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  1. It's all fair enough and a bit of a contrast between what he actually says and the way it's reported in the papers. I didn't hear him "blast Warburton". Did anyone else? It's pretty clear the money will be there for the new window and once Pedro has assessed the squad. King once success in Europe and competition with Celtic. He knows it takes investment and some of the poorer performers will leave, though most of them still have a year or so on their contracts. I reckon we could still turn a wee profit on one or two and a few more have been underperforming but Pedro will turn around. Murty started the process and Pedro will continue it. They are better players than their most recent performances, they needed to believe in their manager that's all.
  2. He's foreign and yet steeped in Rangers, a huge supporter who has maintained his interest. Also, having never been any kind of manager, wouldn't have the baggage that comes with it-clash of egos or methods. If the chemistry is there he would be an excellent shout.
  3. you missed out hookers. It's a great game.
  4. you mean the DR got something correct?
  5. How the hell do they know this stuff. Some guy connected with some club down south watches a match involving one of our players & suddenly they want him? Do me a favour!
  6. I've nothing against Ferguson whatsoever but for this role I would choose McCulloch if he'd come.
  7. Oops! Next you'll be telling me Toral won't get a USA call up.
  8. If he gets back to his best he'll play. Some players will leave and others will come in. That's about it. I hope Hyndman and Toral stay but it's not in our gift. I suspect Bournemouth will want Toral back if he stays on form.
  9. I do agree because it's not in our control. Even if we win both matches against Aberdeen they still need to drop a further three points - unless we also outscore them by 20 goals over the remaining matches. We do seem to be coming onto a game though. G.M deserves much of the praise for that but Caixhina seems to have them playing in a way and in a formation that works for the players we have.
  10. The DR seem pretty certain this will be someone nearer the age of the squad so Nacho Novo or Barry Fergus seem more likely picks than Brown. Barry will be keen to set the record straight as to the comparisons to PLG and his role in it.
  11. No Chance. They have records to aim for. However, they not be able to take their foot off the gas if the title is already won. There's a part of me wants them to win it now for that reason. They'll start to drop points once it's won and we can close the gap and win second with the gap at under 21 points as well as win the Scottish Cup. This reminds me just a bit of when big Eck came in. Look what happened in his first full season.
  12. Do-able but not in our own hands regrettably. Aberdeen are on fire too and won't drop many points. From our point of view the international break has come at the right time to break up their rhythm. All we can do is win our remaining games and hope they lose one additional one. I have a feeling we have turned a corner and can beat them home and away and take 3 points from Celtic. I have a sneaky feeling that am erratic |Hearts just might take points off them at Tynecastle. I'm not sure we can overhaul their goal difference so another point needs to come from somewhere.
  13. He can certainly pick a pass and seems comfortable in the 4-2-3-1 formation paired with Holt. Both of them will start to add goals soon and we'll all benefit. Hopefully Arsenal won't want him back this year and we get him for another year with a pre-season.
  14. Good player who needs a good coach and a system he understands. He will do a good job for us in the games where we're not outgunned, which is most of them.
  15. negatives. Bit worried our best players are loanees or out of contract.