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  1. They're not newsworthy though.
  2. I think that's a fair point RB and it is all about balance. Without wanting to open up any kind of debate about Board investment, I think European football is a big part of our investment strategy and in recruiting quality players who couldn't play European football any other way (e.g from the lower half of the premier leagues across Europe). It will be a source of income and an enticement for recruitment. Add to that the main objective being competitiveness ie coming a very narrow second having beaten Celtic in our home games, it's about building momentum rather than buying a team like Advocaat and Smith have done. It may well be that certain players will be played more sparingly at first, but we will also have a few players coming in and leaving over the summer. Those coming in may be rested or in need of a rest, we just don't know. I think there will be a big effort for the opening rounds of Europe which should make us match sharp for the start of the season. That, at least should be a positive.
  3. This too.
  4. I'm no expert on this but the football calendar now spreads over 11 months of the year. most of us spread our holidays and days off. maybe that needs to happen more with footballers, particularly as we talk more about it being a squad game. There will maybe be times when a player gets a holiday during the season etc etc. I'm aware there are a huge number of pitfalls to do with playing your best players, staying at peak fitness, disrupting the flow, but injury and suspension does that anyway. In my opinion, we would probably be better having a shorter league campaign which finished earlier.
  5. Maybe it's not actually the players that are leaking? Although a few of them clearly have weak bladders!
  6. It bothered me at the time and I don't want him back. But allegiances in football (with football players) is not a thing I pay much attention to, it changes because they become your employer. When it comes down to it there are folk in Boardrooms that I want to see locked up as a result of what happened and I can't wait for 55. The likes of Lafferty should never be part of that. Even if we had a transfer fee for him, he's not good enough.
  7. Waghorn isn't as bad as made out. His finishing under pressure is woeful but he does create chances. I just think if he's playing there's no point having Garner in because he can't finish either and neither can Mckay (except on some very special occasions) . The problem with playing Waghorn is that it makes the team into a front three, which hasn't been working.
  8. I've nothing much against him but I don't want Norwich rejects thank you. We're building a brave new world around here.
  9. He'll stop being ridiculed when he wins contests like the one we capitulated in last Sunday. When he's successful, they'll listen, when he isn't, they'll scoff. It's what they do.
  10. I think they'll be a close third
  11. yes, with Aberdeen 2nd
  12. We're going to win this Saturday, you can sense the anger and Waggie is excited about playing in Europe. Good, he should be. I reckon all this dissatisfaction is paper talk.
  13. I think it's ridiculous & Caixhina should be ashamed. Those poor boys had to chuck a semi-final game so they didn't have to play a final & therefore could get a longer holiday. He's ruined it all!
  14. atakaya?
  15. fair point. He is the best striker we have & he had better not be next season. He and dodoo are the only finishers and waghorn and garner create mayhem that leads to goals but don't really create them (e.g. With a killer pass or cross). I think/hope we sign a striker that can create and score goals. It's been my impression that tav & miller have an understand & that's where millers goals come from.