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  1. Div 3, 2 and 1 titles

    It's not a wind up, it's a genuinefucking question and at the time of posting it's 50/50. You want a 6th star on the shirt for 60 titles including 3 from lower divisions? That's just open to every cunt saying, "Aye but 3 were in the lower divisions" etc....
  2. Div 3, 2 and 1 titles

  3. Div 3, 2 and 1 titles

    Already a 50/50 split. The reason I am posting as this could lead to fans confusion. Wonder what the clubs stance will be? When will be see the 6th star on the jersey? At 60 top flight or 57 top flight and the other 3. TOP FLIGHT ONLY FOR ME.
  4. Div 3, 2 and 1 titles

    Just depends really. If there is one then it would have to be a yes, but then if there isn't then it would be no. There is always the fact that it could be very difficult to tell either way because getting concrete stuff down is increasingly difficult, this is in spite of the advancement of technology in the last few years.
  5. Div 3, 2 and 1 titles

    If as expected, we win div 3, 2 and 1 to get back into the SPL (although I still think the league will be restructured and we'll be in SPL2 or nearer the top flight before then), would these be added to the 54 titles? So by the time we get to the SPL would we have 57 titles or do folk only really see the top flight titles as ones to add to the number?
  6. Sky and Espn

    What a lot of shite. Rangers games will probably end up on Sky/ESPN if the rights are bundled in with the SPL rights. That seems to be part of the deal in us getting membership.
  7. Thoughts on Division Three

    Good post
  8. Congrats to Lee Wallace

    Congratulations Mr Wallace. Hope you are here for the long haul.
  9. How many times

    What an utter wank of a post
  10. I think we should accept the sanctions...

    The consensus is all over the place. Do we lie down until they stop kicking to ensure safe passage into the league? Do we fight it and reject it and end up not getting in e league at all this year and seeing the club actually not existing? What options do we have? What options does Green have? I odn't think the rest of the clubs will feel that we need any further sanctions, 'sporting integrity' has been done. Obviously if it comes out we were cheating using an illegal EBT scheme then the oldco could be punished, stripped titles etc...but what more can they do to us? We barely have a squad.
  11. I am for a 12 month membership suspension

    Green would cut his losses, asset strip us and end up walking away with a small profit. We'd be fucked.
  12. The very future of Rangers.

    I'm worried that because we are going in as a new club and we are an exception, getting in without 3 years accounts (which are apparently the rules), then they can make up what they want as they go along. If they fuck us up this year and we can't get promoted then it could be 2017 before we're playing top flight football again. Wish we could just fuck off to England.
  13. Big Jig , journeyman to gers god

    Good of him to stay but hardly a GERS LEGEND. When this is done and dusted and things are back to normal hardly anyone will remember him. If he's not having to take a pay cut then why would he leave? He's 34 years old for fuck sake. Yes, he could play in the SPL for another club on less wages or like a few others have pointed out, uproot his family and move to League 1 or lower championship for the same cash but what's the point? From a PR perspective what he is doing for the club is great though. But 'LEGEND' and 'GOD' is laughable.
  14. Gazza wants to play again

    He could be an impact sub