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  1. malaga

    This there or Torremolinos, 100% get the game out there.
  2. Ref this Saturday

  3. Anyone speak French?

    may wee being sour
  4. Welcome to Rangers John

    Is this the fans will 'be very happy' signing Shirley not
  5. Welcome to Rangers John

    Is he really only the second Welsh player to play for us?
  6. Welcome to Rangers John

    Does this mean the rest of the Declans on here can come out now?
  7. Signings

    7 or 8 first team players going by recent evidence.
  8. Halliday - the weirdest move ever?

    The team was managed by former England and Arsenal player Tony Adams in 2010-11
  9. The manager

    Seen a lot of threads but started another one anyway
  10. Semi Final in Tokyo

    It's difficult to find anywhere that shows the games, your best bet is Roppongi from Tokyo Midtown down to the Audi garage there are a few sports bars. I'd be checking their schedules next week or better still go to Roppongi and ask.
  11. Just a thought - Warburton

    Doubt it would matter in the long run, we'd still be trying to cling onto 3rd if Warburton was in charge.
  12. *** The Official Dundee fc vs Rangers fc Match Thread ***

    Given the last two mangers we've had you'd be forgiven for thinking that was now a prerequisite.
  13. Gogzy outed

  14. Maurice Ross

    What happens in the Faroes......
  15. Rab Douglas

    you're not Rab Douglas anymore.
  16. Leipzig

    On the way be there in 4 hours
  17. A little piece of history

    I used to have a cracking scarf I lost in Aberdeen in the early '80's
  18. This is democracy manifest


  19. What you wearing honey?

    1. FSM


      No mate, strawberry jam.



    2. bigblueyonder


      sorry mate wrong profile that was meant for fifi

  20. The worst thing is a lot of them have two teams, who do you support Man U and Chelsea ah hedging your bets eh..
  21. Weirdest bit of Rangers memorabilia ever

    A paperweight with the Rangers crest on it.
  22. Gedi the good guy

    I take it @gedi34 isn't Zelalem?
  23. Who lives in a house like this?

    Isn't his son in his 30's? Has he got a newer family?
  24. When I Die And They Lay Me To Rest...

    Posh Spices a slapper, Her fanny reeks of cods, And when she's shagging Beckham, She thinks of Davie Dodds
  25. When I Die And They Lay Me To Rest...

    Posh Spices a slapper She likes a bit of lez When shes shagging Beckham She thinks of Julien Rodriguez