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  1. Declan John speaks

    Does he say Murty's a clown?
  2. Has anyone ever been less interested in a Rangers game in their lives?
  3. Murty speaks

    Is he wearing a big red nose, curly wig and huge shoes?
  4. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    Running the club day to day is the responsibility of the CEO. I would have thought this would fall under his remit.
  5. Talksport talking about Sundays chaos

    Maybe Warburton will come back and drop his employment tribunal claim
  6. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    Not one for disrespecting Rangers managers when still in the job...But how the fuck is this clown still in charge...seriously it's bewildering.
  7. Talksport talking about Sundays chaos

    I know...I'm just pointing out what happened when our club captain did show some passion and react in the way we would expect someone to care should.
  8. Talksport talking about Sundays chaos

    Well he's been suspended for questioning it in the dressing room. But I agree.
  9. Talksport talking about Sundays chaos

    We couldn't even get close enough to kick them.
  10. Talksport talking about Sundays chaos

    It's no excuse for not trying...what I saw were players who couldn't get close enough to the celtic players as a result of the formation no amount of effort was changing that. They weren't given a chance to compete, it's not surprising they were dejected. But I agree that's not good enough either.
  11. Talksport talking about Sundays chaos

    It was...the formation, team selection and tactics didn't allow us to compete. We all knew that after 5 minutes.
  12. Does anyone believe ?

    Need to announce it soon, even if not taking over until June.
  13. Hummel

    We wouldnt. For them to be interested in us they'd need to be getting more exposure.