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  1. Ibrox Memorial Garden

    I see the sentiment but this to me is a fucked up idea. It will be a magnet for vandalism that will fall into disrepair and be an embarrassment to the club. Keep it simple is the way to go
  2. ***Official Rangers v Motherwell Match Thread***

    Yup. We are raging at what Motherwell are dishing out but our problem is we have nobody that puts the fear into the bastards in the first place. They know that.
  3. Club 1872 statement on recruitment shambles.....

    At this time Club 1872 have only one purpose. After King has his loans converted to shares at a favourable price Club 1872 will then buy the shares off him at an inflated price and he will walk of into the sunset. I have no evidence it's just a gut feeling of where it's going to end. King got rid of Ashley with Club 1872 money to get Res11 through so it would not be a first for him
  4. sack the board

    The Rangers Standard declare the utter shite served to us last night as a sound performance.
  5. *** The Official Hearts vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    Who the hell is running that youtube stream :)
  6. Ah yes it's the SNPs fault. Seriously?
  7. ***Official Rangers v Kilmarnock Thread***

    I have come to the same conclusion as to you guys. This season has to be considered scrubbed now.
  8. Consigned to mediocrity.

    Pretty accurate about the gutless board.
  9. Club 1872 meeting

    When you have countless folk willing to pay 500 pounds to join RF I find it very disturbing nd difficult to believe that somehow a whole stadium on armed forces day donate less than 10 pence per person. I can't trust any of these bastards as long as King is involved and through Blair he is involved
  10. Ten Men

    I do remember someone who repeatedly got us out of the ditch and some much needed points.
  11. Ten Men

    Where's the cunt who types with the Mexican accent, he always turns up to defend pedro the fake? I am not a huge fan of Miller but last year he did a job way beyond his years so it is very surprising how he suddenly goes over the cliff. Maybe we could do with signing a couple nights of Pedro Mendezs' unemployables to replace him then we will be top of the league in an instant. Fucking idiots open your eyes.
  12. The Pedro Caixinha Thread

    Toe the line bear
  13. Pena

    back in the day he would have loved Bonkers. Other than that pffft
  14. Bheast FC: Statement

    He has not attacked us that its the fucking problem. Trying to fuck him over with a statement is what i hope the nuggets in charge remember.