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  1. 16 hours ago, The Dude said:

    Has Darren Bent?

    What 'faked up' shite have I talked? That's twice you've made that claim now and probably twice you'll fail to answer. There remains a donation of the table to the charity of your choosing.

    His crossing has been that abysmal that he's created more goals than any other player in the squad (15).

    Who hasn't bottled it in the squad at times this season?

    Is that a no then?

  2. 47 minutes ago, KingKirk said:

    Rangers will be fine. Am sure at some point we'll ask staff to take a reduction.

    Our finances have been looked at and studied to the final penny.

    Yet hearts can't go a week without needing players to take a cut 

    Aberdeen a fortnight before they are potentially in bother

    My question is this why have we so many "top" clubs in Scotland that close to the edge yet our club are the only ones looked at?

    Hearts build a stand that was 12million over budget

    Aberdeen are knocking back 4-5million for McKenna but can't go a fortnight with no income.

    When finances were looked at, aop defined, no one was taking into account a global pandemic, 4 or 5 months on little or no income.

    This is unprecedented, many clubs will need investment to survive, possibly us.

    Personally I don’t give a fuck if Aberdeen and Dundee Utd go, but I won’t be gloating about it, at least not until I know we’re safe.

  3. 5 minutes ago, The Dude said:

    The main difference with seasonal flu is we have vaccines immunity, thats not the case with this so there are some differences. 

    Mortality rates will be similar but infection rates will be much, much higher so while the mortality rate will remain c1-2%, the UKs current plan will see some 40million brits get it. 

    Were nowhere near the worst of it yet but it looks as though its going to get pretty bad. I dont think theres been an example of 40m people in the UK suffering a virus like that in close order. Certainly never happened last year, or the year before. Or any time in my lifetime. 

    Yep, the vulnerable in our society are generally vaccinated against the flu, the rest of us have built up a natural immunity over the years.

    The infection rate is therefore way way higher, there is also the possibility of a mutation resulting in much worse symptoms for all of us.

    but the RM experts know best 🤧

  4. I don’t for a second think there will be any other outcome than present celtic with the title.

    It will however be a title played over the games played so far...if we are unable to finish the remaining games.

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