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  1. "It's launched infield by Stevens, there's Butcher, back with WILKINS! Absolutely magnificent from Ray Wilkins. Ten minutes to half time and a goal that Ray Wilkins will never have bettered in an illustrious career. Well, a goal made in England: the throw from Gary Stevens, the header on from Terry Butcher, the stunning volley from Wilkins, and Andrews scarcely moved." My favourite commentary ever. Jock Brown in the 5-1 game.
  2. http://vipboxing.top/soccer/watch-39ba35-Rangers-fc-st-mirren?l=1376870731
  3. Nice of them to let Ryan Stevenson off death row for the night to turn out for Stranraer.
  4. Put it this way, if he doesn't win the league and we punt him you might as well give them 12 in a row right now. He's proved himself competent and he's the best chance we have.
  5. Perfect stream here. Takes a few seconds to get going. Click the "full screen" link. https://www.vipstand.se/tag/Rangers-live-sports-stream
  6. Miller is just class. Scores the goal, runs straight to Waghorn.
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