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  1. Merry Christmas Bears

    Happy Xmas Gers family
  2. Butcher?

    mark my words we are getting stuart mcoll & T Butcher Unsure if combination works but Stuart mcoll is my favorite then butcher
  3. Im afraid you are twisting the facts to suit your beliefs. Scottish football may need Rangers but as things stand we also rely on Scottish football to provide us with teams to play on a regular basis. We may have the greatest pull in Scotland as far as a loyal fan base and the greatest support, however like it or not we still rely on the other teams in Scotland to provide us with competition going forward , so to some extent we all stand or fall together
  4. A Huge Thank You To Charles Green

    Thankyou for the assistance we required in our time of need Charles Green. With a 8 percent holding of the club, we love, you wont be going anywhere soon, but we thankyou for youre stewardship youre contribution has been very much apreciated. As things stand we are in a hell of alot better position than we are in early June 2012 for this I offer my eternal thanks. Youre reteric has been sometimes good , sometime funny and sometimes plain wrong but I thank you for youre contribution to this great club in our hour of need JB
  5. Falkirk call on SFA to intervene in Reconstruction Talks

    It pains me to say this but some folk on here need a reality check. We are the best supported team in Scotland. However without a strong platform to play on our game suffers aswell as our competitors, just as it has for the last few decades. Talent takes time and a platform for it to flourish. We need home talent from Scottish soil, the only way we will get this is with a strong league platform where professional footballers are given competitive matches on a weekly basis. We need the teams currently above us just as they need our cash resource. To think otherwise in my opinion is being blinkered to the truth. I no us bears feel we have been poorly treated by the SPL , SFA but without change we face many years of mediocre football at best. I applaud the no votes to the proposed reconstruction option, however I think there will need to be some form of compromise and massive change for the product we have at the moment, to improve to a point were the product is something that SKY etc are prepared to bankroll.
  6. Tired Of The Speculation

    The madness continues. When Oh when are we going to get some clarification regarding our license to play football. When are we going to get information regarding sanctions, at this stage any update would be most appreciated. Is the club still in talks with the SFA and what is the delay? Is it full disclosure of inverstors or a inability to come to any agreeable proposal re sanctions. Some sort of information is long past due
  7. Things you'd like to see happen this season

    Being Realistic A New League Structure. With Gers in top flight & no more sanctions
  8. Away ticket prices

    Allocation a stickler whats the capacity for the stadiums looking on google etc top crowds 350 how many supporters can these grounds hold. Great to stand remember enclosure days
  9. Dumbarton vote for us in Div1

    get a grip taigs etc fookin madness, football aint religion. Football is entertainment no more thats something we need to lose it dosent help its football no more lived it and no the history but think its time to drop it. We aint pro proddy no catholic we are Rangers smell the roses folks its oudated and unwelcome.
  10. Dumbarton vote for us in Div1

    What is the actual head count on this at the moment? How many clubs have said yes to Rangers joining the 1st division how many yes and how many have said they will vote no. Would be a useful Sticky with clubs if someone has the figures at the moment?
  11. Coisty interveiw on rangers tv

    we have his main points on bbc now good show sir , sporting integrity indeed
  12. stenny to vote yes

    I beleive footygeek301 makes some very good points. If Rangers goes to the 3rd division Scottish football will totally collapse in reality. Although we as a club feel aggrieved by the way we have been treated by teams in the premier division we need to work within the structure we are affiliated with Scottish football. It will serve no one boycotting away grounds or becoming bitter about how we have been treated. If Scottish football and our national team wishes to thrive and progress we need to work within the stucture and build a more competitive and entertaining product where more teams are realistically challenging for trophies. The league requires a total overhaul the structure simply doesnt work. We have to accept any penalties that are given to Rangers and reamerge with a clear mandate to move forward.
  13. Poll: As of right now...

    The Brutal Truth I don't believe we have options. We will either take whatever punishment & League we are offered or have no football League to play in.
  14. The Way Ahead

    pussy says good night
  15. The Way Ahead

    Its open heart surgery required the good Dr dosent have a licence for the heart defib