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  1. Miller's the least of our worries.
  2. Go on a supporters bus.
  3. Pena thought he was a lollipop.
  4. Every cunt on here.
  5. Why should this thread be any different?
  6. He's undoubtedly the source of all our problems, I'm sure someone will pay £3m for such a shite keeper.
  7. + + =
  8. We got a player sent off for making that gesture. Anyway threats like that are silly, just give the press, police and Lennon exactly what they were looking for.
  9. He made a cunt of it, boy just didn't have enough skill to do a proper dummy.
  10. How much skill do you need to have to dummy the ball?
  11. Where's Carlos tonight?
  12. Nani the fanni...to55er
  13. A free cruise, they rowed all the fucking way.
  14. To be fair Toral showed the least in a trully awful team, why the fuck would we want him back? What other than having an impressive CV of couple clubs, all who have said he could leave, would warrant his return?