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  1. bigblueyonder

    Anyone have a list of i n % outs? Cheers

    @Creampuff sort it out FFS, rwb needs info
  2. bigblueyonder

    Ibrox refurbishment, the next stage

    Nah it was the big bad man from the bank that done that, they just done the good bits.
  3. bigblueyonder

    Listening to offers for Fod

    I seen his wee sidekick a few years ago, seemed to have cleaned up his act.
  4. bigblueyonder

    Steven Davis

    Yeah I now tend to over rate them.
  5. bigblueyonder

    Steven Davis

    Always thought he was over rated first time round, can't see 6 years making him any better...
  6. bigblueyonder

    Welcome to Rangers, Coulibaly

  7. bigblueyonder

    Umar Sadiq

    Looks like a thinner younger Morgan Freeman, is this still on?
  8. bigblueyonder

    Dorrans left camp (injury?)

    Stop using golf analogies, it makes you sound mentally handicapped.
  9. bigblueyonder

    Candeias - "I am so tired"

    Best player in the squad last year
  10. bigblueyonder

    Europa league 1st qualifier draw

  11. bigblueyonder

    Europa league 1st qualifier draw

    unlikely unless a shit load of higher ranked teams get put out.
  12. bigblueyonder

    Mark Allen

    first category
  13. bigblueyonder

    Gary MacAllistair

  14. bigblueyonder

    David Roxburgh

  15. bigblueyonder

    Jimmy Bell