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  1. Aberdeen’s most committed performance of the season
  2. That’s the target reached, amazing. Merry Christmas Jordan.
  3. I think we should give the young lad a break. It should be SG we’re criticising no Ojo.
  4. It’s a bad day when when you have a 3 yard start over Naismith and he beats you to it.
  5. Anyone can get a knee injury, he’s been playing regularly hopefully he’ll be back. All the best to him.
  6. Been blessed in this position, mad to think is he 3rd or 4th best?
  7. There’s been mistakes, but thank fuck he was there and willing to step in. Some may not appreciate his input at the moment, history will show that very differently imo. Remember he’s still the majority shareholder, it’s hardly sayonara.
  8. Looking forward to Jones return, we’ve missed him.
  9. Anyone know if this is relevant? King is not up for re-election in AGM resolutions.
  10. Would have conceded late goal last year. Missed Morelos, Defoe didn’t hold the ball up well at all.
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