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  1. Statement from A Johnston

    This will make up a few peoples minds not to renew. That is guaranteed.
  2. Statement from A Johnston

    Fucking hell the hits keep on coming. What a complete fucktard.
  3. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    Holy shit, where did this come from Are the photos of auchenhowie gates chained real or photoshop? The reality that I have to ask that says so much about how totally fucked we are right now.
  4. Kris Boyd getting ripped into King

    But but but but come on guys, King is awesome. Get in there bhoys go defend him, We need you now
  5. We are disgraceful

    The boycott is going to look after itself. We have zero chance of winning the league in the next 3 years and a cup win is an outside chance just as it is with Motherwell etc. We are run by a crook who is in a never ending legal muddle and have no credible plan to get out of where we are. What a fun filled time to look forward to, how could you boycott that? Yesterday afternoon instead of watching the 2nd half I replaced the leaking tap and then in the evening we went out to see ready player one. Completely unimaginable scenario 2 years ago.
  6. ***Official Rangers v Taigs Thread***

    The whole team are absolutely shitting themselves. They are so out of their depth it's fucking nauseous to see
  7. ***Official Rangers v Taigs Thread***

    Their defense has been shown to be supremely fragile depending on who turns up so If we get thru midfield with pace then they could be easily taken out. It's getting that far the problems lie.
  8. New Vanguard Bear Article.

    Comparatively I don't think it's fallen at all, you are just getting left behind. The union is not serving any purpose and has had it's day. Once we lose the backing of Europe can be ragdolled by anyone who wants to take a pop with no back up. Just because you think we have for clout doesn't make it a reality.
  9. If we get the 10 million and king matches that pound for pound just imagine where we could be when dealing next summer
  10. Ibrox Memorial Garden

    I see the sentiment but this to me is a fucked up idea. It will be a magnet for vandalism that will fall into disrepair and be an embarrassment to the club. Keep it simple is the way to go
  11. ***Official Rangers v Motherwell Match Thread***

    Yup. We are raging at what Motherwell are dishing out but our problem is we have nobody that puts the fear into the bastards in the first place. They know that.
  12. Club 1872 statement on recruitment shambles.....

    At this time Club 1872 have only one purpose. After King has his loans converted to shares at a favourable price Club 1872 will then buy the shares off him at an inflated price and he will walk of into the sunset. I have no evidence it's just a gut feeling of where it's going to end. King got rid of Ashley with Club 1872 money to get Res11 through so it would not be a first for him
  13. sack the board

    The Rangers Standard declare the utter shite served to us last night as a sound performance.
  14. *** The Official Hearts vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    Who the hell is running that youtube stream :)