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  1. So much head shaking. Take yourself off to the Car Club deck.😕😮
  2. Any less than 9 points and Gerrard out! 😁
  3. Stewart is probably the best choice for this game. Levein makes them play without a striker on occasion, so the hearts half will be crammed with bodies.
  4. Yep, so what went wrong with the old firm game? The young boys result was clear because of individual mistakes but at home against them we didn't turn up. Let's hope it was an aberration.
  5. Should have been stewart for ojo earlier and king for jack.
  6. It was naive rather than embarrassing. Ojo looked nervous and his lack of experience showed. Tav made 2 stupid mistakes and we failed to control the ball in midfield. It was very close and these are fine margins. All 4 teams lost away. It's even.
  7. writingranger


    This time next year, with champions league football, £7m will be pin money 😁.
  8. writingranger


    I'm feeling that at 5he moment but don't know who could play that role. Docherty?
  9. writingranger


    I think he's ok now and will improve
  10. He's probably ok really but him and goldson kack pace. I'd like to see katic and edmondson against teams that break at pace.
  11. I think saturday will be a stuffy game that we should win. We have more scope for freshening things up and they'll be tired and deflated. We also have better players. They will park the bus.
  12. Agreed, although king might get the nod. I thought he steadied things quite a bit.
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