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  1. Only person smaller than Defoe
  2. Big Al II


    Just a coincidence he played 30 games then never again
  3. Was brilliant today, but still Davis was heads and shoulders above everyone
  4. Kamara closely followed by Davis, tremendous l
  5. It’s the most important meaningless game ever.
  6. Young lad playing out of his skin, Worrall signed, dropped, debut away to Villarreal, exactly 30 appearances later dropped, damage considerable! Of course it’s hearsay but if true whoever signed that contract seriously if not fatally damaged our season.
  7. Being sent off for passion, dedication, determination or even outright hatred of the opposition yes...petulance...fuck off.
  8. Just goes to show you can be rich and thick as fuck. OP is correct moron
  9. Madden got it right, red card, yellow card, free kick to Rangers. Not sure why anyone would see it different. McGregor is a fanny
  10. Taking the positive from this situation...your life is obviously in a great place if you have time to be annoyed by stuff like this.
  11. McCauley already lived the dream too long, yes we should play Wallace.
  12. I’d argue the next 4 or 5, hopefully anyway. Biggest transfer window in our history.
  13. He was that bad seems I’ve erased him from my memory.
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