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  1. Showed this to my grandson, that's him away home greetin.
  2. Stealth you bought one post.
  3. I wonder if he thinks then that the same punishment should apply?
  4. The Gdansk it is then.
  5. The most important thing is if we refer to the final as on our way to Gdansk or The Gdansk?
  6. 4 rounds for us and them.
  7. The yearly why are we called the light blues thread...
  8. There's about 4 main roads through Zizkov. And everything has it's own brewery nowadays.
  9. The best bit is the game he was going over for has been moved and he's also missing that.
  10. Clearly a dirty weekend with a male work colleague(s),
  11. You must know a couple of Gypsy bars in Zizkov? Actually Bar Fud at the bottom of the hill is pretty good as well.
  12. In Krakow maybe, the airport is basically in the middle of a few villages.
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