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  1. 1-0 away win. Hoping Kranjcar will play more minutes.
  2. I don't know about most folk but I think we are clearly a better side than last year, much more solid. There is still an issue with taking chances though. Last year we couldn't create the chances let alone score them, and we leaked badly at the back. It's the right direction, the question is more about speed of progression. Some of these players will definitely come good. Despite the early hoopla, we'll be at worst, runners up. It takes time to build up the confidence and flow that Celtic have and, to a lesser degree, Aberdeen & st Johnstone, but it will come.
  3. Ffs
  4. that's wEIrd. I free with the op. miller isn't finished but we need to have another quality striker.
  5. if I replaced caixhina, the first thing id do is thank him for having won the league at his first attempt.
  6. no matter what some folk think right now. It's not caixhina.
  7. I did cringe at the best training session ever. That was Warburton to the power of 10
  8. yeah, st Johnstone knocked Celtic off the top.
  9. stop it. I'm living in rainbow happy land.
  10. Thank fuck, you've saved me the bother.
  11. No, but we are clearly a work in progress. We are still naive and find it difficult to respond to adversity as a team. This team needs to develop the slickness of Advocaat's team with the camaraderie of Smith's first. There are very positive signs but we need to get back on track immediately.
  12. Getting nervous for this one. Lots of crosses and runs will come from poor defensive displays in our left back area. neither Windass nor Kranjcar can defend, so the LB will be isolated.
  13. Tough game, but Caixhina will understand its importance.
  14. Wasn't meant to be miserable, more a gut reaction that took me right back to that moment. It's early but this team is showing real momentum. Let's see what happens against Hibs. A win and I'll dare to hope.
  15. It was Dunfermline and therefore Helicopter Sunday all over again