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  1. Given the last two mangers we've had you'd be forgiven for thinking that was now a prerequisite.
  2. What happens in the Faroes......
  3. you're not Rab Douglas anymore.
  4. On the way be there in 4 hours
  5. I used to have a cracking scarf I lost in Aberdeen in the early '80's
  6. This is democracy manifest


  7. What you wearing honey?

    1. FSM


      No mate, strawberry jam.



    2. bigblueyonder


      sorry mate wrong profile that was meant for fifi

  8. I liked Leicester before it was cool to like Leicester.
  9. The worst thing is a lot of them have two teams, who do you support Man U and Chelsea ah hedging your bets eh..
  10. A paperweight with the Rangers crest on it.
  11. I take it @gedi34 isn't Zelalem?
  12. Isn't his son in his 30's? Has he got a newer family?
  13. Posh Spices a slapper, Her fanny reeks of cods, And when she's shagging Beckham, She thinks of Davie Dodds
  14. Posh Spices a slapper She likes a bit of lez When shes shagging Beckham She thinks of Julien Rodriguez