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  1. True, but the team had never been allowed to disintegrate like it had from 2012.
  2. I'd like to see our current defenders doing some of this.
  3. Theirs. Standards are important.
  4. Who is dug and why do we want him out?
  5. I thought the point was to sign better players so that the current 1st team become the squad. Or did I misunderstand something?😁
  6. I'd play kent right wing and jamie murphy on the left.
  7. I think hagi is a fantastic player who will also improve. Two footed too. Our own van der vaart.
  8. Just get that £4m spent before admin
  9. You using a special app for that formation?😁
  10. True (apart from McGregor and davis). Hoping this is the year of the tavernier. (See what I did there? Pure talent)
  11. It's almost as bad as that tattie howk at Livingston.
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