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  1. Hope we don't either to be fair.
  2. I would take Naismith back, terrific player.
  3. As far as I'm concerned it's the board, not DK. Their hands were tied by the retail deal, until we know exactly how their interest free loans will be repaid or what percentage equity they will receive in return were in the dark tbh.
  4. Certainly accomplished that...well done.
  5. Must be a good you tube video doing the rounds.
  6. Thank fuck there's only 9 days left.
  7. Excellent.
  8. That's fine, it doesn't take 4 weeks to send 4 emails when we have a team to get ready in 10 days. Either we afford him or we can't. Only caveat to that is Garner or someone else freeing up some wages and bringing in a fee.
  9. We'll be right at home then.
  10. That's him
  11. It was same wee guy that sold them at very away game. He used to walk the terraces.
  12. Progression...seems the board have backed him financially, unless he is an unmitigated disaster he needs to be given time.
  13. Let's hope he wasn't being paid for training
  14. Not my woman, she has 3 weeks pmt and 1 week period.
  15. If he doesn't sign a contract he should be moved on