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  1. I do feel we caught to be able to divert our attention to more important things without having to worry about the unscrupulous trying to claim titles while backs are turned. If there is genuine discussion of alternatives and theres a decision I dont like, I can bear that, but not this attempt to steal the discourse, as if there are no alternatives.
  2. It's the charity Garry o'connor is involved with.
  3. You washed each other's hands. With your trouser legs rolled up?
  4. Amato in Texas homecare in milngavie. It became Homebase. He was buying a mop. I had just bought a rabbit I called lorenzo because I'd bumped into him the day before at the Tesco checkout.
  5. I think that since 2007/2008 season, accelerated by the opportunism of 2012 they have operated a hegemony that many are blind to and that is truly appalling.
  6. My goodness, you're so cagey. It's impossible to work out your opinion.😁
  7. With the best will in the world, I don't think any of these players have been accused of paedophilia. If they win it they win it. I think the titles since 2012 have been tainted, and they should not be awarded this one, but that statement was a consolation too far. Still, I hope that club gets its comeuppance.
  8. Sporting integrity should have us offering to crown the leaders champions and the leaders insisting the whole thing is null and void. I'm a very polite chap and would eventually, with a heavy heart, have to accept that offer.
  9. I have a solution. They play 3 games in 5 days away at livingston, kilmarnock and Hamilton on their plastic pitches. If they win all 3 they get to play a "cup final " against us at hampden. The winner is the champion. All matches to be refereed by Dutchmen.
  10. I assume that the spfl could schedule some games but not old firm games making sure we can't overtake them.
  11. As tannerall said, it's not just about the method, it's the message that there is more than one way to attempt fairness. The discourse is important here.
  12. This is going to be a very long and torturous close season.
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