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  1. Matt McKay...signed by in 2011 and played 3 games in 6 months before it all went tits up.
  2. Humping the ball from back to front constantly gifted them possession. We seemed scared to hold the ball. Was crying out for a bit of confidence to just move the ball on and keep it for a while. Thumping it at Lafferty or Morelos and expecting them to fight for it isn't good enough.
  3. Miller is just class. Scores the goal, runs straight to Waghorn.
  4. Those pricks sitting in the director's box better have a plan.
  5. Miller: "Do you think the coaching staff keep Garner in a straitjacket, locked in a padded cell during the week and only let him out for the game?" Johanssen: "Hmmm I don't know..."
  6. Garner takes 5 touches to get the ball under control, McKay can still be great given time but needs dropped ASAP, Halliday can't boss a game and seems to tire easily, we left a massive hole in the middle all the time and invited them forward. Wallace hasn't kicked a ball all season. Tav was sound and did well going forward, Hodson was great and him and Tav combined well on the right. The exact opposite of what we had on the other side of the park. Holt is busy but doesn't have the physicality. Hill and Kiernan had their best games for us and Gilks deserves to start the next game after that.
  7. Was the idea that Warburton and Rangers are "relying heavily" on the loan system when we've had to build a team from scratch and have done so without spending massive sums of cash. Supplementing the core squad with a few good loan signings isn't "relying heavily".
  8. Tit Rae "Rangers have relied heavily on the loan market". Three players, only one of which started. Usual negative spin.
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