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  1. When he stops giving away possession in truly awful, dangerous positions he’ll get all the credit he’s due.
  2. Heard nothing of Itten, is that likely to be Morelos replacement or are we expecting someone else?
  3. Thought you meant know the result from the minutes...oh wait
  4. If the evidence is strong enough release it publicly, the clubs then either have to vote for an investigation or explain why they don’t think its necessary.
  5. When is the vote to award them the Scottish Cup?
  6. Aye im doing fine m8. Like everyone else drinking too much 😂
  7. Anyone know what evidence we have? What’s the story here? Dundee apparently voted against meaning SPFL plan rejected, but vote not sent, not received, ignored?
  8. It’s more likely the club will need investment to survive than be in a position to provide refunds.
  9. When finances were looked at, aop defined, no one was taking into account a global pandemic, 4 or 5 months on little or no income. This is unprecedented, many clubs will need investment to survive, possibly us. Personally I don’t give a fuck if Aberdeen and Dundee Utd go, but I won’t be gloating about it, at least not until I know we’re safe.
  10. I think we’ll all be in the same 🚤
  11. Kuznetsov Alan McLaren Brian Reid Michael Mols Durrant
  12. RIP, his pass to MoJo ( I think ) in his last game was just sublime, what wonderful footballer, another we were so lucky to watch. Difficult to believe he was criticised for going sideways
  13. https://www.sky.com You will need to have a login already, you can probably register as well but I’ve had the account so long I can’t remember how I set it up
  14. Be surprised if even he can argue with that
  15. As good as anything he’s saying should be based on the last checkpoint at which everyone had played the same teams home and away. However his suggestion falls down as we hadn’t played both teams home and away.
  16. It’s far more likely opposite is true and club needs money from us to survive this period
  17. There’s no way on this earth they won’t be 2019/2020 champions. Unless of course Contagion is an accurate representation of the breakdown of our society. Even then they’d likely find a way.
  18. Yep, the vulnerable in our society are generally vaccinated against the flu, the rest of us have built up a natural immunity over the years. The infection rate is therefore way way higher, there is also the possibility of a mutation resulting in much worse symptoms for all of us. but the RM experts know best 🤧
  19. I don’t for a second think there will be any other outcome than present celtic with the title. It will however be a title played over the games played so far...if we are unable to finish the remaining games.
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