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  1. Surprised they didn't use a Rangers ST for their picture
  2. I tried to be more diplomatic in my response, but nail and head with yours!
  3. So right now you would prefer a team of "Rangers men" rather than having the odd quality players who are to good for us? We can't topple celtic based on players like that
  4. Before throwing her off the club deck
  5. Bints stream has gone down.. Edit: Probably just turned it off just before half time whistle, sorry Natalia!
  6. Apparently Smalling was assaulted as well...
  7. No one can say there hasn't been progress, but games like tonight are too similar to aberdeen first game, motherwell away, hibs at home, livi away, st johnston/killie at home. It's only a goal each game but been happening too much
  8. Only pub that may have shown it closed few years ago - worth giving the hotel (The Winnock) a call to check though.
  9. Thought it wasn't much when watching a stream, but that clip is a blatant intention, he knows Kamara is right by him and swings out. At first I thought Alfredo was due his red against McKenna, but seeing another angle then don't think it is. How these people can spend so much time viewing the incidents at different angles yet still come out with these decisions. Systems fucked.
  10. Just like the game, i can't see them...
  11. I find sectarianism in a girl a turn on
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