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  1. Should appeal the 3rd yellow on the grounds that gesture means something different in SA, if the point is made that it was inciting fans we should be bringing up Brown behaviour at Hampden.
  2. Fucking Groundhog Day, half the replies are identical too
  3. The victory at their cesspit was brilliant, but let’s not get carried away, we haven’t caught them...yet!
  4. There’s a difference between not defending us and never having a a good thing to say about us or his time with us.
  5. About time you’d never really have known he played for us before the last few weeks.
  6. I’d rather he just played football
  7. What has Jones done wrong? Was flying at time he got injured, will be again soon.
  8. Said it already he’ll be dropped as soon as Helander is fit.
  9. Is there a link to the video?
  10. Big Al II


    He will though, we all know that.
  11. Great statement, long overdue, but best to make it after a victory. With regards VAR offside nonsense in EPL I agree with Sounness, onside if any part of the player that can score a goal is in an onside position
  12. You won’t know that until 2021 though
  13. Disgrace he’s ever been dropped, will be again shortly
  14. Tremendous start, push forward or wasted.
  15. Second yellow was only right decision he made in full game, first was a disgrace
  16. Was quite clearly the worst rereferreing performance I’ve very seen
  17. Beat everyone today, one of the worst refereeing performances I’ve ever seen.
  18. Generally always want Morelos to play but this is one I’d be tempted to leave him on bench, we should have enough to beat them without him.
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