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  1. The Worst Rangers Teams In History 2016-2018.

    The scorelines in matches against them shows the gulf even if the points gap doesn't.
  2. New kit delay ?

    That with the blue badge
  3. Signings you have no opinion of

    Can we merge this with the signings you've reserved judgement on thread
  4. Vaporized

    Missed a trick with The Pistachio my father wore.
  5. Marco Negri

    Just another ex player chasing the blue pound.
  6. Our players hanging about with Scott Allan in Dubai..

    No Pena no party
  7. Our players hanging about with Scott Allan in Dubai..

    Posh Windarse
  8. Progress since Progres

    The sad truth is with 2 away games to go, 4th is more likely than second. Been fuck all progress.
  9. C.Company

  10. Rangers kit next season?, who will be making it.

    The greatest question isn't who will make it but will there be an orange away kit?
  11. First half substitutions

    Did McInnes not get subbed early doors maybe against Valencia?
  12. Let me tell you, you know Aah, I Morelos I need Morelos. To the tune of Tocas miracle fucked nailed this dance chant game.
  13. Ibrox to airport

    New guy has you sussed @plumbGER
  14. ***Rumours thread***

    Why are your sauces covered in glitter, something you'd like to tell us?