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  1. bigblueyonder

    Matt Polster

    Where you seeing that?
  2. bigblueyonder

    Matt Polster

    Bayer Leverkusen though he played most of the time with Wolfsburg on loan.
  3. bigblueyonder

    Matt Polster

    Aye looks decent from that vid and seems to be versatile across the midfield.
  4. bigblueyonder


    Is he still in Mexico?
  5. bigblueyonder

    Matt Polster

    They play college football till they are 22 though, Reyna had only played a similar amount of games when he joined although granted at a higher level. Would agree looks like a squad player rather than a one for the starting roster.
  6. bigblueyonder

    Matt O’Reilly

    Matt is an England Youth international and would also be eligible to represent both Denmark and Norway.
  7. bigblueyonder

    Herrera (Out:Loan)

    How many minutes per goal for both?
  8. bigblueyonder

    Graeme Shinnie

    No one is going to agree to that here.
  9. bigblueyonder

    Karlan Ahearne-Grant - Charlton

    Kinda name is Karlan?
  10. bigblueyonder

    Mohanad Ali

  11. bigblueyonder

    Mohanad Ali

    read that earlier, sounds legit.
  12. bigblueyonder

    Nicolai Boilesen

    Hopefully our chances of getting him don't evaporate, and he can make a quick transition.
  13. bigblueyonder


    We've signed everyone with a bigger thread...
  14. bigblueyonder

    Jermain Defoe first day at Rangers training gallery.

    It's our very own @bikerblue
  15. bigblueyonder

    Defoe chant...

  16. bigblueyonder

    Frank Ribery and the gold steak.

    Are Champagne and under age hookers also halal?
  17. bigblueyonder

    Lassana Coulibaly

    Pretty shit slagging the guys maw off, when most of us have never seen her to make informed decisions on whether we would or not.
  18. bigblueyonder

    Elite Sports to open a Glasgow store

    Fucked if I know. It 100% looks like LBJ is the correct company. http://elitegroup-uk.com/about-us/
  19. bigblueyonder

    Elite Sports to open a Glasgow store

    It looks like an unrelated company.
  20. bigblueyonder

    Huge Month Ahead

    I fully expect that we'll drop points in the first game after someone posts a list of games we must win... Pessimistic loyal.
  21. Or that time the sheep fan ran on to attack him and the stadium was shouting he's behind you..
  22. bigblueyonder

    Fans from our community who support them

    The 'gay' community?
  23. bigblueyonder

    Villareal big 3 due back in time for ibrox

    I'll have what he's drinking...
  24. bigblueyonder

    Rangers Official Gin Partner

    Johnnie Walker Blue Label?