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  1. Another attack on loyal fans, not allowed in with the Battle fever. sack the board.
  2. Fucking horrendous, the worst thing is the circular thing with the lights. It looks like its been painted by a special needs kid.
  3. They absolutely shouldn't be, so they'll probably win.
  4. Only two players in the Czech squad for tonight have been capped before. It's far from a rag tag squad of pub players but fair to say some of these guys would never get a sniff.
  5. Red Lion, or an Irish bar. Hersonissos used to be full of Germans so I'd guess you'll find the Leverkusen game easily.
  6. Aye Ferry to Piraeus, 2h30 taxi to Patras, ferry to Kefalonia and then another to Zante.
  7. It's what we need to do to compete with the big continental teams
  8. It would be if the companies name was Tomket Tyres, it's not it's Tomket Tires. It's a Czech company though so should be Tomket Pneu.
  9. Not sure if it's an integral part of the problem, but passion for the game and team should come through in an interview. Sometimes it's like listening to your average joe who clocks on and off each day only to collect a pay check.
  10. At any point the chances of home grown youths breaking into our 1st team for any sort of run are next to nil.
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