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  1. The real question is why did he have it there in the first place.
  2. More or less, Fiorentina was another mentioned. Both went bankrupt and company was restarted in 4th tier odd.
  3. I'd have said what happened to Napoli was more like our situation.
  4. Guys it's 2019, be good if there was naan of this racial stereotyping.
  5. He wasn't a double European cup winner when we let him go is the obvious answer.
  6. Never a red btw. If anything he was fouled.
  7. It's great that @celtic @celtic are the best @celtic mad @celtic2thecore Can still read the forum. I mean even if it's not a mass cull can't you at least have some quality control?
  8. I wondered what triggered the snowflake so much that he was looking for a safe place...
  9. As long as it's funding itself, they can do what they like.
  10. Under club stats, should have them all.
  11. The Brothers Grimm - Boab Malcolm and Charlie Adam.
  12. Would rather we played Tav at right wing back.
  13. taking seats out to make room for the wee blue cars.
  14. It won't, it won't, it won't go in.
  15. turns out the guy on the Vegas thread isn't allowed to go watch the game either.
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