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  1. bigblueyonder

    Summer of 92

    You take that back right now.
  2. bigblueyonder

    New York RSC

    Sounds more Mediterranean.
  3. bigblueyonder

    Stevie G " Every player is for sale"

  4. bigblueyonder

    Obscure Rangers Players Thread

    Beginning to wonder if some don't need the meaning of obscure explained to them...
  5. bigblueyonder

    Obscure Rangers Players Thread

    Remington Steele, Birgamma, M'bop, the Irish guy and Haris Vukic?
  6. bigblueyonder

    Obscure Rangers Players Thread

    Avi Cohen was born in Egypt.
  7. bigblueyonder

    Obscure Rangers Players Thread

    The young dutch guy we signed that was filmed doing keepy ups in a greenhouse. Edit Belgian Jeroen Van Den Broeck
  8. bigblueyonder

    Obscure Rangers Players Thread

  9. bigblueyonder

    Obscure Rangers Players Thread

    Moses Ashikodi, a man of many clubs.
  10. bigblueyonder

    Obscure Rangers Players Thread

    The Italian boy that was signed same time as Gattuso, Luca(?) something got 5 mins against Motherwell(?)
  11. bigblueyonder

    Kit Use

    PM @Dan Deacon he's custodian of the Rangers away kit historical society.
  12. bigblueyonder

    What chance we got???

    Hibs took 5 points off celtic last year, I'd probably take that level of not trying this season.
  13. bigblueyonder

    They really are obsessed

    Vinz Clortho
  14. bigblueyonder

    Good Gers pub in..... (thread)

  15. bigblueyonder

    45 Man Europa League Squad

    Something to do with club developed players in first team squad means we are only allowed 22 first team players in europa squad.
  16. bigblueyonder

    Rapid Vienna Day Trip

    Might just take the train.
  17. bigblueyonder

    Never winning the title this season

    Did he? No wait that's the wrong joke.
  18. bigblueyonder

    Maximum disruption

    20 bears mega chanting with vuvuzelas at 2am, that'll fuck yer prep right up.
  19. bigblueyonder


    Rangers related pictures probably, is interesting. You're still probably going to get slated though.
  20. bigblueyonder

    Blue Avenger, no more mystery !!

  21. bigblueyonder

    La Liga Games In America

    Seems a weird set-up, although most things about US sports are. It must have been a great experience for some of the players though.
  22. bigblueyonder

    La Liga Games In America

  23. bigblueyonder

    Possible Ufa forfeit

    Their results so far in this competition don't suggest they are anything special, this is only their 5th season in the Russian top flight and the clubs only 10 years old.
  24. bigblueyonder

    Possible Ufa forfeit

  25. bigblueyonder

    Possible Ufa forfeit

    The tie is forfeited not just the game, basically they would be disqualified. This isn't going to happen anyway they'll get their visas.