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  1. Not sure if it's an integral part of the problem, but passion for the game and team should come through in an interview. Sometimes it's like listening to your average joe who clocks on and off each day only to collect a pay check.
  2. At any point the chances of home grown youths breaking into our 1st team for any sort of run are next to nil.
  3. Haven't we been told for years this can't be done due to the water table level under the pitch?
  4. Probably still owed them money for the original transfer.
  5. Orange away strips in recognition of our American partners?
  6. Our light will outlast their flag.
  7. Not much stranger than when you thought Jim Whyte(sp) was posting on hesgoal.com
  8. I thought he meant due to the way it was fitted?
  9. I have that bottom one somewhere. pretty sure it would no longer fit me.
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