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  1. Lol until you try and check out at least
  2. Setup the first, scored from an excellent free kick, wasn’t troubled defensively, clean sheet for the team. Not quite sure what people are looking for tbh.
  3. We’re those for him or for his charity?
  4. Was thrown to the wolves by the suits for behaving like a captain. Good luck to him, hope he does well.
  5. Remove the screens, could also look at dropping the pitch a metre or so, would give 3 or 4 extra rows at the front all the way round
  6. Sorry thought that’s what we did, wrote people off before they’ve ever played for us. The fact you took me seriously says it all.
  7. I’d argue his book will more interesting than any of the others...should he wish to divulge what shenanigans were going on. Arguing about whether or not he’s a legend is futile, unless you define the criteria by which that status is measured.
  8. Haven’t read any of the thread but for me, unpopular as it may be, it saddens me it may be unpopular...John Brown
  9. It comes down to how much someone are willing to pay versus at what level we start considering offers.
  10. Good luck to him, we should have nothing but admiration for how Wallace conducted himself during the most awful time in our history.
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