us and give us a better chance of promotion but very short term thinking again!
  11. So that's 2 semi finals in a row that simonsen has cost us a goal! Good strike yes but it went right through him!
  12. Black switched off....awful start, just gave them that!
  13. He needs chased....the so called Rangers man is wanting his golden handshake and until he gets it he will continue to drag us down! Those foolish enough to continue backing him with this debacle are guilty of helping to kill our club!
  14. I hate that I think this way but it strikes me that this is a ploy from ally to deflect attention away from his ineptitude so he can get his golden handshake and still come out looking like the good guy instead of manning up, accepting his failings and walking away to allow the club to progress under a real manager!
  15. We are crying out for pace! We are crying out for width! He takes of macleod for boyd! These fucking dicks singing super ally are an embarrassment!
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