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  1. BareGrills

    ***OFFICIAL Rangers V St Johnstone THREAD***

    Davis, just retire, fuck off or do something
  2. BareGrills

    Club Statement

    Oh for fucksake, Dave has been caught out talking shite about the SD deal so quick throw out another statement about that MacLennan cunt until the heat goes of us. Just rehash what we have already said.
  3. BareGrills

    Dave King Full Q&A

    Yup correct but if he had to transfer it to UK it would not be in his bank account it would be in escrow so all this opening a bank account is total shite. He always knew it would have to be in the UK this is just him being a slippery dodgy cunt.
  4. BareGrills

    Dave King Full Q&A

    The cash is held in an escrow account with his agents Alexander David Securities so that whole bank account stuff is King talking shite
  5. BareGrills

    Dave King Full Q&A

    I can't believe any of it
  6. BareGrills

    Dave King Press Conference on Monday

    Yes correct We but what about all the shares agreed in the disapplication resolution he needs neither a nomad or listing for these, I think. I still think TOP would go back to CoS if he tried that.
  7. BareGrills

    Dave King Press Conference on Monday

    I would call it trying to dilute the other parties so they cannot hit 50%. Only problem is that there are rules barring that, he cannot have a share issue whilst TOP is ongoing.
  8. BareGrills

    Dave King Press Conference on Monday

    Exectly and how is going to have a share issue before he buys all the 20p shares he is dodging? Ain't going to happen but don't let reality get in the way. If only we had journalists who could ask these questions this would be a healthier club.
  9. BareGrills

    Club Statement

    If I was Chris Graham or Jimmy Bell I'd be shitting mysel, both of them can't be far off getting a shot at the hot seat.
  10. BareGrills

    Murty Sacked - Confirmed

    Not in any way defending him but he was put in a terrible place by a bunch of cunts with no plan whatsoever. I find it hard to feel really angry with him
  11. BareGrills

    Is Gerrard the "vanity" choice as manager?

    John Barnes, he is nowhere near as proven as John Barnes you Kinglon mong
  12. BareGrills

    Steven Gerrard MBE - New Manager

    No experience No money ( assurances mean nothing, prove it) We play the scum today. All we have is a name, this is going to end well.
  13. BareGrills

    Statement from A Johnston

    This will make up a few peoples minds not to renew. That is guaranteed.
  14. BareGrills

    Statement from A Johnston

    Fucking hell the hits keep on coming. What a complete fucktard.
  15. BareGrills

    Miller and Wallace Suspended

    Holy shit, where did this come from Are the photos of auchenhowie gates chained real or photoshop? The reality that I have to ask that says so much about how totally fucked we are right now.