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  1. Oh for fucksake, Dave has been caught out talking shite about the SD deal so quick throw out another statement about that MacLennan cunt until the heat goes of us. Just rehash what we have already said.
  2. Yes correct We but what about all the shares agreed in the disapplication resolution he needs neither a nomad or listing for these, I think. I still think TOP would go back to CoS if he tried that.
  3. I would call it trying to dilute the other parties so they cannot hit 50%. Only problem is that there are rules barring that, he cannot have a share issue whilst TOP is ongoing.
  4. Exectly and how is going to have a share issue before he buys all the 20p shares he is dodging? Ain't going to happen but don't let reality get in the way. If only we had journalists who could ask these questions this would be a healthier club.
  5. Not in any way defending him but he was put in a terrible place by a bunch of cunts with no plan whatsoever. I find it hard to feel really angry with him
  6. No experience No money ( assurances mean nothing, prove it) We play the scum today. All we have is a name, this is going to end well.
  7. Holy shit, where did this come from Are the photos of auchenhowie gates chained real or photoshop? The reality that I have to ask that says so much about how totally fucked we are right now.
  8. The whole team are absolutely shitting themselves. They are so out of their depth it's fucking nauseous to see
  9. Their defense has been shown to be supremely fragile depending on who turns up so If we get thru midfield with pace then they could be easily taken out. It's getting that far the problems lie.
  10. If we get the 10 million and king matches that pound for pound just imagine where we could be when dealing next summer
  11. Yup. We are raging at what Motherwell are dishing out but our problem is we have nobody that puts the fear into the bastards in the first place. They know that.
  12. I have come to the same conclusion as to you guys. This season has to be considered scrubbed now.
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