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  1. I have a good number of Asian friends, and have had for most of my life, and amongst my friends the only ones who would be insulted by the word "paki" are the ones of Indian descent.
  2. I added yermaw145 to ignore, I would appreciate if you stop quoting him in this thread as quoted ignored posts are shown in your post. This thread, in fact has run its course. It was for nominations, which are now done, and so there is no need for it to continue to be open for any troll that wants to derail it further. On that basis I have asked the moderators to close it
  3. I suggested that you may be either lazy or illiterate - I also apologised later, I do not drink often and was encouraged to participate in a birthday party drinking game - again not an excuse, merely an explanation. I also said that you were trolling, when in actual fact your hostile responses were caused by my initial response to you - I was wrong, I thought I had made that clear but this should clarify that. I do not believe I questioned your support of Rangers, and if I did, I apologise for this as well. I have taken the time to go back through this thread and answer your questions, please do me the courtesy of either responding civilly, or letting it go.
  4. You may be right, however at this stage it is unclear. No need to speculate though really, the truth of the matter will soon become apparent.
  5. As it happens I have spent some time reading your past posts, and talking to people in private messages to try and find out why you are so hostile to Rangers fans. The general consensus so far is that you either have a drinking problem or are not a Rangers fan, a few people also thought you were being deliberately obtuse in an attempt to troll. If you re-read the last few pages of this thread it will be clear that it was you who initiated the personal attacks. Point in fact, if I was of a mind, I might have a case in court if I sued you for libel. Edit: Oh, and as for your assertion that I am a liar - this is laughable as the evidence for the truth of what I posted is written in your own hand, all over this thread.
  6. That's not really for the committee to decide, the task is to liaise with the various authorities and the club, as well as supporters groups and such, in order to first ascertain exactly which words must be changed, and then come up with various alternatives and get a vote on them. Once that is done it's a case of promoting change with flyering and such. It would actually be best for the end result if the people on the committee weren't all in agreement of which "version" should be sung. It's not up to the committee to choose the new words, it's up to the support as a whole. All opinions will be taken into account, including those who have a problem with our efforts - however the final decisions will be driven by the majority - via polling. The only opinion that will currently be disregarded (for the moment) is the one of people who think this committee should not make any efforts at all. We have no intention of pressurising Charles Green (as if that were possible) - the intention is to find out what the situation is from all relevant parties/authorities, and attempt to come to some resolution that will stop the song being sung in its current, arguably sectarian, form - which undoubtedly hurts the club and supporter reputation.
  7. It is an accurate reflection on the various polls about the subject on various supporter websites - with a combined total of several thousand respondents. See: http://forum.rangersmedia.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=238291&hl=poll for one such poll.
  8. It is not his opinion that is the problem, per se, it is everything else about every post he makes.
  9. Tannerall, I would like to apologise for my hostile response to you last night/this morning. I had just got in from a party, was drunk, already annoyed, and became further agitated by the "yermaw" troll. This is not an excuse, merely an explanation. Once again, I apologise - I will now find the answers to your perfectly reasonable questions.
  10. You may be right, I was quite drunk last night - but having re-read new posts today - the fact that he seems to have the same opinion/attitude to this other guy makes me highly suspicious. However, in the interests of returning to civility, I will now go and find my answers.
  11. You're not a Rangers fan because you lace every single post you make with malice towards Rangers fans. You're not a Rangers fan because you have repeatedly insulted different groups of fans, just in this thread, in this thread. You're not a Rangers fan, because in two years on this site, no one I am in contact with has ever heard you say a single positive thing about Rangers or Rangers fans. You're not a Rangers fan because you feel the need to attack and insult Rangers fans who are trying to do something good. You're not a Rangers fan because you ignore all the clear, salient points in Rangers fans' posts and just reply to ones you can attempt to spin - this is a typical tactic of the great unwashed. You are not a Rangers fan because your default stance, response, tone, attitude, to Rangers fans on this forum is to attack and insult. You're not a Rangers fan because you are clearly out of touch with Rangers support, which tells us all that you haven't attended a game in a long time, if ever, and that you do not have many/any Rangers fans in your (probably very limited) circle of friends/family. Most of all though, you're not a Rangers fan because the very idea that some form of our greatest chant might return has you biting, and snarling, and frothing and foaming at the mouth like a rabid dog.
  12. I answered the questions directly. Please go and troll somewhere else.
  13. I'm not going to repeat myself because you are too lazy/illiterate to read the posts where I have already answered these questions.
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