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  1. How to pretend to be a dominant centre-back and leader while appearing terrified of a football?
  2. I thought he was less of a shitebag physically than normal tonight, just had to go ruin it by thinking he's a footballer.
  3. That was painful to watch, but judging by how few people got out their seats when it fell to him, not unsurprising. A chronic lack of composure in doing anything right now.
  4. Having to play in this Rangers team looks far from fun too often, even before the opposition get involved. He'll have offers to play in a better league, with better players, for more money, and with more chance of keeping his place for Croatia. If we make him stay and he doesn't get arsey about it, great.
  5. More hope than confidence about that here, but SG would get major respect if he showed that there have to be consequences for being that gutless and pathetic.
  6. 4-3-3, designed in Liverpool - it's the future! 😷 🙂
  7. Do you think that's done with immediately, or with next season in mind?
  8. Yeah, I did pick that part up on a second listen. I hope it's some kind of recognition that it's a useless trait that will do us and him no good.
  9. It's like a scripted mantra now. He watches that like the rest of us, sees players who can't even take the personal responsiblity to challenge Steven Naismith for headers, but somehow they're all captains.
  10. It was so bad tonight, I had a dream that Sheyi Ojo came on to give us some attacking threat.
  11. "I've got a dressing room full of leaders."
  12. Mentally feeble and not hungry enough to do anything to win. I'd argue that other teams - complete dross like Hearts and other SPFL shite - "getting at us", and it being enough to stop us easily, shows a lack of technical skill too.
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