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  1. Big Al II

    One man team?

    No one else who can play up front on his own is more accurate. The formation was wrong for the personnel today.
  2. Big Al II

    We are boring to watch.

    We lack creativity, we’ve known that all season, it’s a process, we couldn’t do it all at once
  3. Big Al II

    We better win the cup

    There’s no silver bullet fix to this, we need to be better next season than we were this season. There’s been improvement, the squad is far better, it was never being turned round in 2 windows.
  4. Big Al II


    I agree, but if Morelos isn’t available you have to change the system.
  5. Big Al II


    You don’t create him chances he won’t score goals.
  6. Big Al II


    Pick the formation to suit the players, another huge error from SG
  7. Big Al II


    Defoe isn’t the problem
  8. Big Al II

    Arfield and jack

    Both injured
  9. Big Al II

    12,000 on Season Ticket Waiting List

    10,000 declans
  10. Big Al II

    Professional referees instead of VAR?

    They’re getting almost £30k part time
  11. Big Al II

    McCulloch on Morelos

    Everyone wants a level playing field, we shouldn’t stop trying to get that. But it won’t be easy. Is it about appeasing the hordes or an appreciation the referees treat him differently?
  12. Big Al II

    McCulloch on Morelos

    I want him to play exactly the same way, albeit without the elements in his game that give referees an excuse to treat him differently, jumping into players without even looking at the ball as a great example. Keep the aggression and work rate the same, what’s clear is he will be treated differently, so we need to play the game.
  13. Big Al II

    McCulloch on Morelos

    Rather than change the persecution and bias, which is not easy, be squeaky clean, accept others get away with things he won’t With time the press will need to find something else to obsess over.
  14. Big Al II

    Scottish Cup Draw

    Lets not get ahead of ourselves
  15. Big Al II

    Compliance procedure unfit for purpose

    Morelos decision was wrong, but not surprising. McGregor was right decision for me. All I want is for all teams to be treated the same.