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  1. Champs Sports bar has it advertised. http://champs.hu/blog/?ld&blog_layout_type=masonry-2-cols&posts_per_page=8
  2. Kuntz and Arse proved difficult for some.
  3. bigblueyonder


    Is he still in Mexico?
  4. Are Champagne and under age hookers also halal?
  5. Pretty shit slagging the guys maw off, when most of us have never seen her to make informed decisions on whether we would or not.
  6. Fucked if I know. It 100% looks like LBJ is the correct company. http://elitegroup-uk.com/about-us/
  7. I fully expect that we'll drop points in the first game after someone posts a list of games we must win... Pessimistic loyal.
  8. Or that time the sheep fan ran on to attack him and the stadium was shouting he's behind you..
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