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  1. Goalkeeper - Wrong Choice

    Doesn't matter if he scored 4 own goals...the decision to play him was the correct one...now in hindsight...
  2. Tav

    Seems he has an issue with Hampden.
  3. Heart, Passion & Desire.

    Lose a goal and it's all over. Score first and we generally settle down.
  4. New Manager... Who?

    Don't trust anyone at the club to appoint the right person. Can we afford to sack him and his entourage? Can we afford not to sack them?
  5. Worrying Stat for Brenda from today

    Can we change the title?
  6. 9 in a Row.

    Hypothetical...was magical time...makes me sad to think back now.
  7. *** The Official Rangers vs Motherwell Match Thread ***

    You need to learn to dread one game at a time m8.
  8. Alex MacDonald

    Think it was because Alex was hearts manager as he grew up. He was always around the club and played for the boys teams too. Not as if Alex could take him to watch Rangers every week like my Dad did.
  9. Alex MacDonald

    Cut about with his son at school, in his house regularly growing up and attended several games as family guest at Tynecastle. A true Rangers man, unfortunately the son wad a Hearts fan Not seen the son for 20 years.
  10. Erskine Poppy Badges sold out!

    Appreciate it, badge excellent thanks.
  11. Will do, in New York be back Friday morning.
  12. @govanblue @Zetland Can donations be made via Paypal again?
  13. Erskine Poppy Badges sold out!

    Excellent thanks very much. Wheres the Erskine Fund Page? Just the nornal fund?
  14. Pena

    You can coach technique...you can't coach instinct. McCoist success was due to stubborness, single mindedness and pure instinct...all the best strikers believe in their ability beyond all others. He was one of the best...lets not forget...winning golden boot even after coefficient correction. The very thing that made him a success as a player made him a failure as a manager.
  15. What we need now

    One swallow doesn't make a summer...thrills me to bits though!