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  1. On reflection, having read the rest of the thread, and re-read the response we got, perhaps we were a little too hasty in our capitulation. The fact the UEFA banned the song - does that mean it must not be sung at European games, or all games? If it's the former then all we really need to do is to organise education (e.g. flyering and such) to have people sing a slightly altered lyric (suspect we'd only need to drop the one word/phrase) as long as the syllables are consistent it could be anything.... "we're up to our knees in nationalists"? Whatever. The idea that "we are the Billy boys" is illegal is false - even the police themselves only said basically "we cannot give this police sanction" [due to the nature of the history of the phrase]. That's a far cry from "you'll get charged for singing it". I wonder if we did the stuff we intended to do with regard the flyering, match day inserts, or whatever, and actually got the majority of support to sing an altered version, we could then go to UEFA and say "hey we've change this lyric, demonstrably" and also point out the other various clubs that use the same tune - they might be more inclined to reconsider at that point. Thoughts? We don't need police permission, or SFA permission - we just need them to not attack us for singing the song (hence why lyrical change is important). Having the club on board would be a great help though - and with Rangers men in charge again, perhaps this could be a goer? I don't have the time, resources, or indeed contacts to really work with the club on this, I wonder if any of the other committee members are in a better position?
  2. That's it! I think that may be the letter I received too. Well found bud.
  3. Just catching up on the thread, but while I am reading it I thought I would post an update: I've had an initial canned response from FoCUS, but after explaining I am looking for a specific letter and given all the pertinent information, they're looking for it for me. Hopefully they'll find it. Note that the impression i got about this at the time was that FoCUS themselves were for the idea, but when word got a little higher up the chain of "command" it got squashed. Not sure if by the PF or someone else.
  4. Oh fair enough, sorry for misunderstanding. In that case I agree with you that it is absolute bollocks. It really seems like one rule for us and one rule for everyone else.
  5. Firstly, don't call me a liar, especially when I was not the only witness to this, and there is documentary evidence. Secondly were the officer's initials EM or MM? As those were the two officers in question. Note that what you said you were told by FoCUS is the same thing we were told by FoCUS initially, right up until the issue was escalated - it was at that point that the whole thing got swiftly squashed.
  6. I have asked for another copy of the letter, I know that initially we were told that any reference to the billy boys was banned, as well as the more obvious stuff. Sorry a lot has happened in my life since 2013 - if I get another copy send I'll post it here. Failing that one of the other committee members could jump in as I am pretty sure we were all informed.
  7. I can't find it, I think i threw it out when i moved house last year, I could request it to be re-sent though which might happen - I'll send them an email now.
  8. I was doing some clearing out the other day and I found the paperwork about that committee I set up. It occurred to me that I cannot remember whether or not I ever updated the forum on what happened with the committee we founded to try and sort out the TBB problem. Well everything was going smoothly, the nominations had happened, the votes were cast, the team was assembled and we were in discussion via telephone meetings. Everything looked good, we were assigned a representative on the FoCUS police unit who was very supportive of our efforts and very helpful. We even had a meeting at Motherwell Police Station on 19/4/2013 attended physically by two or three of the committee and myself via telephone conference call. The officers present felt that our aims were reasonable and achievable, and that it was only a matter of addressing it correctly. So we waited patiently for the follow-up from the officer who had agreed to seek further advice (from the procurator fiscal) on how best to go about it and what we needed to change, etc. Later the following week I received a phone call explaining that we had no chance at all of making any progress whatsoever, and that the song in question "TBB" would remain banned in any form, irrespective of lyrical changes the song would remain banned. Shortly afterwards I received a rather formal letter from FoCUS basically telling me we were wasting our time and that there was no way at all we would be able to have this song in any form, end of story. That's as far as we got, the committee agreed that there wasn't much point in us continuing to exist, so we disbanded. As I said I cannot remember whether or not I have already informed everyone about this, apologies if I am repeating myself, and if not I apologise for being three years late. ~Vini
  9. Not sure whether or not this is a popular thought (probably not?) - not been around for a while. But on the off chance the guy Googles himself or glances this way I'd like him to know there's at least one fan who'd really appreciate his help. Newcastle Utd is being run profitably in a much more competitive league (all right there's more money but by comparison to other clubs their business model is sound).
  10. Bluenoses who turned

    I guess it's entirely possible for someone who has no family connections with one community or the other, to choose to support one and then change to the other - but I wouldn't really call that sort of person a Bluenose. Being a Bluenose is more than just supporting the team, in my opinion, because WATP, and for that, and many other reasons it's RTID for me, and the same goes for every True Blue I've ever known.
  11. Am I the only one happy for Ally?.....Naw

    Tonight was a great game, we looked hungry for the first time since we were demoted. I especially liked how, at 6-0 up, we we're still looking for goals, right up to the final whistle. This is by far the best we have played since last summer at least. Having said all that, I am slightly cringing at the reaction on here. It's one game vs Airdrie. One game in more than a full season. Two or three games after being *knocked out of the league cup in the very first round*. It was a good game, and a good win, I'm happy tonight - but I'm not getting carried away. Only a sustained series of similar performances (performances, not results) for weeks and months would really put my mind at rest about Ally (and even then question marks hang over his ability at a higher level, and that of his staff). Happy & cautiously optimistic, with perhaps pessimistic/realistic considerations.
  12. We should sign a Jamaican - that's a groovy flag.
  13. Diamonds Are Forever

    Tell me more about these sexy boys.
  14. SFL3 Home League Attendance Increase from last season...

    Does this mean we own Queens Park now?
  15. Pretty gutted if I am honest.