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  1. Not much stranger than when you thought Jim Whyte(sp) was posting on hesgoal.com
  2. I thought he meant due to the way it was fitted?
  3. I have that bottom one somewhere. pretty sure it would no longer fit me.
  4. When Morelos goal when in I turned to my mate and said Morelos took his goal ever so well Happy days!!!
  5. Bit off topic but did anyone see the fallout from McDonalds in Portugal having a Halloween Bloody Sundae, bit of a stretch to be offended by it but they still managed to get McD's to remove it.
  6. Indeed, because Czechs aren't known for their fondness of Beer and burds.
  7. The real question is why did he have it there in the first place.
  8. More or less, Fiorentina was another mentioned. Both went bankrupt and company was restarted in 4th tier odd.
  9. I'd have said what happened to Napoli was more like our situation.
  10. Guys it's 2019, be good if there was naan of this racial stereotyping.
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