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  1. I think so too, and he has previous for appearing to be much more comfortable criticising Katic in public. Not completely undeserved here but to wilfully single him out again, in a game where every other outfield player and a referee were culpable, feels a bit lazy.
  2. Too many of them don't give the impression of being hurt by losing either.
  3. Bet it was Katic! 🙂 Still more of a pointed criticism than the fleeting mention of the disallowed goal.
  4. Who does everyone think the 'one individual error' comment was aimed at?
  5. It has to be deliberate, despite it costing us over and over again. Maybe he thinks it's beneath him? Niko Katic has had more snark aimed at him in SG interviews than shite like Beaton.
  6. Another group of players who use manufactured hatred of a club to raise their levels twice a season. A shame that our players, on the end of racist abuse, objects thrown from stands, refs taking the piss, and general vitriol from all angles, can't seem to be arsed to take it personally and do something similar.
  7. Pure fear of taking responsibility and it not working. A worry about the mentality of the whole squad when the manager's favourite player is giving in to it.
  8. More hopeful that they'll implode, rather than us doing it by ourselves. Shit state of affairs.
  9. And when your history of squad management results in having Kent, Jones, Barker and Ojo as options in a team that doesn't play with wingers, it doesn't inspire confidence that you'll get it right next time around. Watching your team be completely shite for over a month and making one change at a time suggests the same.
  10. The players have no belief that they're good enough - for all the little things that happen during one game, way before thinking they can win a trophy. Champions win like it's a reflex, this Rangers team makes everything look like a struggle.
  11. All valid points. All things that we can't, or won't, do anything to change. Players whose second touch is a tackle, attack like they've just met for a kickabout, and are too shit scared of failing to beat a man that they'll refuse to ever try, seems more like something we might be willing to address.
  12. Watch every player shake that wee prick's hand before they leave the pitch.
  13. One example of us not doing things with enough purpose - passing, tackling, running at defenders, pressing high. Arfield starts shooting like he means it and it works.
  14. He's probably frustrated at his attempts at controlling the ball, making two yard passes successfully...
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