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  1. So Katic problem is Goldson not good enough and Goldson problem Katic not experienced enough?
  2. I thought he was a right sided CH playing on the left because Goldson isn’t as comfortable doing so. I agree a naturally left sided CH is preferable, but I think Katic and Helander is certainly an option.
  3. Everyone has their own view. I don’t think it’s point scoring but it was certainly something they must do. People can make their own mind up on sincerity. The respect shown in the 70s and 80s and even 90s with Walter, Ally and Tommy Burns is finished. Given the way things have gone right so imo!
  4. It’s on Sky demand, I think it was actually up to the 2015 testimonial, I hadn’t seen it before by David Tanner.
  5. Sitting down ready to watch Sky piece on him, welling up at the thought of watching it.
  6. Brilliant result, genuinely thought that was beyond us tonight.
  7. Didn’t have any real hope before I saw the team to be honest, have far less now. Dropping Katic is a disgrace. Obviously with no Kent or Jones then Ojo was always going to play. To be honest I think he’d have played had they both been fit as anyway.
  8. Devastating, he fought all the way. A cruel disease indeed. RIP thoughts with his wife and kid
  9. Class above anyone we’ve played this season.
  10. Closed section a good idea but for Trolls not Vouched Members
  11. Best avoided, unless 3 goals up after 10 mins.
  12. Yes I read that after posting, that’s a surprise given he wasn’t contracted to us. Not sure how that works, but I’ll take your word for it.
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